By Miss Keith

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Chapter Zero: Client 666666666

The sun shines down upon the trees in the country of China. It falls down upon a small city where people walk about everyday. Where they go about their lives, chat on their phones, make out in alleyways and beg for promotions. Yes, these people go about their lives every day.

And every day…few of them realize that they're being watched…

A woman walking down a paved road, wearing a red hat and swinging her blue purse…she took the checkbook inside without her husbands permission.

A small boy playing soccer with his pals scores a goal before being tackled…he constantly puts tacks under his teacher's chair.

A teenage girl sitting in the park reads her book silently…has a crush on the captain of the football team, even told him she liked him.

Captain of the football team…dating her best friend.

Wrong, sad, pathetic and typical…the world does go round…but it spins without much recognition as to where it's going. The problems granted may be small on a worldly scale…but what about the average scale?

Yes, most evils in the world are mild…and go unrecognized and ignored everyday. But for the bigger problems, like old ancient evils there are people who notice, people who care and know where they're going.

These people…are the four Xioalin monks of a small temple buried deep within the mountains. They train hard, defeat evil on a day to day basis and study hard to one day be the best aid to the human race that they can be.

But even them, the do-gooders of the world are watched and judged.

Besides the vault, the small large headed child with the yellow skin known as Omi, dragon of the water naps soundly…he has enough pride for ten monks.

Along the fountain's edge another one of the boys sits looking up at the sky as he tips his cowboy hat up to observe a bird…he takes food out of the fridge late at night when he's not supposed to.

Atop the blue roof the tanned lad known as Raimundo, dragon of the wind and leader of the monks sits cross-legged playing with a video game…he's betrayed his friends for riches and glory more than once…and may even do it again.

Outside the temple, the young and beautiful dragon of fire known as Kimiko walks along sending messages with her PDA…she constantly flirts with the boys in order to get them to do her chores.

And far off from where they live, though it isn't too long a ways when riding a mystical dragon…that enjoys digging through their stuff every now and again…to reach a very large, expensive estate. A place home to two neglectful, selfish, snobby parents…and one poor, neglected, misunderstood, mistreated…

Tormented child.

This is client 666666666.

(Chapter Talk): Yeah…strange, but I think it's interesting. Inspired by the movie Badazzled by the way…this is only my second fic so be nice. Really it's just a teaser for the fanfic, which may or may not be updated regularly. If you guys really want to know more i'll work on it quicker...just tell me, I know this chapter doesn't say much.