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I've Moved On

Chapter 6

The Power of Love and Friendship

"I never lost faith," Ichigo slowly whispered to the group gathered around her. Her sugar pink eyes slowly met the gazes of her saviors.

"Ichigo," Zakuro gasped. She hugged her friend, who was still in the ornamented Mew Outfit, as did everyone else, including Kish. "You're alive!"

"Yes," Ichigo choked out after the hugs. "All of you saved me. You all cared for me and lent me your strength. Thank you."

"No," Mint said. "Thank you. You saved all of us, and you too Kish. You saved Lettuce and I, without you, we would have surely died soon."

A slight blush crept onto Kish's face, being recognized for a good deed was not something he was used to. "It was nothing Birdy."

"Don't call me that," Mint snapped back at him. "I said thank you, I did not say that you had the right to call me whatever you please."

"Whatever," Kish said, rolling his golden eyes.

The rest of the group just giggled at the two of them fighting like old friends, but they kind of were now. All of them were in this together.

"We should probably go," Lettuce said a little later. "What if Ryou is still out there? Do you know where he is Kish?"

"Umm," Kish replied. "I left him at the café."

"The café," Zakuro said, tilting her head to the side. "It's still standing?"

"Yeah," Ichigo nodded. "But it's in really bad shape. Kish, you just left him in there? What if something happened to him?"

"I had to save you," Kish responded, tugging on his hair.

"We have to go back," Lettuce said, unusually firm.

"Right," Ichigo said in return. Thus the group set off back to the café. They left Natto and Deep Blue in the grand ball room, dead. They were at the café fairly quickly, seeing as some of the energy returned to the girls. When they got there, Lettuce burst into tears at what she saw.

"He's gone," Lettuce cried out. She ran over to Ryou's limp body on the floor. His now shaggy blonde hair had covered his murky blue eyes. He looked some much different in this broken state. He had sacrificed everything for the girls, and now he was gone because of it. "He helped to save us all, and now he's gone."

"What happened," Ichigo questioned. She walked briskly over to where Lettuce was mourning Ryou and put her arms around her friend. "What do you mean saved you all?"

"It all started when you left," Lettuce started. "He looked for you every day, even after we left. Eventually he became heartbroken and ceased all efforts it seemed to look for you. That was about a month ago. That was also when Deep Blue attacked. It was at our final battle with him that Ryou opened up to me and confessed loving you, but then fell for me because I comforted him. It was true as far as I could tell. I just wanted him to be happy. He told me he loved me.

Then he was hit the first time. He quickly got to his feet and went right back into the fight. He took at least one hit for each of us, and when it was all over and we were defeated, he could no longer lift his own weight. But when Deep Blue wanted to enslave us, Ryou offered himself up to die for all of us. I was glad when Deep Blue said no, but then feared for all of our lives.

Then we were each taken away one by one. I bade Ryou farewell, and that was the last I saw of him, half-dead. And now he really is gone." Lettuce finished her story and fresh tears came to her dull aqua eyes.

"You really loved him," Ichigo whispered, looking on at how this had broken her spirit. Her aqua eyes no longer glowed bright, they were now just a dull shade of blue. "I'm so sorry. Maybe we can still save him, like all of you saved me?"

"No, it's too late," Lettuce sobbed. "Thank you, but it's too late. Just let me stay here for awhile longer, please."

"Ok," Ichigo replied. She then proceeded to get up and motion for everyone to leave the room. Lettuce sat in silence, mourning her dead love for some while. The group would glance into the room at her every so often, but never say anything. She just needed time, it would heal with time.

It had been too long. They had ceased looking in, for fear of disturbing their friend, but it had been too long. "We have to go back in," Ichigo said.

"I agree," Mint returned. "Let's go."

"Pudding hopes Lettuce is ok, na no da," Pudding said with worry in her hazel eyes.

The group proceeded back into the kitchen area of the café where they found only a note to take Lettuce and Ryou's place. Ichigo silently picked it up and read the contents aloud:

Dear Ichigo, Mint, Pudding, Zakuro, and Kish,

I am sorry to tell you that I had to leave. I could not bear to stay, I must be with Ryou. We are both ok, and we always will be. No, I'm not dead, and neither is he, at least not yet. When you all left, I noticed that he had a weak pulse. I'm going to save him. Please, let us be.

With all my heart,

Lettuce Midorikawa.

"Lettuce," Ichigo whispered. "Goodbye. I'll keep your wish."

"We all should," Zakuro stated. "Let her be."

The girls silently left the café only minutes later. They were going to help rebuild Tokyo, or at least free all of those that were captured and enslaved by Deep Blue. Then they could all rebuild Tokyo together as one. Teamwork, that was the essence of survival.

After things got underway, only days later, Ichigo and Kish left and never came back. Each one of them was haunted by what had taken place. Ichigo knew that all of this was all her fault, but others might not. She could have stayed and been honored for her bravery, but it would all be fake, so she left. No one heard from her again. She just lived in peace with Kish. That was the only thing she found she deserved in life, and even that she had her doubts about.

After everything was done in Tokyo, the girls split up. Each going their own separate ways, and never talking again. It was not that they did not want to, it was just they had no need to. They were all happy, nothing haunted them about their final battle with Ichigo, but memories did haunt them of what happened before that. Things that they would never forget.

Despite the thoughts they could never quite get out of their heads, they were happy. They had won and that was something to be proud of. Even if they never saw each other again, they still had memories. A picture fades with time, but a memory lasts forever and so will my memory of you.

The End.

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