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Cold, Warm, White, Black


Sheets of water hurled themselves against the cold window panes. The hallways of the school were empty, abandoned- like ghost towns in Westerns.

Angry clouds fought for supremacy outside the dreary walls of the building. A lick of lightning split the sky, illuminating the dim hallway, and throwing the shadows of the two people present

before them.

"Get out of my way, Mazaki."

The girl in question refused to move. He made to avoid her and was surprised when a small hand gripped tightly onto his arm.

"I suggest you let go right now, Mazaki. I do not want your filthy presence all over me." She held tighter. He winced- she wasn't as gentle as she looked.

"Kaiba-kun" her voice almost disappeared in the din of the furiously rapping rain.

He tried to shake her off, but she tightened her grip further.

"Teach me!" she half-growled.

Kaiba looked at her, trying to fathom what she was talking about. He noticed her head was bent and her eyes were covered by thick dark bangs from under which tears were running silently.

An uncomfortable sensation tiptoed up his spine...almost like a shiver. Why was Mazaki crying?

He had never been one to deal well with tears, so his mind hinted that perhaps a good next step would be to ask what was the matter. She beat him to it again.

"Teach me Kaiba-kun!" she asked more forcibly.

"Teach you Mazaki? Why would I waste my time teaching you? And teach you what?" his reply mirrored her own anger.

"Teach me to be like you." she whispered.

An unspoken and indefinite emotion welled up in him...something suspiciously resembling surprise, but that couldn't be right. Seto Kaiba was never surprised, never caught off guard. Never!

"So?" she asked once more.

"What? You think I'll give away my trade secrets because you're performing a pathetic display of emotion?"

She smiled bitterly.

"I don't want you stupid company! I don't care about your' trade secrets'! I want to be like you!"

No, he was definitely not surprised...shocked would have been a more appropriate term.

"You have got no idea what I am like Mazaki!"

"Teach me anyway! I want to be cold, to not care, to be shielded...like you."

This wasn't right. He hadn't wanted to turn out cold...hadn't meant to end up 'shielded' and uncaring, the way he had...it was just a mode of survival: his and his brother's lives at the cost of his

humanity...of his heart. And he had never regretted it...until this moment.

"Mazaki! Do not ask about things you know nothing about! You have no idea what I had to do..."

"Tell me!" she cut him short "Teach me how NOT to feel Kaiba."

"Mazaki. You are being irrational. Go home. Watch a movie. Sleep. Tomorrow you'll wake up and realize how stupid you were sounding today."

She let go of his arm then, her tears never stopping their flow.

"I thought you of all people would understand!"

"Understand what, Mazaki?"

"The need to not feel. To not let anyone else close, so they can never ever hurt you! Ever!"

"Is this about the midget?"

"Damn you Kaiba! I thought you of all people would be glad at the thought of not hearing anymore friendship and sunshine speeches!"

"And since when do you care what I think?"

She flinched.

"You see Mazaki- to be like this is to not care what people think, to not care about what others want you to be or think you should be. I thought you already knew how to do that."

"I hate you!" she tried to storm off, and both were surprised when he reached a hand to stop her.

"Mazaki. What happened?"

"None of your business!"

"Really? So out of the blue you've decided to just become like me? I had no idea I was so admired!" his voice cut through her-she almost expected to bleed.

"If I don't feel then I can't be used...I can't be hurt. If I don't let people get close, then no-one will...and I won't ever have to feel this again." her voice was a drawn whisper.

He flinched.

"I thought so too..." he said almost wistfully.


"Nevermind. You can't become like me, Mazaki!"

"And why not? Am I not good enough? Smart enough? I won't understand your complexities?"

Come to think about it, she was doing a rather accurate impression of him.


"Then why?"

"Because I won't let you Mazaki!" he growled. "It's not you!"

He couldn't. He just couldn't let her become like him.

"And what, pray tell, is me? What? An emotional idiot who really should be counted as having a negative IQ for all the times she fell for her own friendship-infused delusions? An untiring

pillow for other people to cry on? An incessant fountain of friendship speeches? A mindless cheerleader who keeps doing the same things even though she knows how it will all end? What?"

His heart almost trembled for a moment at hearing his own words coming out of her mouth. He had always been hard on everyone...and especially on her.

It was his mask, his role: to play the coldhearted villain who cared for none outside his own person-with the sole exception of his brother.

A role it seemed he had played all too well. She had believed him, given up on searching for the seams of his mask and took him as he had intended to show himself from the start.

He never thought it would happen. Never thought that she, of all, would want to seek solace in his darkness.

Bitterly, he acknowledged he had always wanted to find shelter in her light- the light she was so eager to extinguish.

He would not allow it.

"No. You are a person with a heart too big for her own good; who takes everyone's safety and happiness to be her duty to upkeep. Someone who takes everything and everyone to heart."


"All foolish traits, yes, but you wouldn't be you without them."

She watched in wonder as his eyes flickered, just for an instant, with an unspeakable light of kindness.

His fingers released their hold on her arm and she almost shivered at the loss of warmth.

"Now. Go home. And forget about the midget."

Her blood boiled in indignation at the sudden change in tone, and she opened her mouth to give a scathing retort, then she suddenly understood; he was pushing her, in his own way, to find

herself again. Smiling in her mind, she answered loudly.

"Don't call him that. He's my best friend."

"I am happy for you. But I pity your children."

"Kaiba-kun." her eyebrow twitched menacingly.

"Don't you have your pathetic little group waiting for you at some or other place? Stop wasting my time." he turned and began walking away, smirking to himself as the last of her words

reached him.

"They're not pathetic! They're my friends!"

Her eyes shone with some of her old spirit as she smiled behind his retreating figure.

"Thank you, Kaiba-kun"

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