Leon was a guy. He didn't like foreplay. Hell, when he was hard, his cock was the only thing on the brain. Getting fucked or fucking something was the only thing that comprehended to him.

Cloud happened to be the first thing he ran into, with this particular problem on hand. The blonde basically barged into his house, complaining about Yuffie of all people, while Leon was half dressed and contemplating whether to have a cold shower or jack off.



Two seconds flat and Leon had Cloud pushed against the wall. A few seconds more and they were back in his bedroom, pants were off, finicky armor was off and movement was awkward and hurried and Cloud damn near fell over the bed and finger fucking the blonde was painful and messy, but it was all worth it to be over him, shaking, moaning, trying not to die right there. Leon had to bite back the broken moan of his name, when his blood roared and he came hard into Cloud's body.

Panting over him, he tried not to collapse. Time went by so quickly, and soon enough, Cloud was moving. Pushing Leon away. It was supposed to be the other way around. The brunet sat back, giving Cloud a frosty glare. "…Leaving?"

Cloud was already dressing. "Of course. I came to get you in the first place, after all." Leon gave a slight nod of his head, letting dark hair fall into his eyes. Absently brushing it away, he bit his lip. He hated this. The awkward moments after fucking, when he wanted to tell what he was really feeling. But he was never good with words.

"Cloud, I… I, fuck, I love you."

The words hung in the air like the acrid, coppery scent of blood after the fresh kill of a heartless. Cloud froze, before turning around to Leon, giving him deadpan look. And then he laughed. Just one small sound that was more of a scoff. Staring, now, Leon watched him walk right out the door.

"You may be in love. Just remember one thing; I'm not."

(a/n: as a note, i hate cloud/leon. this was written as a response to a cracky discussion with litebritelizzie.)