Title: Last One Standing
Author: Cassandra Mulder
Classification: Constantine; angst; implied John/Angela
Spoilers: If you've seen it, you're safe.
Disclaimer: So not mine. Don't sue.
Written: August 30, 2006
Word Count: 257
Summary: All he can think about is getting her back.
A/N: This is more of a drabble, but just something that hit me. It's John POV, and takes place between Angela getting grabbed by the baddies and going to get her back. I tried not to make it sappy, but I'm sure being near death changes a man, so who knows? Feedback is love.

Women don't usually affect him this way. He likes them; he always has. They've just never distracted him to this extent.

The world is on the verge of utter destruction, and all he can think about is getting her back. Even if he saves her, it could be a fruitless endeavor for him, because he's almost certain he won't survive it. His time is running out, and he will be beyond lucky if he makes it through one last show.

It might even be a miracle.

He tries to focus as he loads his gun. He thinks of all the possible ways to save her, but if they've already completed the possession, he's not sure he'll be able to take Mammon in his weakened state.

He'll die trying, for her. That's what scares him the most; more than an eternity in Hell, more than no longer breathing. He's never really been willing to die for anyone else.

He has saved millions at one time or another, but a single life has never meant so much as it does tonight.

He doesn't want to die until he knows what it's like to kiss her, to have her in his bed, and yet he knows these are things he may never discover.

As long as he knows she is saved, he can deal with that. He can take anything except losing everything, and they've already taken too much from him. Any outcome is acceptable as long as he's not the last one standing.