Title: Wrath
Rating: PG-13

Cuddy's wrath is often expressed in unusual ways.

She's not always the typical screaming match-type person, or one of the ones that blows the tires on your car. Though when she was younger she was known to do things like that.

Sometimes when she's really angry she'll storm over to Cameron's place and the immunologist will answer the door, knowing as soon as she sees Cuddy there she needs to vent.

Sometimes her venting involves some really hot sex.

She likes it afterwards because Cuddy is soft and she's not angry anymore, she just likes to lie there, draped over Cameron's middle while the younger doctor draws circles on her back, or traces the line of her spine with gentle fingers.

Then she'll leave in the early hours of the morning and Cameron will wait until the next time she's angry, and she'll just wait and wait and wait, because Cuddy's worth it in the end. Because if she didn't like her, she'd go to Wilson or to House if he wasn't the source of her anger.

And gradually, Cameron's right. Sometimes she's not got it in for someone when she comes over. Sometimes she even brings alcohol. And the sex is slower; there isn't a desperate need to express anything but happiness.

But because wrath is what brought them together, she always has the feeling that wrath will tear them apart. Cuddy is too independent for steady relationships.

So when she leaves and she's alone again, she somehow knows it would end up this way, but she still holds some hope, because Cuddy isn't going to stay happy forever.

She'll still need somewhere to let her anger out.

She'll wait, and she'll wait and wait and wait, because Cuddy's still worth it.