A/N: This series (which is in no particular order) was written for the Seven Deadly Sins challenge on Livejournal.

Title: Envy
Rating: PG-13, 'cause I swore.

What was her fascination with him? He was twice her age, walked with a limp and always made fun of her (but maybe that was appealing?).

She could have any man (or woman) in the hospital she wanted (not to mention the rest of the state of New Jersey), yet she went after him.

Why couldn't she go after her?

She didn't have to tell anyone (I certainly wouldn't, otherwise there goes my reputation), it could be their secret.

She wasn't sure why Cameron was suddenly so attractive to her (maybe it was because of that fight she had with House in my office last week), she just knew that every time she saw her laughing or talking amiably with any other guy she got jealous (and envy is very unflattering).

Still, she couldn't ignore it (it's rather like trying to ignore that very large elephant standing in the corner). But how to go about saying something? (Taking her against a wall seems like a plausible enough idea, avoids any awkward conversation.)

You could invite her out for a drink (get her drunk! Even better) and take it from there. At least then you could steal a kiss (or a quick fuck) and find out what she feels like.

Cameron walked in then, and she tried to look like she hadn't been watching her.

She followed her curves (listen to her or you'll look like an idiot!) with her eyes before resting on her face.

"Come for a drink with me?"