Rating: FRT (Fan Rated suitable for Teens and older)

Spoilers: Whole series, may it rest in peace. :(

Disclaimer: Conviction is not mine. If it were, it'd still be on.

Notes: For the 'out of time' challenge at conviction100. Set sometime after the series finale. My first drabble ever, so if it totally sucks, I apologize. I'm used to writing longer stories. :P

Could've Been

© 2006, By: Ash Carroll (a.k.a. ShadowDiva)

He can't tear his eyes away from them, standing at the front of the church with the minister. He's been dreading this day - wouldn't even have come - but she asked him. And he's never been able to refuse her anything when she turns that smile on him.

He loves her - always has. But she doesn't know because he's never told her. Keeping the secret carefully guarded; always figuring there'd be time to tell her later - when the moment was right.

When no one objects, the minister starts talking again, and he realizes he's out of time.