"Out?" the customer asked irritably. "How can you be 'out'?"

"I'm very sorry," said the store clerk, bowing apologetically. "I'm afraid you caught us at an unfortunate time. We've ordered another shipment, but it won't be in until tomorrow."

The customer scratched his head. It was going to be difficult to re-paint his home without several gallons of primer.

"How in the world does a hardware store run out of white paint in one day?" he asked disbelievingly, more to himself than the shopkeeper. The clerk smiled awkwardly.

"It was a bit strange," she said meekly. "This morning, a boy in a white coat came in and bought out our entire inventory of the stuff."

The customer opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. He turned to leave the store, muttering something about "crazy kids" under his breath.


Because, you know, you have to wonder where he got it all.