New Beginnings: Epilogue

The group stayed long enough the next day to watch Beckett be hanged. Obscenities were screamed and Beckett cried and begged, but was still hung.

King George promoted Commodore Norrington to Lord. He would take over for Beckett in Port Royal. Norrington was elated and was given two ships full of naval officials to sail with them back to Jamaica.

They met up with their crew in Brighton Harbor and started sailing.

Danielle and Jack were married on the deck of Norrington's ship at sunset when they were about halfway home. It was a beautiful night full of celebration.

Elizabeth and Will were going to live at the governor's mansion until the baby was born and then plan another wedding.

Norrington, as a wedding gift, was going to commission the building of a ship, to match the Pearl.

Jack and Dani stole away after immense drinking and carousing.

"What are we going to do now?" Danielle asked Jack as they looked at the stars.

"We're going to find some treasure," Jack answered her with a sly smile.

A/N: Okay, that's the end of this story. I'm going to start a sequel as soon as I can. I hope you liked it.


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