Note: This starts towards the end of Imadoki, so it may spoil the story if you have not read up to the end yet!

Red Roses don't last forever…

A high school girl, with short, light brown hair, and bright blue eyes, was busy, placing sunflower seeds in the soft, moist soil ground of Hokkaido. Her warm smile brightened up these beautiful flowers surrounding her in the flower field.

"Now, grow big and pretty for me, ok?" She said cheerfully, encouraging the new sunflowers.

When this high school girl is planting, nothing, or no one, can catch her attention. Not even the loud noise of helicopters passing by, not even a celebrity's appearance, or a shout, or scream. Not even the sounds of footsteps… Nothing, or no one, but him…

Tanpopo…" whispered a soft, gentle, and familiar voice. Tanpopo looked up, ready to face who was calling her name. And there he was her loved one's smiling face. Tanpopo shot up from the ground, her eyes red and teary.

"Koki!" she cried, running up to him to hug his warn, comfort chest. Koki closed his eyes and smiled.

"It's good to see you are doing fine now" Koki whispered softly.

Tanpopo backed from his chest and Koki handed her a white bag. Inside was the dandelion that started our relationship. Tanpopo smiled.

"Until we meet again" They said in unison. They chuckled. Then Tanpopo stood on her tippy toes and gave Koki a small, and short, yet sincere kiss on the lips. They both blushed.

"Come on! Let's go to my house! My grandparents would be delighted to see you!" Tanpopo said cheerfully. Koki nodded, smiling as long as he could. And sure enough, they were delighted. Even the grandpa, although he didn't show it, Tanpopo knows he cares and is extremely happy. Koki has to go to school the next day, so grandma made a special meal for Koki for his return and the start if his new life.

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