Title: Stuck With The Likes Of You

Author: Jessie/Tainted Hollywood Diva

Pairings: Torrie Wilson/Johnny Nitro, Trish Stratus/Chris Jericho, Dawn Marie/Edge, Stacy Keibler/Jeff Hardy, Ashley Massaro/Matt Hardy, Melina Perez/Randy Orton, Possible Lita/Christian or Batista

Disclaimer: As Always, I Own No One.

Distribution: Ask First.

Rating: PG-13, Could Change

Summary: You could say it's deja' vu for one Jeff Hardy when he and a group of elite WWE superstars find themselves locked in the most famous arena in World Wrestling Entertainment.. Madison Square Garden that is.

Notes: Yep, this be the sequel to "What's The Worst That Could Happen?". You don't need to read the first one as it was only a dream.. Also all cast that is currently not with the WWE is for this story, alright? Matt & Lita broke up just after Lita returned from her neck surgery - thus there was no Edge/Lita.


Raw: Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Lita, Maria, Melina Perez, Johnny Nitro, Randy Orton, John Cena, Carlito, Triple H, Matt Striker, Shawn Michaels

Smackdown!: Candice Michelle, Christy Hemme, Ashley Massaro, Stacy Keibler, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Batista, Chris Benoit, Edge, Rey Mysterio

ECW: Kelly, Dawn Marie, Victoria, Beulah, Joey Mercury, Tommy Dreamer, Chris Jericho, Christian, Kurt Angle, Test

Chapter One

Having been at the wrong place at the wrong time they were either caught in traffic, or falling asleep during the single most important conference of the year.. Superstars from all three programs - Raw, Smackdown!, ECW - were seated in the temporarily unoccupied seats in the arena. Vincent Kennedy McMahon standing in the center of the ring along with his son Shane McMahon, the pair currently looking over the script, nodding and making note of a few changes as they did so. It wasn't until the elder McMahon looked up did he notice that a good proportion of his popular superstars weren't present. He shook his head, glancing over at Chris Jericho to frown in utter disgust, grabbing the microphone out of Shane's hands as he face turned that brilliant shade of red.

"CHRIS JERICHO!" Vince bellowed harshly, causing the other man to jerk up out of his sleep with a panicky look upon his face. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing? Sleeping in the middle of a meeting like this! I 'ought to fire your ass!"

Jericho yawned, obviously unfazed by Vince's threat as he gestured around himself, raising an eyebrow at the elder man.

"Are you going to fire all the people who aren't here yet? Christian, Tommy, Masters, Carlito, Orton, Cena...?" Jericho smirked as he stretched out both his arms and his legs. "You should just be glad I'm even here!"

Vince scowled, mocking Jericho's expression as his anger heightened a bit, Kurt and Benoit glared at Jericho for a moment with frowns, neither really wanting to see the man who was once called a creative genius get fired on his first night back.

"Don't you tell me how I should feel! To be quite honest I'm pissed off! You being an asshole isn't helping things!" Vince snapped, glancing over the group of superstars with disgust. "In fact, someone might even get fired tonight! That's right! Fired! Now you shut up and wait for the others or else you're going to be fired! And anyone else who dares go to sleep will be fired too! How do you like that?"

Everyone remained silent, although that didn't stop them for silently thanking Jericho and his big mouth for pissing Vince off even more. To be honest, it depended who you were when it came to Vince. You could be treated like a king or treated like a slob. You just had to have the talent, dedication and in some cases connections. However when it came to being late Vince couldn't give a damn who it was, when he was in a bad mood anyone could get fired. Yet when a rather large group of superstars emerged through the doors and ran down the stairs to where they were supposed to be sitting Vince's face went a deep shade of red, again he took it upon himself to yell into the microphone. Asking for an explanation that only John Cena would dare to give..

"Well, ya see sir.. Lita was giving pretty boy head, I told her not to sir, but she wouldn't stop, and we just 'bout got into an accident too!" John exclaimed, earning nothing close to a smile from Vince as he did so. "And then there was this loud mouth asshole next to us who wouldn't shut up, sir! He cranked his rap music up, caused some type of a scene and believe it or not pretty boy over 'ere had the guts to say that rap was violent! That guy almost killed him."

The dark haired wrestler received a slap to the back of head for his so-called explanation, "Cena! How many times do I have to tell you! When you want to blame someone for doing some sort of sexual act, make sure they don't have a girlfriend!"

"Well, I couldn't have done that! Only other guy who was in the car was me and who the fuck would believe that Mel and Li went at it in a car? Although, I'd pay some pretty good money to see that." John stated with a smirk, winking at the two divas.

"If you're done making up stories, Cena, I'd like to get to the meeting!" Vince interrupted quickly, a frown on his face as he glanced over the script a moment. "Well, you all got the scripts, you read over them I hope.. So you all know that tonight Christian is going to win the title back from Dreamer in the triple threat match tonight. To add to the match - this was not in the script - I'm going to toss in a guest referee. Now since Beulah is going to be at ringside I figured we'd have Dawn Marie as ref. Beulah, Dawn.. You may get a bit physical."

Both divas nodded, sparing glances at Christian, Tommy and Joey as they had done so. All three men shrugging their shoulders lightly, as if to say that they didn't mind the change in their match. A smile touched Vince's lips for a moment before he went onto the women's championship match, announcing that it would be Melina who won the title from Torrie. By the time they got through all the match changes, most of the titles had switched hands and almost everyone was pleased with their spots for that night, only person who seemed to have any problems with it was Jericho, who was going to be dropped out of a title match and placed in a normal match with Shelton Benjamin and Matt Striker. However, he didn't dare complain after he had ticked Vince off earlier with his falling sleep.

.xxx later that night

Once the main event was all said and done an elite group of superstars were ordered to go to the ring for an after-show meeting, in the note they had each received they were told to wait until the crowd cleared out before they met Vince in the ring. After a good half an hour a group of thirty something superstars and divas found themselves hanging out in the ringside area, waiting for Mr. McMahon to show. While they waited a few of the guys took on the task of messing around in the ring, starting up a six man tag team match, a few minutes into the match two of the girls decided to play valet and cheer on the guys. Whilst the others all sat and watched, just a bit entertained as Randy, John and Carlito took on Christian, Jericho and Batista, while Benoit played referee, Melina and Christy playing valets for their select teams.

"You know, if I wasn't mistaken I'd say this is the best match I've ever seen." Lita stated with a smirk.

Trish rolled her eyes as she shifted in her seat, "That's only because Dave keeps beating on John.. Why do you two hate each other so much?"

"I don't know," Lita shrugged as she leaned forward a bit. "I guess it's because he's either making sexual remarks about me or he's being annoying as hell. He never settles down or takes anything seriously. Example, last night Tommy and Randy were having a discussion about what gay meant.. Randy used the word 'homo' and John cracks up, and when we repeated it he laughed even harder."

Trish grinned, "Excuse him for being a man."

Lita sighed, glancing at the ring again, this time it was Carlito and Jericho in, the older of the two gaining the advantage easily as he took the brown haired wrestler to the mat with a headlock.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can excuse him for being brain-dead. He's worst that Maria's character." Lita exclaimed as she watched the so-called match. "Plus he always slaps my ass and drools over my chest.. You can't lie and say that you wouldn't hate it if Carlito drooled over your chest all the time and slapped your ass. He calls me babe too! He's so annoying! I want to tear out his voice box, just so he shuts his big fat mouth!"

"Okay then. You should do something to let out this anger, because I don't want to stay in the same room with you after the that little tantrum." Trish replied, earning a dark look from the redhead. "All I'm saying is it isn't bad having a hot guy wanting to have sex with you. You should just fuck him so he'll leave you alone."

The other woman rolled her shoulders back as she leaned back, a bit disgusted by the mere thought of having sex with John Cena. Not that he wasn't good looking, but because she could just imagine him being the type to talk during that sex. And she couldn't stand the fact that while they were doing it he'd be saying she could resist him and he'd possible chuckle a bit after he himself said something about sex. Though she didn't know anyone backstage who had had sex with John Cena, she still didn't want to take her chances. Rather than relying to her friend's remarks she kept her eye on the match the six were putting on, though that didn't last night longer as Dave managed to pin Carlito. And then they went back to being bored, it wasn't until Kurt Angle decided to say something did they actually notice that Vince wasn't there yet.

"It's been about an hour since we got the message to meet Vince, you think he's running late? Or you think he's blowing us off because we were late?" Kurt questioned before he sighed. "This sucks, I hope this isn't our punishment for being late -- or being associated with the person who decided to sleep.."

"What? They weren't even talking!" Jericho exclaimed. "I don't see why it was such a big deal! The conference hadn't even started! Gosh! You all suck!"

"Alright then.. Now that we've established that we..suck..I think we should just go to Vince's office and see if he's in." Triple H interrupted as he got up from his seat. "Shawn and I will go to his office, see if he's there and if he isn't we'll come back, tell you guys and we can all leave. No harm, no foul. Like Vince can really get mad at us for leaving when he was a good half an hour late, since we've only been here for half an hour.."

Everyone agreed, whether it had been vocally or verbally they agreed and the two men set off to Vince's office while the rest sat in silence. About five of the girls sat outside of the ring and talked about girl stuff; this group including Maria, Kelly, Ashley, Stacy and Dawn. The rest of the superstars broke off into random conversations with those around them as they waited for the two men to return.

.xxx meanwhile

Shawn and Hunter walked down the hall with smirks on their faces as they talked about some of the twisted stories they'd tell Vince in order to get him to rush to the ring. A few included death, while all, but one included some sort of violence. The only one that didn't include death or violence included a huge group orgy of superstars that Vince wouldn't want to miss.. Mostly for the cock than anything else.. Though the two men were surprised when they arrived at the owner's office to find it was abandoned, all Vince's stuff gone with a note on the desk that was addressed to one of the clean up crew members..

"Stan, make sure you turn off the goddamn lights this time, or else you're fired, you dumbass.." Hunter read aloud, before glancing at Shawn. "He certainly isn't nice to anyone. Third time he's threatened to fire someone. Bet all he needs is some cock--"

"Hunter, Vince isn't around.. You don't need to talk about cock." Shawn insisted as he rolled his eyes. "Well, looks like Vince is gone. Let's go tell the others and get out of here."

Hunter nodded, the pair heading out of the office, though Hunter paused a moment to throw the note in the trash. Smirking as he followed Shawn down the hall back to the ring, whistling a show tune as he jammed his hands in his pockets.

"You know what Shawn? I think Vince set us up. What else would explain the notes we got?" Hunter inquired. "Or even worse! What if someone else set us up? Gave us fake notes to make us stay afterward and look like idiots.."

"I'm sure that's what happened.. Maybe Vince forgot? Or just changed his mind.. And besides who on earth would have something against all of us? We're on different rosters.. Heck only time we're together like this is super shows or payperviews. Honestly this paypayview really has sucked. From Vince being in a bad mood to Jericho's constant complaining tonight was awful."

"Jerky was complaining?" Hunter inquired as a brow raised.

Shawn grinned, "Yeah because he was bumped outta a match."

"Oh yeah, right." Hunter nodded. "He won his match in spite of that though."

"He was supposed to win his title match." Shawn pointed out.

"Shit, that sucks." Hunter muttered as Shawn grimly nodded in agreement.

Once the pair reached the ring area they stopped at the top of the stairs, the taller of the two informing them that Vince wasn't there and that they could all grab their stuff and leave. Almost everyone immediately headed back to their locker rooms; Lita, Melina and Trish staying behind a good five minutes to finish their little chat before they headed to their locker rooms. Although after they had all their stuff with them they found themselves waiting behind a few of the guys, one of them banging into the exit.

"You know, turning the door knob opens the door, Cena." Lita stated sweetly with a smirk.

John bit his tongue as Randy turned to the three, "The door's stuck.. That's why this arena is so damn stupid! These electric doors suck."

The three looked a bit concerned as the muscular man tried to get it to slide open, however it didn't budge, leaving them with only one other option..finding another door. Unfortunately for them on their way to the one of the only other exits the lights went out.

"Oh this is fuckin' great!" John muttered, tossing his arms in the air as he turned around, not sure exactly who was behind him until he reached out.


"Sorry.." John exclaimed quickly as the redhead he had just grabbed onto slapped him. "I didn't mean to grab ya there! I thought Orton was behind me."

"So you want to grab my boob?" Randy wanted to know. "I'm..shocked, I didn't know that you felt that way."

"Damnit, Orton, if I knew where you were I'd kill you!" John hissed, blue eyes narrowing dangerously as he took a step back.

Trish sighed, "I remember there being emergency flash lights in some of the halls.. All we need to do is feel around for them. They'll be in a glass case, almost like one that a fire extinguisher would be in..."

"Yeah, I remember that.. Be careful not to pull the fire alarm.." Melina warned, though nobody bothered to question her logic.

John lead the way down the hall, the West Newbury native feeling around the walls on the right side with Randy while the girls felt on the left. A few moments later they heard what sounded to be like someone screaming right after someone groaning, at first they weren't sure what to make of it until someone started laughing while someone else started apologizing.

"What happened?" Lita questioned as she glared over her shoulder.

"John got hit in face...by a door." Randy exclaimed in between breaths. "I hope he broke his nose--"

"Shut up, you fuckin' idiot." John snapped out as he held his hand to his nose. "What the fuck is your problem?"

The woman rolled her eyes, "How the hell was I supposed to know you were creeping outside my locker room? Took me long enough to find the damn door! What are you guys doing anyway?"

"Looking for emergency flashlights." Trish replied simply.

"They are in the fifth corridor." Someone informed her, shining what appeared to be a flashlight at her.

The group blinked as Hunter and Shawn walked up to them, both carrying flashlights in their possession. Hunter smirking as he glanced at John, noting that his nose was bleeding. The four women glanced at John as well, Torrie wincing as she got a glance at his nose, feeling guilty as it appeared it may as well have been broken. Lita narrowed her eyes at the pair.

"You're telling me you found flashlights and left them there knowing damn well there were other people here?" Lita snapped.

"Well.. We each only have two hands, we need one free to fight off anyone who wanted our flashlights.." Shawn replied.

"Who would have fought you for your flashlights?" Randy wanted to know.

Hunter frowned sadly, "I believe it was Striker..we beat him up a bit. We thought he was Vince."

The four women rolled their eyes, while both Randy and John seemed confused as they trailed behind the pair to go get some flashlights. Just about now they were pretty sure that tonight would be one of the worst nights of their lives...

.xxx to be continued

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