Author's Note: Hey everyone! This is my very first fan fic so be kind! This story takes place in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia in which the Caste System governs. For those unfamiliar with the Caste System here's a little run down. At the top we have the "pure Harmonians" (blue eyed and blond) who are of aristocratic blood. Those are first class citizens and have all the rights and privileges. Then comes the 2nd class which are people from nations having been conquered by Harmonia. They have similar rights as the first class but are hardly ever aristocrats. Next is the 3rd class in which people from nations that resisted Harmonian rule come from. They are usually sold off to aristocratic families to serve them or end up as slaves.

There has been a power struggle between the Temple Faction and the People's Faction for years and years. The Temple Faction is made up of aristocrats who support of the priest and the Caste System. The People's Faction, on the other hand, want equality between all citizens ranks. This struggle has lead to many civil uprisings and is depicted in my story. Enjoy!

A Tarnished Life: Prologue

In a small province in Harmonia, a mother of the third class received the blessing of a third child. She rejoiced in silence and prayed to the gods that she would be allowed to raise her youngest, and mostly likely, her last child. Living in Harmonia was a true horror in the eyes of the young woman and she dreamed of the day she could escape such enslavement and find her lost children.

Like the children of her close friends that belonged to the same class as her, Marina's first two children had been snatched away from her bosom and had never seen them again. She hoped that this time, someone would take pity on her.

Months passed since her son's birth and still Marine held on to her treasure as if it were the most valuable thing in the world. She would not even allow her neighbors to look at the infant unless she was holding it tightly against her breast. Still, her attempts to keep her son safe were futile...

A cold winter gale announced the coming of a powerful storm. The villagers were running about preparing for the tempest that was looming over the great mountains. Marine watched as the last villager, the blacksmith, put away his equipment and rushed inside, seconds before the first raindrops began to fall. She shut the door, holding her son closer to her as she walked towards a wooden chair by the candlelight. She sat down and sighed deeply as she began to nurse the infant, who remained silent in spite of the wind's howling. Lightly kissing her son's hairless head, she began to doze off and was not woken until hours later, when a loud knocking at the door roused her from her sleep.

Gasping loudly she stood up and took a step backwards holding her son tightly. A second knock, this time louder, made her flinch, for she knew what it meant. Still, she remained silent, but the remaining hope was drained from her when the door was knocked down forcefully. It came crashing down, splinters flying up into the air. Screaming, she ran towards the back of the tiny house, begging the man that approached not to take her son. Cold, heartless eyes under a black hood slowly stepped up to her and whispered a warning. She cried out as she fell to the ground, the man having snatched the infant who had woken up and had begun wailing. She could not fight back...she knew it would all be in vain. She would not risk her life...yet. She would stay alive and she would find a way to get her children back, even if it cost her her life...

As she fell unconscious she heard the last mournful cries of her son as the man carried him into the darkness.

"Good bye, my son...Until again...we meet..."

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