Title: Hunters:Possession

Author: BalzeorFade

Rating: T (Hard T for violence and dark themes)

Summary: The trio head to Tucson for what looks like a case of demonic possession but something goes terribly wrong leaving two of the hunters in a race to save one of their own.

Disclaimer: You know they aren't mine. I just like to play with the pretties for awhile.

Erica unlocked her apartment door juggling her grocery bags in one hand. She hummed along to the song playing on her mp3 player carelessly. She 'hmphed' to herself seeing the darkened inside of her home. Her husband should have been home by then. Erica balanced the bags on her foyer table and moved deeper inside frowning.

"Danny?" She called for her husband. No reply came.

"Andy? Becca?" She tried her teenage children's name's before remembering that they were out for the night. A sleepover for Becca and an away game for Andy.

Anxiety creeped into her chest as she walked through the empty living room. She thought about going back to her purse for her can of maze. She was just about to turn around when something grabbed her from behind. She screamed and fought back.

"Shh. Erica, its just me." Her husbands bewildered voice soothed her. He turned her around to show that it was just him.

"You scared the hell out of me." Erica said smacking him on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry." He said rubbing her back soothingly. She felt her heart beat slow down to beat steadily once again.

"Why is it so dark in here?" She asked Danny looking around them. She wasn't sure why but being in a darkened house made her feel like she had whisper even of it was just them.

"I have a surprise for you." Danny said sheepishly. He bit his lip in that way that reminded her of their first date sixteen years ago and pulled her by the hand towards their large dining room.

A candle lit dinner was laid out. Everything from her favorite flowers (white roses) to her favorite side dish (cous cous) was set out on the table. The candles added a faint glow to everything.

"I didn't mean to scare you." Danny told her. "I just wanted to apologize for the other night."

"That's so sweet." Erica gushed quietly putting her arms around her husbands neck, snuggling close to him. She closed her eyes and let the aroma of the candles fill her senses.

'He's not sorry.' A voice in the back of her mind whispered. She opened her eyes and frowned against his neck, where had that come from?

"Honey what's wrong?" Danny asked feeling her stiffen.

"Nothing." Erica said with a hesitant smile. She shook her head. Just the stress, she thought to herself.

"Are you sure?" Danny asked. He looked deep into her dark eyes searchingly.

"I'm fine. Let's eat." She assured him.

"I'll get the wine." Danny smiled at her. He pulled out a chair for her and went to the kitchen.

Picking up the bottle of wine and the corkscrew. Danny walked back to the dining room with a smile knowing he'd been forgiven for their fight days ago.

"I got that red that you liked so mu-" He broke off when he came into an empty dining room.

"Erica, honey?" He called frowning. Danny set the bottle down on the table.

"Erica?" He called her name again. Maybe he wasn't out the dog house yet, he thought.

Danny walked through the house and saw no trace of his wife. He circled back to the kitchen and saw her standing in the half lit kitchen, taking a blade from the pantry.

"The knife you set out couldn't cut butter, let alone bread." She laughed at his startled expression. He laughed at himself.

"Thought you'd disappeared on me." He teased.

"Never." Erica promised walking towards him to press a gentle kiss to his lips.

"Lets eat." She said again. Danny followed her back into the dining room with his arms twined around her.

He let go turning his back to her to pick up the wine bottle. He'd just started pulling the cork out when a hot pain seared through his back. He whirled around opening his mouth, but a slow dribble of blood stopped his shocked words. Erica held the blood coated blade, coked her head to the side as he fell to his knees, his eyes begging for an explanation. She gave him a soft smile, turned the blade in her hands and cut his throat. Danny fell dead at her feet.

She picked up a napkin from the dining room table and rubbed down the blade. She hummed a song as she turned back around and walked out to the foyer. She picked her keys up from the foyer table eyeing the 'Welcome to Tucson.' Keychain, a quaint smile crossing her lips.

The door shut closed behind her leaving the gruesome scene for someone else to discover.

Sam shot up in bed panting wildly. Dean sat up brandishing the knife he kept under his pillow. He looked around for what might have disturbed his sleep.

"Sam?" He asked focusing on Sam in the next bed.

"We have to go." Sam said looking at Dean with wide eyes. Dean didn't ask any questions just got to his feet and shoved his legs into his jeans.

"Where?" He asked Sam as they got ready to go.

"Tucson. I'll tell you on the way." Sam told him. Dean nodded.

"I'll get Jack, while you get the car." Sam volunteered shouldering his pack.

Sam left the room and went up the staircase to Jack's room one floor above them. They almost didn't stay there because the only rooms available were on two different floors but Jack scoffed reminding them she could take care of herself. He pounded on her door headless of the time, till she cracked it open and poked her disheveled head out the door.

"Wha?" She asked half yawn half question.

"We gotta go." Sam said hearing the Impala's trunk open and close one level down.

"What? Why?" Jack asked jumping to alert mode.

"A vision. Someone's going to die in Tucson." Sam said shaking with adrenaline.

"Give me a minute." Jack said seriously, he nodded and she closed the door. He made his way back down the stairs. Dean was already waiting behind the wheel.

"She'll be down in a minute." Sam told Dean sliding into the passenger side.

"You alright?" Dean asked. He seemed to be asking that a lot lately.

"I'll be fine." Sam said automatically, meaning no, a terrifying peek into the future had just been shoved into his brain, but thanks for asking.

Jack shut the door, looked at her bed and sighed. The light brown head resting against her pillow would have to be taken care of. She moved to the bathroom, putting off waking the boy just yet. She showered quickly and pulled on a long sleeved shirt, a t-shirt over it and her oversized blue flannel shirt. She touched the medallion around her neck like she did a lot. She packed up her things quickly then set to waking her guest.

"Nathan." She shook is shoulder hard forcing him to wake up. He started and opened his eyes. Then smiled at her reaching up for a kiss that was not forthcoming.

"I gotta go." She said.

"Where?" He asked. She balked momentarily, but bit her tongue from telling him it was none of his business.

"You can leave a few minutes after me." She said instead. It had already been ten minutes since Sam had knocked on her door.

"Why a few minutes later?" Nathan asked quizzically.

"Because my friends may hurt you if you don't." She said. His eyes widened in fear. She, Dean and Sam had helped banish a demon the boy and his idiot frat buddies had summoned on accident while trying to scare the new rush's. She should have left the boy alone, but he cute and wide eyed and innocent in a way. Looking at her with clear hero worship after she pulled him out of the way of the demon. She couldn't resist, but now it was time to go.

"If anything like that happens again you have Dean's number." She said slinging her pack over her shoulder.

"Can't I get yours?" Nathan asked her sincerely.

"I don't really give that out." She said with a half smile to take the edge off her rejection. He was crestfallen so she made an exasperated sound in her throat and leaned in to give him a kiss. He was sweet, after all, if not her usual type.

"Take care of yourself." She said against his lips. Fifteen minutes since Sam had knocked on the door.

"You too." Nathan called after her as she opened and closed the door.

Jack took the stairs two at a time and got into the car ignoring Dean's eyes narrowed in her. He turned to her and she gave a what the hell? Look. He glanced to his right out the window and she followed him to see a very expansive silver BMW parked a few spots down from them.

'Busted.' She thought.

"Nice car. I think I've seen it somewhere before." He said with a deceiving calm. She knew better than to believe that though.

"What are you talking about?" Sam said looking between them then out the window.

"Hey didn't that kid have one-" Sam cut off catching on.

"People dieing in Tucson remember?" Jack reminded them.

"Yeah." Dean said throwing the car into reverse. The subject wasn't closed just put on hold.


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