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Jack reached out and turned The Unforgiven II down to a dull whisper in the car. Dean looked at her and reached out to turn it back up, earning a smack to his hand.

"What?" He demanded annoyed.

"About that woman…." Jack said softly trailing off. Her and Sam had followed Dean earlier that morning when he disappeared. He went to watch Emma's funeral, sitting unassumingly in the back of the little church.

His grip had tightened on the steering wheel and he loosened them now to fish his lighter and his last cigarette from his pocket. He only lit up when he was really stressed but he'd gone through a pack already in last week.

"Dean." Sam said disapprovingly.

"Sam not now." Dean warned.

"Dean you have to forgive yourself." Sam said. The deepening circles under Dean's eyes were starting to worry him. "You didn't have control."

"I know Sam. I just- I just want to forget about it okay." Dean snapped. "I'll be fine. Just stop talking about it."

"You're not okay." Jack said softly. Dean stopped while lighting his cigarette.

"Neither are you." Dean pointed out and finished lighting up taking a long drag. Jack scratched the back of her head stalling for time. Moment of truth time.

"What did you see?" Jack asked. "What did the demon show you?"

"I don't really know what I saw. It was happening fast and I only caught a few images in time." Dean said, "I know it was bad though."

"What are you guys talking about?" Sam asked sitting forward resting his chin on the front seat.

"You've officially both entered the "Been in Jack's Head Club". Congratulations Sammy, you're the founding member." Jack said sardonically.

Sam was quiet. He remembered Jack's mind, shadows everywhere, things hidden away. At the time he didn't really pay much attention to those things. He was busy looking for Jack.

"Its not fair you know. I don't get to do a guest spot in either of your heads." Jack said pouting. Dean rolled his eyes and reached out to turn his song back up.

"Remind me," Jack drawled twisting a little so she had her back against the passenger door and could look Dean in the face when she spoke.

"Are we still mad at each other?" Jack asked. Dean dropped his hand from the radio. Had it really been just a week ago that they were biting each others head off and then barely speaking?

"Don't think we ever resolved anything." Dean said.

"I didn't think there was much to resolve." Jack said. Dean scowled at her.

"Compromise?" He said.

"I can do as I please and you'll pretend not to notice?" Jack inquired.

"Not likely." Sam said leaning back.

"I'll try not to hurt the guys you flirt with and you won't give me a reason to want to." Dean said. Jack snorted. Sam nodded in agreement with his brother.

Dean thought of what It had said about why he didn't like the thought of Jack like that.

"No." Dean said swallowing and clearing his throat.

"No what?" Jack asked eyeing him curiously.

"No we're not still mad at each other." Dean said.

"Good cause I can't afford anymore m&m's for you." Jack said.

"Hey, if I can afford to buy you two lunches a day, you can afford to buy my affection with candy." Dean said.

"If you feel good enough to joke then…" Sam said smiling as he plucked the cigarette out of Dean's fingers and tossed it out the window.

"Sam that was my last smoke." Dean cried out glaring at his brother.

"Cigarettes have rat poison in them Dean." Sam launched into a lecture on the dangers of smoking. Dean looked at Jack who nodded. He turned the radio up as loud as it would go.

"Can't hear you Sam, the music's too loud." Dean shouted over the music.

"Ass." Sam shouted back.

"Still can't hear you Francis." Dean snickered.

The End

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