-1Knights of the Future

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It was a normal day in Titans Tower, or whatever could be conceived as normal. All of the Titans were busy doing one thing or another: Shadow and Raven were meditating, Blackfire was reading a magazine in the main room and Terra was laughing as Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Pluto fought over who was going to play video games, Robin was practicing his martial arts; and Starfire was at the mall with Draco and Jinx.

Now, one would think that this day would be a completely normal one right? Everyone does their own thing until the alarm goes off, then they all rush off to kick evil butt, then come home to eat hot, cheesy pizza. But today, things were going to go a little differently. The three knights heard that familiar ringing noise and simultaneously groaned. Shadow contacted Draco with his telepathy.

Draco, get Pluto and meet me in the main room.

All right, see you there.

Draco quickly got Pluto and they ran to the main room just as Shadow arrived as well. They all pulled out their Zodiac decks.

"Zodiac Force!"




Pluto quickly jumped into the Mirror Dimension through the large glass window that gave the Titans a beautiful view of the bridge. Shadow jumped in after him and Draco jumped in last. But all was not as it seemed. The three of them, rather than being in the Mirror Dimension, seemed to be in some type of wormhole. The three Knights yelled until they came to an abrupt stop…..in a crumpled heap.

"Why can't I move my legs?" asked Draco.

"Because Pluto is laying on them and I am stuck as well," answered Shadow. The trio managed to get themselves untangled, stood up and looked around.

"Where are we?" asked Draco. They seemed to be on a sidewalk of some sort. Surrounding them were huge skyscrapers, flying cars, and dark, ominous alleys.

Shadow grabbed Pluto and hissed "What did you do, you incompetent mongrel?"

"What do you mean, what did I do? I don't even know how we got stuck here in the first place."

It was all Shadow could do to keep himself from killing the mutt, although he had tried on numerous occasions to do it before. "You must have done something. You were the first to go in! What did you do?"

Draco stepped in between the two, trying to get Shadow to calm down. "Well, whatever happened, that's not the major problem right now. What the major problems are, are these: 1) We're not in Kansas anymore, that much is for sure, no matter how it may have happened; and 2) there's a fight going on across the street. What do you say we even it up?"

Indeed, there was a fight going on across the street. There were about 20 or so people, and all of them were wearing…clown makeup and clown clothes? This was too funny. Pluto started to laugh, but Draco elbowed him, clearly telling him to shut up or else. In the center of the fight, there was a man wearing what appeared to be a black suit with the symbol of a red bat on the chest. The three knights all looked at each other, silently agreeing that they should help with this fight. The three charged the group together and simultaneously reached for their decks to find that they weren't there.

"What happened to our decks?" asked Draco. Stopping dead in his tracks, he looked down at his body to find that he was no longer wearing his armor. "And our armor?"

"They must have come off as soon as we got here," concluded Pluto. "What are we supposed to do now?"

"Thank you, Captain Obvious. And we fight, just as we would if we were back home," answered Shadow. He looked at his comrades, who nodded, and they instantly joined the fray.

Meanwhile, back in Jump City…..

The alarm went off, causing everyone currently present in the Tower to run into the main room. Robin quickly pulled up a visual of the villain on the main screen.

"It's Cinderblock! He's broken out of jail and into the bank! Titans, let's move it!" said Robin.

However, before the Titans could rush out the door to defeat the walking chunk of cement, they all felt themselves being pulled backwards, as though invisible hands were trying to pull them towards some unknown destination. All of the Titans used various ways to try and stop themselves and each other, but to no avail. This invisible force was far stronger than they were and was clearly not relenting. Robin looked up in time to see the main room dissolve and a wormhole appear.

"Aaaaahhh! Oh, no! We're gonna die!" screamed Beast Boy.

Finally, the Titans all hit solid ground, but in a huge heap. Nobody could move, not that they even wanted to attempt to move. Robin was the first to get his bearings back and tried to stand up, quickly finding out that he couldn't move.

"Can whoever is on my legs please get off of them?" asked Robin.

"Well, I would," said Terra, "but my arms and legs are also stuck."

After a few minutes of twisting and turning that would amaze a contortionist, Robin managed to get loose and took a look around him. 'Where are we?' he wondered. 'I feel like I should know this place, or at least wherever we are.'

Terra managed to get herself untangled from everyone else and walked over to stand beside Robin. After a few moments, she voiced what he was wondering about. "Where are we? Better yet, how did we get here?"

"I have no idea how we got here, nor do I know where we are," said Robin. "We need to take a look around the city and see if any of us know where we are."

"I don't think that you need to worry about where; I think the problem is when," said Cyborg. "My scanners are telling me that we're not in our time anymore. We're in the future."

Back to the 3 Knights

"Who are these guys? Why are they dressed like clowns?" asked Draco. He, Pluto, and Shadow, as well as the figure in black, were standing in front of the group of twenty or so Jokerz, trying to assess their current situation.

"Should we try to call the others, do you think?" asked Pluto.

"What makes you think that that is going to work here?" asked Shadow, with a touch of annoyance in his voice. "We've already established that we're not in Jump City; I don't think we're even in the same time as the Titans."

"What do you mean?" asked Draco. "What are you saying, that we're in the future?" he said incredulously. When Shadow gave Draco a look that clearly said 'yes', Draco wanted to both burst out laughing and ask questions at the same time.

For the first time since the Knights had joined his fight, the figure in black spoke. "It's happened before. People have gone through time and ended up here." His mind was going crazy. He had read up on these guys not too long ago. They were up there with some of the other old famous superheroes. 'What are they doing here? How did they get here?' But he kept these queries to himself and began to reassess his current situation.

"Okay, why am I feeling like I'm either dreaming or stuck in a sci-fi movie?" asked Pluto.

"Because you're technology geek, that's why," snickered Shadow.

"What did you say, Snake Boy?" growled Pluto.

"I don't believe I stuttered," said Shadow, as he turned to face Pluto. The two took fighting stances, facing each other. Draco turned to see his two friends facing each other, looking menacingly at the other. 'Oh, great, here we go again. We're not even here five minutes, well, wherever here is anyway, and those two are already going at each other.' Draco stepped in between the two once more, firmly pushing them apart. "Look, you two can fight later, but right now, I'd really just like to focus on not getting my butt kicked. You two can kill each other later, all right?" Draco looked back and forth between the two, silently letting them know that he would move once they promised him that they wouldn't fight each other. Shadow nodded his acquiescence, as did Pluto. The trio turned around to face the fight.

"So what do we do without our decks and armor?" asked Draco.

"We fight. We all have some sort of natural power, don't we? Besides, what else can we do, other than sit around?" asked Shadow.

"I'm going to try to call the rest of the gang," said Pluto.

The figure in black spoke once more. "You guys ready? I'd really like to get this fight over with. We'll work on introductions and figuring out how you three got here later."

"After you," said Shadow.

With the figure in black in the lead, the three of them, sans Pluto, charged the group of Jokerz. Pluto, on the other hand, had taken out his Titans communicator and was trying to decide if it would be stupid or not to try and call the others. 'It's worth a shot,' he thought.