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Five Years Later.

Naruto fell on his bed with a laugh, Sasuke following him down, landing on the blond with a smirk.

"You're such a bastard." Naruto whispered before wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's neck and pulling him down, kissing him deeply.

"Am I, now?" the twenty-three year old demanded. "Well then, maybe you should move back into the dorms and I can have this entire apartment to myself." He smirked.

"See? What did I tell you? Bastard." Naruto smiled before kissing him again.

The alarm on Sasuke's watch went off and the raven groaned before looking at it. "Shit, I have to go to class."

"No." Naruto whined, wrapping his legs around Sasuke's knees and hugging him to his chest, the raven chuckling. "No class. Skip."

"I can't keep skipping if I want to graduate, Naruto." The raven smirked. "It's not like I got into university just to keep on skipping. Besides, why skip to stay with you, when I can leave, have you miss me terribly, get turned on with the thought of you squirming and wanting me to screw you, and then come home to do just that?" Sasuke smirked.

"Because I might just sleep." Naruto insisted, but let his boyfriend stand, propping himself up on his elbows and watching as the raven gathered his books from around the room.

Once he was ready, he came back to Naruto's side and kissed him deeply, the blond trying to pull him back onto the bed, but Sasuke resisted. He knew if he stayed now, there would be sex, and he would never make his class.

"I'll be back in a hour. Don't miss me too much." he teased before leaving the apartment.

Naruto huffed and crossed his arms, looking around the small apartment before smiling. He and Sasuke had been dating ever since the stupid haunted house incident five years before. The blond still hated what he'd gone through, but he also thanked God it had happened, otherwise, he and Sasuke may never have gotten together.

He'd found out about a month after having exited the house that Sasuke had been the one pulling all those pranks. He'd been really mad for a few days, but then realized that it was because of Sasuke that he was somewhat braver. Besides, Sasuke had looked so pathetic those few days of school where Naruto hadn't spoken a word to him. What was he supposed to do? Let the raven mope? No, he wasn't as sadistic as Sasuke.

Things had gotten better after that, and they'd gone back to licking each other's tonsils. Everyone was all right with the two of them being bi-sexual, the only one really angry being Sakura. She wanted Naruto, and now, she couldn't have him. It took a while, but she got over it, and ended up going to prom with Lee. Last Naruto and Sasuke had heard, the two were engaged. It seemed like the two of them getting together had helped others, as well.

Naruto smiled to himself as he stood up off the bed, happy about how everything had turned out. He and Sasuke had never been happier, and Iruka didn't mind their relationship in the slightest. He'd been almost ecstatic when he'd found out, and knowing his own parent didn't mind him being bi-sexual really helped with deciding to stay with Sasuke.

Well, that, and the sex. Naruto had never known sex could be so awesome. Especially with another man. The first few times, he'd been on the bottom, but then they'd switched. Naruto preferred to be the submissive one, though, because—well, honestly, it was less work and more pleasure. Yes, Naruto was a greedy little bugger.

Stretching, the blond figured he should take a shower before engaging in any activities with his lover. He smelled like death, and he wanted to be a little more appealing for Sasuke when the raven returned. Although, the bastard deserves it for having left me here, Naruto pouted as he headed for the bathroom.

The blond pulled his shirt off as he closed the door, stripping completely once it was closed. He threw his dirty things in the hamper located in the bathroom before ensuring he had a towel. Confident everything was all right, he pulled back the curtain and let out a strangled scream before almost fainting.

In the shower, glaring out at him through thick black hair, was the girl from the ring.

It took Naruto a few seconds to realize it was just a mannequin wearing a white dress and a wig. The eyes weren't even scary, because all mannequins had the same eyes. Naruto closed his eyes, his eyebrow twitching as he thought about how this mannequin had gotten there. No sex! he thought angrily. No sex for a month!

Naruto screamed angrily. "Sasuke!"