Who My Heart Really Belongs To

Chapter 1: Book Tour

Summary: Somehow, Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, Haru, Momiji, Ritsu, and Kisa end up staying for 3 weeks at shigure's house alone. Kagura makes an entrance of course. How will everyone react when Haru goes sweet on Tohru and she returns the favor?Join the gang as they go through their story.

A/N This is my first Faruba, or Fruits Basket Fic, so don't kill me if it's a little OOC. :D Anyways, on with the story!

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Tohru's POV

Who would have known that two monthes could change your life completely? I never would've believed it before, but now I know it's possible. Very possible. I wonder what would be different now if we hadn't gone through everything. What if I hadn't fallen in love? What if I hadn't broken his heart...What if Shigure never had to go away? Enough 'what ifs', I'll just tell you the story. The story of love and heartache. The story of growing up and overcoming your obstacles. The story of those two faithful months that I spent with friends and family...that changed my life forever.

(A/N I hope this is considered dramatic so far. I don't think I'm that good at drama but I'm having fun writing it, so who cares! I was going to make this a prologue and stop here, but I decided to be nice (or mean considering if you think this is bad...). Anyways, happy readin'!)

Authors POV

It was a peaceful, sunny morning as everyone sat down to breakfast at Shigure Sohma's house...NOT!

"Good Morning, my little flower, may I say you are looking positively delicious this morning (A/N o.O) !" Shigure 'innocently' commented as Tohru brought in the last of the meal causing the poor girl to flush in slight embarrassment and discomfort.

"Damn Inu!" both Kyo and Yuki's voice could be heard along with two loud 'thumps' of the boys hitting the older man on the head.

Of course, the bickering continued all throughout breakfast until the injured dog announced "I'm going away on a trip."

There was long moment of silence, causing Shigure to chuckle.

"What! When, where? How long?" Tohru rushed him for the answers, this was the first time Shigure had gone away since she moved in with them.

"Well, I'm going on tour for my new novel 'insert name here' . I get to go all over the Western Hemisphere! I'll be gone for 3 weeks." Shigure continued ignoring Kyo's input of 'You actually gave the manuscript to her on time...' " I leave today! In an hour to be exact."

"Only an hour, a-" Tohru was interrupted by the telephone ringing. "Oh, I'll get it!" She beat all three guys to the phone and picked it up enthusiastically.

"Hello?" (A/N Tohru)

"Hello, this is Natsumi Sohma (A/N I couldn't find her real name if it was revealed that is...), I need to speak to Shigure-san if he is home." (A/N Natsumi)

"Okay, one minute." She held her hand over the reciever. "Shigure-san, it's someone who says her name is Natsumi

Sohma...she wants to talk to you..."

"Ah, wonder why she would call,hmmm." He came over and took the phone.

"Hello. This is Shigure."

"Shigure-san! I was wondering if you would watch Kisa and Haru for me. See, Kisa was staying with us for a month or two, but I just got a call from work and I need to leave town. So, what do you say?"

"Ah, I see. Yes, they can come stay here. I will be out of town too, but I have someone very responsible to watch everyone..."

"Thank you very much, can they come over today?"

"Sure, why don't you send them over now. They can go back and get their clothes later."

"Arigato, Shigure. I'll send them over. Good-bye."

"Bye-bye!" He hung up and turned towards the teenagers in the next room. "Haru and Kisa will also be staying here while I am gone, aso.

"WHAT! That baka cow!" Kyo was a little unhappy about it...hehe, I mean very unhappy about it...okay,okay, he hated the idea.

"Haru-kun and Kisa-chan. That should be-interesting." that was the only response this information prevoked out of Yuki, except for the slightly annoyed expression on his face, that is. (A/N For some reason I hit a brick wall when I was thinking of his reaction.)

"Oh, Great! Kisa-chan can sleep in my room and we have the futon in the Living room that Hatsuharu-san can sleep on. I'll have to go get more groceries and-" Tohru was interrupted by Shigure.

"I'm sure everything will work out, now. I must be going now, I can't be late for the plane. Mii-chan might hurt her self..." He faded off as he went to his room to grab his suitcase before he ran off to catch the bus.

"..." No-one knew what to say or do.

"I'm going to the dojo.I don't want to be here when they arrive." Kyo went off in the opposite direction Shigure had.

"I think I might go to the secret base.Miss.Honda, would you like to join me?" Yuki secretly prayed she would say yes, he valued the time he spent with her. No, he didn't like her that way. At first he had loved her romantically, but it gradually developed into a brother-sister love. He was very protective of her.

"Sorry Yuki-kun. I have laundry and dishes to do. After that I have to go to the supermarket." the look on her face was truly apologetic.

"Alright, I will see you later."

"Be home for dinner!" she shouted after him as he too left. She was alone now. 'This is going to be a crazy mess. All of us living in the same house...' She went into the dining room to do dishes, thinking about what kind of things might arise. Unfortunately, she had no clue as to what kind of chaos really would unravel in the future.

Author's Note

"Ladies and gentlemen I introduce the dashing Wolfie!"


"the dahing Wolfie!"

And the crowd goes wild!

Hehehe,LOL, Just kidding. Well, my first chapter is always bad, but I promise it does get better as the story goes on (I hope)! I already have some more chapter's written, I just need to type them, so...I'm working on it!

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