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Chapter 8

When three masked demons stepped out of the clearing in front of them Kurama pretended to cower behind Hiei. Even though Hiei had grown almost as tall as the redhead the three Shinzo demons before them were taller. Dominant males were taller and more muscular than transfer males.

Puffing out his chest slightly in a mock show of strength Hiei held his arms out as if to protect Kurama. "Who are you? What do you want with us?"

Kurama had a hard time not laughing as the demons circled them. "We don't allow outsiders in our midst. You were warned you would meet Kylend's fate if you didn't leave."

In a weak, pathetic voice Kurama cried from behind Hiei. "What did you do to my father?"

The apparent leader of the group laughed. "Kylend died like the coward that he was for mating with a human."

The one on the right sneered. "Would have had you and that filthy human too but Kylend had more fight than we gave him credit for."

The one on the left pulled out a long knife. "I don't like leaving loose ends but we're about to tie up the one we left when we let you live all those years ago."

Impatiently Hiei put his hands on his hips and looked at his mate. "Have you heard enough yet Kurama? I'd like to get this over with."

Kurama laughed. "I just wanted to make sure they were the ones that killed my father. Alright Koi, let's have some fun."

All three demons took a hesitant step back at the cold metallic sound of Hiei drawing his katana and the deadly snap of Kurama's rose whip. The redhead smiled, his deadly cold voice still managing to hold a hint of amusement. "I think they should die slowly and painfully don't you Hiei?"

Hiei smirked. "I'll keep them from leaving Kurama, what revenge you choose is up to you."

Three quick flicks of Kurama's wrist and the leader screamed in pain. The other two looked on in horror as they saw that a 'K' had been branded into his chest. From his knees the leader cried out. "What the hell are you? No transfer male has power or skill like that."

Kurama gave a wicked laugh. "Oh, did I fail to properly introduce myself? My mother taught me better manners than that. You already know that I am Shuuichi Minamino, son of Kylend, grandson of Valend and mate of Hiei. What I failed to tell you is that I also bear a reincarnated soul."

Smoke swirled as Kurama allowed his full S-class energy to flare. "The soul of Kylend's old friend, Yoko Kurama."

All three demons trembled in fear as the smoke cleared revealing the powerful Youko. When one of the demons tried to flee Hiei blocked by carving a 'K' in his chest. Hiei then flared his energy. The dragon on his arm smoked and the bandana on his forehead burned away. The demon before him gasped and fell back. "You have a Jagon eye and the black dragon! Yo.. You're Hiei, the jagonshi from the dark Tournament!"

The one remaining unmarked demon tried a different approach to staying alive. "Please, have mercy. I don't want to die."

The demon's pleas fell on deaf ears as the Youko sneered. "I'll show you the same mercy you showed Kylend."

The demon screamed as Kurama's whip tore into his flesh, branding him as well with the letter 'K'. As the three demons cowered together the Youko turned to Hiei. "Kiss me Koi, this fight is Shuuichi's to finish."

Putting himself between Kurama and the demon's Hiei gave his mate a brief but passion filled kiss. A moment later his redheaded mate stood before him. "What now Fox?"

Looked to their captives Kurama growled. "Remove the masks, all of you!"

One by one the masks were tossed aside revealing the faces of Kylend's murderers. Kurama recognized all three demons. One was Sota, a widowed elder. The second, Maxum, had a female mate but no young children. The leader, Kogachi, his mate was a transfer male. Looking at him now Kurama couldn't help but remember the look in his mate's eyes when he was near.

Seeing recognition in Kurama's green eyes Kogachi pleaded for his own life. "You can't kill me can you? Killing them will harm no one but killing me means killing my innocent mate as well. He is bonded to me and will die without me."

Kurama laughed. "To ensure my safety Hiei has been learning everything there is to know about transfer males. Though I understand it doesn't happen often a widowed transfer male can be bonded to another male if his is claimed by that male soon after his mate's death."

Advancing on Kogachi Kurama sent his energy into his whip transforming it into a long dagger. "I've met your mate Kogachi. Taki is a very sweet man. Too bad he lives in fear of the one person he should trust above all others. I predict two events happening because of your death and neither of them will harm Taki in the least. I see that nice shop keeper Gavin claiming him and protecting him and I see them both dancing on your grave."

With a quick thrust Kurama drove the dagger deep into Kogachi's heart. A simple nod to Hiei and the other two lay dead beside him. Moving to Hiei's side Kurama smiled at him sadly. "I'm sorry Koi but our little rendezvous will have to wait. We need to make sure our actions don't harm Taki."

Without comment Hiei took Kurama's hand and they headed toward the village. Once there Hiei went to get Gavin and Kurama went in search of Taki. Telling Taki it was urgent the timid male reluctantly followed Kurama to the meeting hall where some of the elders had gathered for lunch.

Calmly, Kurama told his grandfather and the other elders about being attacked by Kylend's murderers. When their names were revealed Taki gasped and looked ready to faint, but as they expected Gavin rushed to his side and quickly escorted him away. Kurama sighed knowing that Taki would be alright.

It was Kurama's turn to gasp when Hiei flared his ki allowing the elders and anyone else in the village to feel the full strength of his powers. "I understand you don't like outsiders. Shuuichi is not an outsider. Let it be known here and now that should anyone attempt to interfere with his visiting Valend they will die by my hand."

Valend took this opportunity to brag to anyone that would listen that his grandson and Hiei were both S-class demons. Kurama snuck a quick kiss from Hiei before seeking out the clan's religious leader. After a short conversation the man sent a group of demon's to retrieve the bodies and he himself went to speak with Maxum's mate.

Later that night as they had dinner with Valend Kurama couldn't help but smile at the new sparkle in his grandfather's green eyes. "Grandfather, now that our mission is over Hiei and I are going out tonight but we'll be back in the morning."

At the concern in Valend's eyes Kurama grinned. "Don't worry Grandfather, I just want a little time alone with my mate. He's feeling a little cooped up so I thought I'd take him out and relieve some of his tension."

Hiei tried not to blush as Valend grinned knowingly. "In my day it was called loud kinky sex but if you want to call it tension relief who am I to stop you."

Laughing happily Kurama looked at Hiei. "What do you think Koi? How about some loud kinky sex?"

Rolling his eyes Hiei snatched Kurama by the hand and dragged him towards the door. "I don't care what you call it Fox, as long as it's you and me alone and naked."

Valend laughed as he picked up the dishes.

Plants covered the entrance of a small cave not far from Valend's cottage. These were not just any plants though but special sound absorbing plants Kurama had bred special for situations such as this. Situations were Hiei spent hours doing everything he could to elicit the most erotic cries of pleasure he could from his mate. "Gods Hiei yes! Oh there, do that again! Harder! Hiei, please! I can't take anymore! Please let me…Ahhh!"

Moments later two panting body's collapsed on the soft moss covered ground wrapped in each others arms. When Kurama could think clearly again he began to laugh. "Gods Hiei, that was so hot. You sure took the kinky part of loud kinky sex to heart didn't you? You especially like hearing me tell you what I like don't you?"

Hiei held Kurama tighter. "How else will I know what you like if you don't tell me?"

Green eyes regarded Hiei curiously. "I hope my pleasure isn't the only reason you like hearing me."

Hiei smirked. "No Kurama, it's not. Hearing you cry out that you like what I'm doing to you really turns me on."

Grinning, Kurama leaned over his mate for a long kiss. "Ooh, a sexy turned on fire demon, my favorite. I'll tell you a little secret though, I love everything you do to me Koi. How about you do them all over again?"

Laughing, Hiei grabbed Kurama's wandering hands and pinned them beside his head. "If we keep this up Fox one of us won't be able to walk tomorrow and it won't be me."

Long red hair faded to silver as Kurama changed forms. "Then it's a good thing you have two lovers in one. We get to take turns, one resting while you pleasure the other."

Hiei leaned down to kiss Kurama, briefly distracting him as he wound a loose end of one of the vines around the Youko's wrists. "I hope you're well rested then Sweetheart because I'm just getting started. Now tighten those vines up and don't loosen them unless I say so."

Kurama shivered. Partially because he loved it when Hiei tied him up and had his way with him. Partially because Hiei had called him Sweetheart. The closest thing to an endearment the fire demon had ever used was calling him Fox. "Hiei, can we try something a little different this time? Since you tied me up I thought you might like to be a little rough on me. The thought of you dominating me is really turning me on."

Hiei saw the proof that Kurama was turned on standing proudly between his legs. This time it was Hiei that shivered. He loved making love to Kurama but he was still a demon and sometimes his urges were more primal. Hiei considered his words a moment before taking the Youko's chin in his hand forcing golden eyes to focus on his. "Rosewhip. That's the word you use to stop me if I hurt you or go to far. You also have permission to remove the vines and use them on me if you need to. Under no circumstances are you to let me hurt you. Is that understood Fox?"

Kurama was even more aroused now that Hiei had agreed to their game. "Yes Koi, I understand. Now please, I need you!"

With a smirk Hiei flipped Kurama, positioning him on his knees. The redhead yelped when Hiei smacked his behind hard enough to sting but not really hurt him. "This isn't about pleasing you yet my sexy Fox."

Mischief sparkled in Kurama's golden eyes as he innocently looked over his shoulder at Hiei. "Yes Master."

Hiei groaned. His body already painfully aroused and they hadn't even started yet. If Kurama kept this up he really wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow.

Two days later Kurama sat talking with Valend. "Grandfather, I've had such a wonderful time visiting with you but it's time for us to go home."

Valend nodded. "I've been expecting this but I can't deny I was hoping we could have more time together."

Smiling Kurama reached for his hand. "It's not forever. We'll come back to visit and I was hoping you'd come visit us. I know mother would love to see you again."

Shining green eyes regarded Kurama. "I'd like that very much. I wouldn't be able to come right away though. There are major changes happening in the council since you apprehended Kylend's murderers. It has caused quite a scandal that one of them was an elder. Shuuichi, I meant to ask you about marking each of them with a 'K'. Was that for Kylend or Kurama?"

Kurama refused to be ashamed of his actions. "It was for Kylend. There is an old Youko legend that says a murder branded with the mark of his victim will carry that mark on his soul even into the afterlife making it impossible for him to be reborn."

For a moment Valend looked old and tired. Then as he looked at Kurama he smiled and all was well again. "Your father would be so proud of you Shuuichi. You have grown into quite a man."

Smiling, Kurama reached out to hug Valend. "Thank you Grandfather."

Three days later, in one of Kurama's dens, the redhead lay contentedly in his mate's arms. "Hiei, I want you to know that no one ever had a batter honeymoon that the one you gave me. You allowed me to get to know my grandfather and learn more about my heritage and you helped me avenge my father's death. But do you know what my favorite part of our honeymoon was?"

Hiei smirked. "All the great sex?"

Kurama laughed. "The sex has been beyond great actually but it still comes in second, though a very close second."

Turning in Hiei's arms Kurama looked deep into Hiei's eyes. "My favorite part of our honeymoon Hiei, was that I got to spend it getting closer you."

Ruby eyes widened in surprise and confusion as Kurama continued. "Hiei, I love running and playing with you. I love sparring with you and fighting beside you. I love having you as my friend, my partner and my lover. Most of all Hiei, I love you."

When Hiei would have spoken Kurama placed a finger on his lips stopping him. "It's okay Hiei. I know you don't feel the same way I do but I want you to know how grateful I am for everything you do for me. I also want you to know that I'll do everything in my power to make you happy for as long as you'll let me."

Kurama yelped when Hiei bit the finger on his lips. "Are you finished Fox?"

At the annoyance in his mate's voice Kurama nodded nervously. "Good. Now let me make something very clear. I don't do any of the things you mentioned because I want your gratitude. I do them because I want your love. I don't even remember a time when I didn't love you Kurama. As for how long you'll make me happy, I expect you to make me happy and me you until we draw our last breath together Fox."

Kurama was breathless at Hiei's beautiful words. "Oh Hiei! You love me?"

Hiei blushed. "I didn't think I had to say it Fox. If I had only marked you to save you then I would have come back only as often as it took to keep you safe. I thought my staying told you how I felt."

Shaking his head Kurama smiled. "Hiei, you looked surprised when I said I loved you. You thought I only wanted you because of the bond didn't you? Okay, we've been working on our relationship now I think it's time we worked on our communication."

With a smirk Hiei nodded. "I can think of one thing we do that we have no problem communicating to each other about."

Kurama gasped when a warm hand ran up the back of his thigh to squeeze his bare behind. Kurama grinned as he straddled Hiei's hips, rubbing against him suggestively. "You're right Hiei. Just one touch and you communicated your desires quite clearly and I'll bet you know exactly what I want."

No other words were needed as the lover's lost themselves in their passion.