Warning contains slight spoilers for the end of the series (anime).

-True Self-

Fakir was a hypocrite.

He had told Ahiru it would be better for her to be her true self. That it was for their own good to return to who they truly were. It would be for the best.

Fakir had never been more miserable in his life.

He missed Ahiru. That's not to say he broke his promise, no Ahiru had her own basket in his room. Still he missed her. Missed talking to her, seeing that long red braid of hers trailing behind her in the wind as she raced to class for fear of Neko-sensie's marriage proposal. How her eyes would light up when she got a new ballet move right, or how she could keep smiling in the darkest situations.

It was around the time he was contemplating how he missed seeing her blush that he realized something he had tried to deny to himself. He loved Ahiru. Oh sure he had known that he cared about her, but-but LOVE!

Fakir did not do love.

Not since his parents had died. Only two people had slipped by the barriers around his heart, and not even they had been able to get all the way in. There was still a part of his heart that not even Charon, or Rachel had gotten close to. A part encased in ice with more defenses than Fort Knox. A part that no one was every going to get near.

At least until he met Ahiru.

Ahiru had been. . .different. She hadn't tried to push through his barriers like others. Hell, she hadn't really tried to get him to like her! Just to help her, and be civil. Somehow though with her bright smiles, endless hope, and a selfless desire to help everyone around her she had done what no other could do. She broke through his walls, melting the ice around his heart. . .

. . .and she didn't even know it.

It was funny really. This girl who wore her heart on her sleeve, who helped others realize and come to terms with how they felt, had no clue what she had done to him.

How could someone be so wise yet so incredibly naïve? He would never know.

So now Fakir was going against everything he had told Ahiru had the bottom of the lake. He was going to make her human again. It had taken weeks of study, and countless outlines, but he had finally came up with the perfect way to do it.

Not five minutes after he had put down his quill did a now human -and thankfully clothed, Fakir wasn't sure he could have handled seeing Ahiru naked right now- Ahiru burst into his study.

"Why?" The question had been simple, but Fakir was unsure of how to answer. He could have given her one of his cold comments, or simply lied, but . . .she deserved to know the truth.

"Because I missed you, and I realized I'm in love with you." There he had said it. He had put his heart on the line, but he needed to tell her. He couldn't keep lying about this.

And then she kissed him. It was over too soon, but it had been sweet, and loving. A lot like Ahiru herself he mused. "I love you too."

It was then that Fakir realized something. Your true self wasn't who you born as, but who you wanted to be. Who you were when you looked beyond superficial appearances. This was the true Ahiru. Clumsiness and all.

And that was his last thought before he lost himself as he kissed Ahiru again. This one lasting much longer.


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