Comforting Love

Part 10- Forever.

As Hitsugaya and Hinamori headed back to Soul Society, they didn't know what to expect, or what to do. Hitsugaya seemed a little too over confident on the whole "surprising news" for them. On the other hand, Hinamori secretly wanted to hurl out all the butterflies she was feeling in her stomach. She couldn't understand how her now future boyfriend could be soon calm.

"I don't get it, why can't we just keep our relationship a secret?" she asked.

"Well, they're bound to find out sometime soon as we're always going to be together more often than we're supposed to be." He answered back.

The sun was almost fully risen when they both arrived in the district of Soul Society. People were already given them confused looks as they passed by, hand in hand. Hinamori was too distracted about what was happening around her, that she wasn't paying attention to where she was being led to. She stopped dead in her tracks, making Hitsugaya jolt back to her.

"Hinamori, what's wrong?" he stared back at her. Hinamori didn't say anything because all she wanted was to be anywhere, but here. Hitsugaya shook her hand. Hinamori looked up at him with a painful and sad expression.

"I am not ready to go back to the fifth division." She whispered. Without a response, Hitsugaya pivoted and tugged Hinamori along after him. With one last glance at her, he didn't dare to say anything until later. The walk back to then tenth division seemed to have taken forever, they stopped at the office door. Hitsugaya told Hinamori to wait for a moment with out a word from her; he kissed her hand, and opened the door. He found Matsumoto for once was doing her assigned duties. Matsumoto didn't seemed surprised to see her captain after 3 long days.

"I came to check in." Hitsugaya affirmed. Matsumoto just nodded, and began to organize the papers. "You're probably wondering..."

"You don't have to explain it to me taichou, Unohana-taichou told me that you were with Hinamori. It's fine." At times like these Matsumoto was the most supportive of his concerns for Hinamori because she understood everything he felt without having to say it in words. "Thank you, Matsumoto." With a nod of acceptance, Matsumoto stood up and gave Hitsugaya a pile of papers. "Could you deliver these? I can finish up the remaining ones." Hitsugaya was actually speechless, for being gone for a couple of days, so many things changed. As he was about to turn around, and leave, Matsumoto blurted out "I am sorry to say this, but you do know that she won't ever forget him, no matter how hard we try." Hitsugaya froze in his tracks; he set down the papers, and ran to the door. He flung it open, but he stared down an empty corridor. Hiding the strain in his voice and without looking at Matsumoto he said "I am going for a walk." He shut the door before Matsumoto was able to say "I am sorry…"

Hitsugaya wasn't able to trace down any of Hinamori's Reiatsu. Hitsugaya sighed, "I guess I am going to have to do this the hard way." He set off to the places where he thought Hinamori would be. After several locations, Hinamori was seen no where, by him or anyone that happened to pass by. He headed back to his office after night hit. "Hinamori…"

As he was heading to his office, he saw a figure by the fountain beside his headquarters. He couldn't quite see the figure because of the darkness, but the moonlight outlined the figure, for him he could recognize that person anywhere. He jumped over the railing and ran towards the fountain; he stopped a few steps away from her. She smiled, "Took you long enough."

Hinamori glided her fingers along the surface of the water, making the reflection of the moon ripple. Hitsugaya found it was safe enough for him to take the remaining steps towards her, as he did she curled into a ball keeping her gaze at the bushes in front of her. Hitsugaya sat less than 5 inches away from her, not wanting her to move. He stared at her back, as she kept staring ahead.

Hitsugaya was getting impatient and decided to discuss things that were kept sealed between them for too long. Even if he regretted it, he had to open Hinamori's eyes to the truth. "Hinamori…" he was interrupted by her "Don't." she rested her head on her legs. Hitsugaya didn't care what she said at the moment. "Hinamori listen, you can't keep hiding away from this, and you know that in order to save both worlds, we have to kill." He didn't want to say the name, but Hitsugaya knew Hinamori understood because she flinched, and tightened her hold on her legs. Hitsugaya continued, "All I am asking is for you to accept the truth that he's no longer coming back and…" Hitsugaya knew that he would hate himself for saying this "and just forget him." Hinamori threw her head up, and turned around to face him. "Is this all you think about?" she hissed through clenched teeth. Hitsugaya didn't respond back. "It's true that I won't be able to forget him, but…"

"He's a trader, Hinamori." Hitsugaya whispered cutting her off. Hinamori jumped up. "You don't get what I am saying!" she screamed. "It's not what you think!" Hitsugaya hissed "Stop denying it. I can tell from your reactions." Hinamori glared back at him. She stepped off the edge of the fountain, and said "You know what, forget it. I obviously wasted my time believing in you." Hitsugaya was in front of her in an instant. "You're not going anywhere, we're not finished." He growled. Hinamori flicked her head away from his gaze, but Hitsugaya grabbed her wrist.

"Let me go!" she screamed while trying to struggle out of his grasp. "Hinamori listen!" Hitsugaya yelled. She shook her head furiously. "No! You listen, this isn't about him, it's about YOU!" she yelled back. Hitsugaya's words were caught in the back of his throat. Hinamori's lower lip was quivering and the next thing she knew her vision was blurry. With her free hand she wiped her eyes. "I won't cry I can't" she said to herself. Hitsugaya let go of her now red wrist. Hinamori controlled her tears, but she couldn't control herself from shaking. She kept her gaze on the ground. She wasn't aware of Hitsugaya's movements. Hitsugaya spoke with a choked voice "If it's me, then I guess it's over." Hinamori snapped her head up and looked at him with wide eyes. But Hitsugaya wasn't able to see the tears fly from her eyes, as he was turning away from her. "What? No." she whispered. Hitsugaya didn't notice her speak, as he was beginning to walk away from her. She didn't notice her legs gave out, until her hands got in contact with cement floor flinching at the slightest pain on her palms. Hinamori began to sob uncontrollably, but she didn't notice or see the figure in front of her as her eyes were blinded with tears. The next thing she knew was someone grabbing her arms and she was being pulled forward, but she pulled back. Hinamori stared into his aqua eyes as she couldn't stop crying. Hitsugaya's face had the most painful expression, but he slowly rose to stand up.

Hinamori clenched her scratched hands, as she choked back a sob. Then she rose and threw herself forward. Hitsugaya was surprised by her action, that he was stunned for a moment, and then he was wrapping his arms around her waist. But Hinamori pulled away and looked at him; she was still tearing, and sobbing uncontrollably which would soon turn to hiccups. She tried to speak, but it turned into a whimper. She reached towards him for support; he caught her arms, as he continued to look down at her. Hinamori took a deep breath, before she tried to speak again. "That…That's not what I…what I… meant." She said through a croaked voice. Hitsugaya began to speak but he was stopped by Hinamori's finger on his lips. She shook her head, and wiped her eyes. "I…I…lo… love…" she took another deep breath before she screamed; "I love you so much!" she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. The kiss was hard, but passionate. They broke apart both panting hard. Hinamori's last tear slid down her cheek, but Hitsugaya placed his hand on her cheek and wiped it away. Hitsugaya began to say something while catching his breath at the same time; "I love you too." Hinamori held back her sob, as Hitsugaya pulled her and kissed her just as hard as she did before. He then hugged her to him so tightly that she gasped. "I am sorry that I didn't tell you the first time you told me back then, but I want you to know that I will love you always and forever." He whispered. "Somehow I think I always knew." She admitted.

The End