Vax looked around, panicked and scared. Two feelings that had become all too recognizable to her in the past few days. "I don't know what to do…" she said quietly.

Dib looked out from his hiding place, his one lock of hair visible from above the bush he was trying to hide behind. He saw Zim lying on the concrete with a very scared Vax kneeling next to him. He frowned as he saw the small alien girl call out for his enemy to wake up, then look around as if some help may appear in front of her.

He sighed, knowing that quite possibly it could be his big chance. He could go over there, take off Zim's wig and prove once and for all that he was an alien. Capture his enemy and save the earth all in one go. He could finally accomplish what he set out to do.

On the other hand, kicking his enemy while he was down wasn't very sportsman like. He would have much preferred to kill Zim in battle. He liked fighting Zim and he would feel much better if their final confrontation was a big and flashy one.

Then again, if Zim ever became strong enough and actually did take over the world he would regret not taking this chance to attack him.

"Master Zim, please wake up," Vax said quietly.

Dib groaned, his conscience overriding any malevolent thoughts he may have harbored against Zim and walked over to where Zim lay. "Hey," he said softly.

Vax jumped and looked up at Dib. "Y-you… human…" she frowned. "Umm… Dib."

Dib nodded and gave her a small smile. "I see that you finally have a personality," he said then rubbed his head awkwardly. What a stupid thing to say, he thought irritably.

Vax shook her head and pointed at Zim. "It's because of Master Zim," she said. "And he's in trouble, I don't know what to do."

Dib sighed and picked up Zim, cradling his body in his arms and glancing down at Vax. "Show me where his lab is and I'll see what I can do."

Vax's eyes widened as she looked up at Dib. "Really?" she asked. "I thought you were just some stupid, smelly-face human."

Dib snorted and started to walk in the direction of Zim's house. "Did Zim happen to say that?" he asked.

Vax nodded. "He said that all humans on this planet were stupid and of inferior intelligence and didn't deserve to continue living in the way that they enjoy because they didn't know what pain and fear really meant."

Dib blinked and glanced down at Vax as she reiterated what was obviously a Zim rant back to Dib. Hearing it in her own monotone, cutesy voice was just a little creepy. What was worse was that Dib found himself slightly agreeing with what she was saying. "Uh well… not all humans," he told her.

Vax smiled sweetly. "Some?" she asked.

Dib bit his lip, uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was headed. "Well…" he said slowly. He looked ahead and saw Zim's lime green house loom in the distance. "Oh, look at that, we're here!" he said cheerfully and doubled his pace.

Vax looked very confused as she began to jog to keep up with Dib. "Is this what 'avoiding the topic' is called?" she asked.

Dib frowned at her as they walked up to Zim's front door. "You really have no idea how to be socially subtle, do you?" he asked.

Vax put a finger to her lips as Dib opened the door. "What's that?"

Dib sighed and shook his head. "Never mind. I'll explain some things later, but first let's get Zim inside."

Vax looked again at Zim's body and frowned. "Will… Master Zim be all right?" she asked quietly.

Dib sighed as he muttered words he never thought he'd say. "I hope so."

Vax opened the door to the lowest level of the labs underneath Zim's house. She motioned for Dib to follow her inside and then ran around looking for a light.

Dib sighed, as he realized she really didn't even know her own planet's technology. "Computer, turn on the lights," he commanded.

"You're not Master Zim," the ornery computer retorted.

"He's going to die if you don't help," Dib snapped. "Turn on the lights."

The computer grumbled for a bit and then the lights within the room flickered on. Dib walked over to the table in the middle of the room and set Zim on top of it. "Bring me any tools, any data disks, anything that he might use to repair his Pak," Dib ordered.

"Pak?" Vax asked.

Dib smiled and rolled up his sleeves. "Yeah," he replied. "If Zim just collapsed then chances are it was a Pak malfunction. I know a lot more then he thinks I do."

Vax nodded. "He said that right before he fell over," she said. "Pak malfunction."

Dib accepted the tools that the computer began to bring into the room and shook his head thoughtfully. "Moron's probably felt it for days," he muttered. "If it was sudden then something would have shown up to make it like that"
"He knew?" Vax asked, her voice wavering.

Dib glanced down at her and felt a strong urge to protect the girl from what he knew was the truth. He knew it would hurt her feelings to know that Zim had purposefully kept something like that from her. "Uh… no," he said slowly. "He probably didn't realize what was going on. He's kinda stupid like that."

Vax's expression became angry. "Master Zim isn't stupid!" she snapped.

Dib cleared his throat. "Well… he's… slow," he said. "Don't worry. I'll think of something."

Vax nodded and sat next to Zim on the table as Dib pulled his laptop from his backpack and opened it. He plugged it into Zim's Pak as best he could and booted it up. Just as Zim's Pak slowly whirred to life the door opened and a screeching Gir and Minimoose ran into the room.

"MASTAH!" Gir yelled. "What's wrong with mah mastah!"

Minimoose flew over to where Zim was and Vax took the small purple robot into her arms and curled around him. Gir jumped up onto the table and sat next to Zim. "Why is master all still?" he asked. "Master is never still."

Dib looked down at the three creatures in the universe that actually cared for Zim and realized that even though Zim was a horrible murdering alien he still had things that depended on him. Things that wanted him to be safe and wanted him around. Dib shivered as he received a reality check he never really wanted. "He's…tired," he muttered as he tapped a few keys on his keyboard.

Dib clicked away furiously on his laptop, trying to isolate the problem within Zim's Pak and trying just as hard to ignore the small voice in the back of his head telling him that he was helping his worst enemy. He sighed and pressed the restart button praying that something changed.

Zim's Pak blinked a few times and the small alien groaned as Dib's computer whirred painfully trying to keep the Pak's corrupted programming from crashing. "Wha…"

"Zim," Dib said slowly. "Your Pak is busted and I have no idea what's wrong. My computer won't hold this up forever. Tell me what happened or you will die."

"Dib-stink…" Zim hissed as he weakly turned his head to glare at Dib.

"Zim, rant at me all you want later," Dib said as he typed away on his keyboard. "But right now I need information."

"I need no help from a filthy human," Zim hissed. "Besides, you hate me. Why?"

Dib nodded at the two robots and tiny Irken girl sitting silently on the edge of the table. Zim turned his head to look at them and Vax smiled wanly. "Are you all right, Master Zim?"

"Mastahhhh," Gir cried as he let out a torrent of tears.

Zim frowned, cursing his own weakness. He turned back to Dib and glared at the human. "I swear I will destroy this filthy planet one day," he whispered.

"Zim, my computer is overheating," Dib said gently.

"I swear it, Dib-filth," Zim growled.

Dib stopped typing and stared at Zim. Then he grinned and gave Zim and thumbs up. "I'll be right there to stop you, alien scum," he replied.

Zim actually smiled as Dib's computer began to shut down. "My main files were corrupted. I need a reboot disc from Irk's diagnostic's lab but I'm an exile," he muttered. "It's the only way to patch the damaged files."

Dib nodded and let his computer power down, knowing that everything inside it was probably shot to all hell after forcing it to keep Zim's Pak running. "We will have a rematch, space boy."

"I look forward to our confrontation of doom… Dib-stink…" Zim said quietly as his Pak fell back into sleep mode.

Vax looked down at him and took in a slow breath. She didn't like the tight feeling in her chest any more then she liked the icy pit in her stomach. "Is he…"

Dib walked over to Zim's computer and pulled out his handheld computer. "He's asleep," Dib told her as he plugged the tiny device into Zim's mainframe. "He'll be fine."

"Really?" Vax asked.

Dib nodded. "Yeah, then everything will go back to normal around here."

"Normal?" Vax asked. "What's normal?"

Dib turned to look at her and reply when he realized that he really didn't have an answer. "I don't know…" he said slowly.

After several hours of searching the Irken mainframe with his handheld, Dib finally managed to find the files that Zim was talking about. He realized after awhile that the reason Zim didn't look himself was because every piece of Irken technology was screened and tracked. Looking for the file without a computer from earth would have been suicide.

And yet he was too proud to try and find some technology on earth to help himself.

Dib sighed and rubbed his forehead as he realized this. "Moron," he muttered and plugged his handheld into Zim's Pak. He set the computer into diagnostics mode and leaned back into a chair, exhausted.

"Will Master wake up?" Gir asked.

"Yeah," Dib muttered. "Soon."

"Yey!" the hyper robot squealed and ran out of the room. "I'm going to make waffles!"

Dib watched the silver robot run away cackling and shook his head amusedly. "Oh yum," he muttered sarcastically.

Vax lay down next to Zim and curled into his arms the way she had seen on the television. She found that she felt warm and safe when she was close to Zim and she enjoyed the feeling. "I hope he wakes up soon," she murmured.

Dib yawned as he curled into the control chair. "He will," he assured her. "His Pak just needs to patch the files and reboot. He'll wake up in a few hours."

"Good," Vax said. She waited awhile, thinking quietly. It was silent for a long time before she finally said. "Thanks." When she received no reply she turned to see that Dib was fast asleep in Zim's chair. She smiled and curled into Zim, falling into her own sleep mode.

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