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This is my first attempt at any type of fan fiction. I love Harry Potter books. I am a H/Hr shipper just because it's what seems better to me. I also read general fics. For my first fic I wanted to try a H/Hr AU fic.

Now I am warning you in advance that I am a full time college student and I work part time. I know the chapters are short and I'm working on that...really I am!

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Chapter 1: A friend (Prologue)

It was bright and sunny day on Privite Drive. All the children were outside playing in the perfect green grass with their pet cats and dogs, while their parents laughed at corny country club jokes. In fact it seemed like the perfect picture of the perfect neighborhood with perfect people and perfect domestic animals.

Perfect. Exactly what three members of number 4 Privite Drive were not. Far from it actually. Sitting in his living room with his feet propped under cushions and a newspaper in his hand was Vernon Dursley. Vernon Dursley was what average people would call a horrible mix between a walrus and Shamoo. He liked to think of himself as the 'big man' of the house. He wasn't far off with the big part, but his pompous overshadowing attitude left him feeling he was in authority and deserved the most undying respect from his horse-faced wife and Shamoo Jr. son. Respect. Not a bad thing to ask for, but the littlest inhabitant of number 4 Privite Drive was expected to serve.

Harry Potter was seven years old, living under the cupboard of his Uncle's home. His uncle's horse-faced wife's name was Petunia. Young Harry knew she was his mother's sister. He knew because every day good old' Uncle Vernon would give Shamoo Jr. …uhhmmm…. I meantDudley lessons about how not to grow up.

"Dudley. This world needs good respectable people. People like me, you, and your mum. We're hardworking people with good morals. So it's perfectly fine to treat the people lower than us like their, well…lower than us. That's why that Potter boy will never be seen outside this house unless he's doing chores; if it weren't law, he would not go to school. His mum was a whore and his bum father was a….well, he was a ……..bum!"

This is the type of pep talk that Harry heard Vernon give Dudley everyday. Harry was ashamed of himself. At times he felt he deserved his beatings and days without food. He was told he was a disgrace to the world, and Uncle Vernon keeping him inside to do chores was his only way to matter. That didn't stop it though. That didn't stop the longing to feel loved and cared for. To be held by someone when he was hurt. To crawl into his parents bed when he had a nightmare. Harry knew he deserved what he longed for because a friend told him so.

Dudley made sure he didn't have any friends at school, but Dudley's threats didn't stop one girl. Harry remembers when he was five and first got the chance to go to a school.

Harry saw dozens of other kids. He was sure he would make a friend! He smiled with delight as the bell rang signaling the start of class. When Harry took his seat, he was upset to see that no one would sit next to him. He was downright depressed. Dudley turned around from his group of friends and smirked at his cousin. Harry knew that smirk. Dudley told them not to be friends with Harry, and being the biggest kid in class they obeyed.

Just when he thought school would be as lonely as it was at home, a girl walked in late for class. She had wild brown bushy windblown hair and her cheeks were flushed. She obviously had been running to make it to the first day of school on time. She looked at the teacher and immediately began to cry.

"I…I t.. tried to be on time.. but my mum insisted I eat breakfast instead of finishing the last ten pages of my summer reading". She was completely hysterical by the end of her explanation. All the kids laughed at her. All except Harry. Harry knew how it felt to ridiculed and made fun of (Dudley made sure of that).

After the teacher, Mrs. Henderson, calmed the little girl down she told here to take a seat. The girl immediately sat next to Harry, shocking Harry as well as the rest of the class. It was then the chatter started. Harry noticed that they all looked and pointed to him and the girl with disgust. He was so focused on everyone else he didn't notice the girl sitting next to him speak. Feeling bad about ignoring her and wanting to know what she said Harry bravely introduced himself "Hi, I..I..I'm Harry Potter. I didn't h..h..hear what you said before". Well so much for being brave.

"I said you don't have to sit next to me if you don't want. All the others are talking about us because you're sitting with me. I could leave if you want…". She trailed off while picking up her books so she can leave

"NO. Don't leave" Harry said a little too quickly.

"But we both know they're talking about me because I'm a nerd and you are talking to me" The girl was on the verge of crying again.

Harry desperately wanted a friend. He could tell she needed one too so he tried everything to convince her to stay. "No they don't like me because my cousin told them not to be my friend. So they are probably just talking about you sitting next to me. I have no friends and I would love for you to sit here". Harry was relieved when the girl sat back down with a smile on her face. Harry was happy just seeing her smile at him and was even happier when she held out her hand for him to shake. Harry eagerly grabbed her hand and shook it a little too hard, but it was the start of a friendship non- the-less.

"My name is Hermione Granger. Nice to meet you Harry Potter"

That was two years ago. Harry hadn't seen Hermione in almost two years. After a few months of school Hermione's parents moved closer to their dental practice and she had no other choice but to transfer schools. Harry thought about her all the time. She was the only friend he ever had even if it was for only three months. Harry spent his free time in the Dursley's backyard under a tree thinking of all the times he and Hermione would sit isolated in recess while playing hand games. Or when they would play two person tag while the others ignored them. Harry loved those times because he felt more like a kid than a slave. One of those days Hermione told him she never had friends because she was too smart and they teased her, beat her up, and called her know-it-all. Then Harry decided to tell Hermione about his past. He told every thing from his parents death in a car crash to the way his family treated him. She told him he deserved to be loved by someone, everyone did. It was that day they made a pack to be best friends forever. Harry just didn't know forever would end the day the Grangers moved.