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The Irresponsible Religion of Too Troublesome

Chapter 2

Shikamaru sat in bed, pondering his horrible fate while listening to the pulsing hum of the vacuum cleaner downstairs. His mother had called an hour ago to tell him that she was staying away for another three days. So, now Shikamaru was stuck in the house with a girl who hadn't as of yet spoken a single word to him, while being constricted to his bed because of a fever and a stuffy head. And try as he might, Shikamaru couldn't seem to go to sleep. He laid on one side, he laid on the other, he laid on his stomach, he even curled up with his ass in the air, but he just couldn't manage to drift towards sleep for long before he began another bout of coughing or sneezing.

Sighing, he rested against his pillow and looked for something to entertain himself with. He had already read all his library books. In fact, he needed to turn them back in tomorrow. But he'd put it off until the last minute like he always did. He didn't really feel like reading anyways. Spying his shouji board, he pulled himself out of bed long enough to pull it from its shelf and lay it on the bed. He crawled back into a sitting position beneath the covers and put the board on his lap, systematically pulling the pieces from the interior compartment and laying them out.

That done, he put an elbow on his knee and rested his head cockeyed in his hand while looking at the pieces. He sneezed and blew his nose on a tissue before moving the first piece.

Shikamaru had just won a very satisfying game against himself and was preparing to reset the pieces when he noticed that the vacuum cleaner was off and the girl was standing in the doorway watching him.

"Bot are choo starin' at?" he drawled nasally, looking at her with a bothered look on his face. He continued to wait for answer while she regarded him with a raised brow.

"Not anything really worth it, if that's what you wanted to know." Temari commented markedly. Shikamaru rolled his eyes and laid the last piece in starting position. "But you can play that game pretty well." She tagged on as if she hadn't just insulted him a moment ago.

He sighed, mumbling under his breath about '…troublesome women…', before inviting her to play a round of shouji.

It turned out that Temari was a pretty good shouji player herself. Out of seven games played, she won three, he won three, and the last was a draw. Temari was fiddling with the cushion of the chair she had pulled up to the bed.

"So, maybe I wasn't being so nice earlier when I told you to shove your game piece where the sun doesn't shine. But you called me a vindictive bitch first." she acknowledged after he told her he was too tired to play another round. "At least you're not like my brother Kankuro. You probably couldn't get him to play shouji for anything under a hundred dollars." Her mouth stretched into a sarcastic grin. "Now he's the complete asshole that you called me after I won that third time."

"Obay, obay." Shikamaru groaned. "I'b sor-ACHOO!-ry…" he mumbled while wiping at his nose with a tissue. "I'b sorry I called choo an asshole. An' ab bitch. Hapdy?" He asked mournfully.

"Yes." Was Temari's immediate response. "You're not that bad of a guy. At least you know when to give an apology. Not many I can say that of." She was going to continue her comment, when she heard Shikamaru's stomach grumble hungrily and cocked a skeptical eyebrow at him. "And just what is that supposed to mean?" She asked.

"It beans I habn't eated breffus yet." Was Shikamaru's solemn reply as he glared down at the source of the grumbling.

"It's four P.M. and you haven't even eaten yet?" She rolled her eyes and stood up when he shook his head no. "Maybe you're not that smart after all." She said, walking to the door.

"Ib's not by fault my mudder don't lub me enuff to gib me breffus." He muttered loudly, but sighed when he noticed she was already gone. "Bot a bother. Wiben are sto trubblestum…"

"And choo bot this bare?" Shikamaru asked, poking doubtfully at the unidentifiable food on his plate.

"Just eat it. And I didn't buy it anywhere. I made it, so you had better eat it." Temari huffed. "At least its something."

"And how bum you're not beating any bub it?" Shikamaru asked in query. Temari growled at him wordlessly and went to the kitchen to go get some for herself so he'd quit bothering her. She came back into the room holding another plate, and noticed that he was already making hasty work of his.

"Not too dad." Shikamaru stretched out his fork arm and went back to eating. Temari took his word and sampled some of hers. Surprise, surprise, it wasn't that bad. It was actually pretty good stuff, considering she couldn't even remember all of the things she had put in it.

They ate in silence, before she grabbed Shikamaru's set aside plate and her own and took them to clean up in the kitchen. She did that, and returned to the boys room. It was time he took his medicine, and she knew without a doubt that the boy would not have taken it yet.

"Alright, Nara." Temari stated in a no-nonsense tone as she brandished the bottle of pills at Shikamaru. "You're going to take your medicine. Now." The boy stared at her with his mouth pulled down and to one side. He crossed his arms over his chest and sighed, his un-gelled ponytail bobbing with the motion.

"Fine." he muttered, his face taking on a bothered air. He held out his hand for the glass of water on his table, and she handed it to him. He took the white capsule from her dubiously and examined it before shrugging and popping it in his mouth. He followed it with the entire glass of water and set the glass down with a clink.

The entire time, Temari had watched how his ponytail had moved, unconfined by the gel that usually kept it stiffly spiked. She wondered what he would look like with his hair completely down. She let her eyes drift idly to the ceiling and tried to picture him with his hair down, damp strands fresh from the shower curling in the humid air as the steam from the hot shower he would have taken left the room wreathed in white mist that revealed his face and chest, hiding the rest just out of blurry view.

Now that she though about it, Shikamaru was a really good looking man.