The Dawn of Serenity

Author's Notes

Question and Answer time! Yay!

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

-Just incase no one was paying attention to my small author's notes in Chapter 11 (which they probably weren't because they were just SO into the story, right?) this whole story came from a quote by Ami in the first arc of the manga. "Look you guys, the city is packed with ice!" I soon formed the incredible connection of Beryl, ice, Great Freeze, ice, ZOMG! And then from there, epic history was made. It's not the most splendid and fantastic story of creativity, but, it got the job done.

There are a lot of plot twists, did you think of them all at the beginning?

-I want to say yes to make myself look awesome and uber crafty, but no, I didn't. Some things were planned from the very beginning. Like Pluto's story, but in a crazy way. As I was creating new power sets for everyone I had the most trouble with coming up for something for Minako and Setsuna. In the end I couldn't think of anything awesome for our friendly time senshi, so I was left thinking, "What am I going to do with her?" Being away and secretive she had no need to use her new power so thus, my major plot twist was formed. (If you have a good idea for a new Pluto power, be my guest. I may use it in the next story. ;)

Making a fake Minako was definitely not planned from the beginning. I reached the end of the first part and basically didn't know what the heck I was going to do. There was some goal I wanted to reach but I wasn't sure how to get there. Which is BAD WRITING, so don't do that. I also didn't plan for Artemis, Luna and Helios to be the Leaders of Serenitas. I was going to make them original characters, but while I was trying to find awesome names it just hit me-duh! So basically, the story was equal parts utter luck and endless research. How did I ever finish this?

How did you? This story is long!

I can't believe it's been over a year since this started. I came back from classes today and just sat down, realizing I didn't have a massive epic to finish anymore. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I feel like I should be writing, but it's finished! Although there are many chapters they are not excessively long. I tried to keep the story in a fast-paced, balanced speed so no one would get bored and proper things needed to be say and done. But basically this story is done because I loved it so much, and I had an awesome support system to keep me motivated.

Many people have said they liked your OC's. How did you manage to do that?

I can answer honestly that I have no idea. Even if I did I might not tell you, or sell it at a price to be discussed later. I'm sure plenty of people were not pleased with my original characters, but they opened up a new world from a view that wouldn't be seen by the main characters, who were handicapped in many different ways at the time. I think they all had easily relatable personalities, and who could honestly hate Shing? Best kid ever.

Was Shing, Shingo?

I hadn't even thought about this possibility until someone brought it up. But no, Shing is only Shing. Shing is actually a more stable and completely less psycho version of Shinji from Evangelion. I watched it while I was making the second part, and I'm sure its dark influence can be seen. No one was reincarnated in this story, but I just made it seem like that way for awhile. The other OC's…Ben and Aleksei aren't really based upon anyone. Irinushka was a mix of Makoto and Rei and Katarina was, of course, Minako's double. But did they truly have the same personalities? We may never know. Or we may, if I decide to write a small piece on Katarina someday.

They have some unique names. Besides Ben.

I actually had a method to naming all my OC characters. Me? A method? I know. When I decided to name them I realized that it would be easy for Beryl to find slaves near her before they were too frozen to be saved. So, all of my OC's have Russian, Chinese or Japanese names as a result. Except, of course, for Ben. I had to throw an American name in there because well, we're noisy and everywhere right? That method fit in real nice when it came to naming Minako's double Katarina. Sometimes I know what I'm doing… sometimes I just get lucky.

Why didn't you follow that picture of the Senshi and Shitennou? How dare you!!

-I'm not a real big pusher of the 10-some Miracle Romance with the Senshi and Shitennou plus Usagi and Mamoru. That's ten right? I hate math. I don't believe in the Setsuna/Mamoru romance either, but I don't deny the possibilities with such scenes in the manga hinting at something that could possibly be there. I touched on the different romances, but also gave it some new life and switched them up a little with Nephrite and Rei having some kind of relationship in the past. Angel Electric is solely responsible for me thinking they could have some chemistry at all, by the way.

The others, besides Minako and Kunzite, I did not intend to make their relationships romantic in any way, however. I let you think what you wanted about them, but it was not my intention to have all of them together. I mean seriously, Makoto and Jadeite would make a horrible couple. I mean WOW. It also seems unrealistic 10 people would magically fall in love, even in the Sailor Moon universe, but they could be friends. I do think Ami and Zoicite would make excellent friends, and perhaps even Jadeite and Makoto would have some sort of crazy allegiance. It was fun to play around with them.

Speaking of romance, what the heck was up with this Danburite/Adonis character?

If you have not read the Sailor V manga, or at least heard a summary of it, Danburite is a main villain in it. Minako has somewhat of a romantic involvement with him, and it is found out that he was once Adonis, a soldier in Venus' army who joined forces with Earth to fight evil. He apparently had some sort of obsession with her, as well. He became ensnared by that evil and became a henchman under the lovely Shitennou, getting his new name- Danburite. At the end of the Sailor V manga, he gives her an Ace of Hearts and tells her, her love will be hopeless forever. Having him give her the same card in the end symbolized her curse being lifted, and may or may not been a redeemable deed by the crazy, annoying man.

So buddy, what's next?

The Dawn of Serenity answered a lot of questions, but it also raised some what ifs, at least to me and I'm sure to others. What happened between Pluto and Endymion, if anything at all? What happened that destroyed Mars in Rei's vision? What the heck was up with Nephrite and Rei anyways? How were the Black Moons involved in the past? Well, I hope you can see where this is going. My next project will be in connection with this story's timeline, and will deal with the Silver Millennium's creation and fall. After that, I have two other stories that will be interconnected with The Dawn of Serenity already planned as well, but you can't know about those yet. I obviously love suspense…get used to it. My story, Savéol, is also connected, and I plan on making a few one-shots also. It is only the beginning!

I've left comments about certain things at the end of certain chapters, so if you're curious about other things I'm sure you can find the answers in my brief notes. If you can't find the answers, then there's always email!

I would like to thank all those that inspired and supported me through this story. Firstly, my fabulous editor Loki, who put up with my general crazyness and has helped me become a better writer. You're truly a great friend and a great master of the written word and this story wouldn't be as great without your lovely and needed help. Get editors/betas people! I'd also like to thank Araya for annoying me constantly. Without her, a lot of chapters would have come out later than they did. Thanks for being pushy and supportive, and helping me when I needed it! But seriously, can I have a break for awhile?

And thanks to all those reviewers that left me constant and awesome reviews. They always inspired me to write faster and better, as well. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did!