Lasting Impressions 2: Sins of a Lover

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This is Tsukiyo Kagami, and you're probably wondering what the hell's going on around here. And I will tell you. Right now, let me explain a few things:

1) I will NOT be abandoning Infiltration Into Duel Academy. It is a stand-alone sequel to Lasting Impressions and I aim to finish it. Instead, I will be writing simultaneously on both of these stories.

2) This story is a MIDQUEL. If you don't know what that is, it's a story set in between two existing stories regarding timelines. In lamen terms, this story takes place a bit in between Lasting Impressions and Infiltration Into Duel Academy.

3) This story revolves around the time Seto lost Jou after the final battle in the first fanfic, and sets the timeline to where Jou ended up in and how he worked to find his way back home to his Seto...

4) Why? Okay, the reason I want to write this is because I initially wanted Lasting Impressions to end without that last chapter, a.k.a when Jou returns to Seto and they have a delicious smut performance. The last chapter was supposed to be when Jou doesn't come back and Seto is waiting for him to return. But because many of you lovely reviewers felt the compelling need to have a happy ending, I decided to do so. Why? Because my readers deserve their enjoyment and if I ever become a series novelist, I'd like to do that as well.

5) But the last chapter was double-edged. Despite the happy ending, I made sure you didn't know how Jou came back for this fanfic's sole purpose. And I received reviews asking how Jou's return happened, which I refused to reply to until I was ready to write a midquel.

6) I guess this fanfic is before the last chapter in Lasting Impressions which explains, (and with a bit of a nice subplot to make it entertaining), the lasting question on how the hell he came back from oblivion.

7) Please enjoy this midquel!


Sins of a Lover

Perfect Song to Listen to While Reading: Saving Me by Nickelback

Chapter 1: The Road Home Gone

A blond-haired young man fell into an endless abyss. It was dark, but not that kind of dark. It was like falling through an ocean of the universe. He could feel the ripples of water without getting wet at the same time, but he could see the stars and bluish supernovas if only he would open his eyes.

He didn't want to open his eyes, not like this.

"Katsuya," A gentle voice whispered.

And like a little boy, he ignored the voice. Instead, he listened to the whirring of wind in his ears and the only memories he had left of his past self playing over and over again in his head.

"Katsuya," The voice said again. No, Katsuya didn't want to open his eyes. He wanted to stay in his safe place where he wouldn't be facing the reality of life without Seto Kaiba.


He could feel soft hands caressing his face. "It's alright Katsuya," The feminine voice whispered in his ear. "You don't have to open your eyes. I will lead you home..."

Katsuya felt instantly relieved. Finally, someone he could finally depend on for once.

Almost immediately, he felt a great burst of heat angrily struck into him and he let out an agonized scream. In his mind's eye, he could see his savior being helplessly trapped in an amber colored crystallization coffin in the shape of a fallen teardrop.

He knew something about this scenario was wrong.

In his blind darkness, he fruitlessly reached out to her.


He could feel the tendons of that same evil heat close in on him, wanting to cast in the same fate as his now comatose angel was; floating right up above him.

If he let the power seize him and send him into the same crystallized state...he would never see his loved ones again.

He reached out for her again and screamed into the reckless silver fire, "Leave her alone! Let us be! Don't let it take you!"

But his cries went unheard of as he saw through his mind of his savior slowly disappearing. Though he could hear her unguarded truce from the recesses of her heart.

"I will lead you home..."

Katsuya screamed, tears streaming from his eyes as he opened them wide, irises alight with blood red of his soul. "NADIA!"

And as if recoiling from Katsuya's bright red gaze, the tendrils retreated, taking his only chance of ever returning home with it.

"...I promise."

"Come back, Nadia! NADIA!"

With those words echoing from his mouth he felt his stomach plummet as the fleetingness feeling ended and he plummeted downwards into the endless abyss.


"Damn, if only he kept his damn eyes shut for one more moment..." A female voice hissed, biting her thumb.

"Hmm..." A male voice proclaimed, his tone a deep bass. "Even so, it would have been too easy. He would of fought back."

"Yes," Another male voice whispered in a deep tenor. "The only reason we had successfully Encased the Atlantian Goddess was because she was weakening badly from the strain of handling two royal dragons and a renegade Atlantian Spirit all at once."

The female growled. "I wanted that Red-Eyes Encased so badly...! The head centerpiece of my Darkness Collection–"

"Have you forgotten..." The tenor male growled back. "That you still owe me my Blue-Eyes for my Shining Collection...?"

"Enough," The bass male said hauntingly. "You will get what you desire soon enough. After all..."

A sphere glowed to reveal the image of Katsuya and Kisara. The woman greedily roamed the sphere with her palm.

The man's smile grew wicked. "...The greatest prize unleashes the greatest struggle."

The two companions laughed all through the haunting darkness and candlelight.


He felt something soft but damp between his fingers. It was spiky and cool...grass? He opened his eyes but only saw darkness. He was blindfolded.

"Wha...?" He whispered dazedly.

"You're awake, Katsuya! I'm so glad!"

That voice sounded so familiar...

He could hear her giggle. "You don't remember me, Katsuya? Well, of course you don't! After all, I've grown into a fine young lady these days!"

He couldn't believe his eyes...okay, ears. "Dark Magician Girl?"

Even though he couldn't see, he could feel her careless smile radiating.

She laughed. "Yep!"



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