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Beginning of Crystal Tokyo

Chapter 1

The morning was a beautiful day with the air being full of lovely scents. There was the scent of the cherry blossom. Cherry blossom was a flower that smelled so good when it was in bloom. The color of these blossom was a pinkish pastel color with cherry on them hence the name cherry blossoms. The air had a refreshing smell as well. It must have been around 7 30 and a ring in the air made a crack in the still air. A loud screeching noise was made as a blonde girls with ondgo hair staly noticed the time and what the loud noise was. It was her alarm clock telling her to wake up or she would be late for school. There was a black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead yelling at the girl to hurry up.

Usagi- Why did you not wake me up Luna? Now I am going to be late if I do not get ready to leave now.

Luna- Don't blame me for not waking you when you sleep through the alarm and me yelling at you to wake up. It is your fault for not waking up.

Usagi- Luna you are so mean to me

Luna- I would not be so if you only did the things you were suppose to, Why not take a good example as Mamoru? Now that is a good example of a perfect charge. Why could I not have him instead.

Usagi- Luna look at the time thanks to your little rant I only have ten minutes to get there. I am not going to have enough time to even pass at being late by five minutes but now I am going to be late by twenty minutes. you are a help.

Luna-Usagi-Chan do not blame me for your tardiness, now go before you get any later

Usagi left the house with a piece of toast and her lunch bag which had bunnies on it. She could not believe her luck this morning. Luna had actually made her even later then normal." what I am going to do? I am already late". She had began to run as fast as she could to get to school at least at a decent time. At the same time Mamoru was walking along the same side of the street when he collided with the blonde hair girl. She looked down to see that she had fallen on top of mamoru. She blushed for she felt embarrassed on the current situation.

Usagi-Gomen Mamoru Chan I did not see you there

Mamoru- Its okay Usako just me more careful(looked at his watched and saw that it was later then usual bump into) hey why don't I drive you to school do you mind?

Usagi-(face turned red ) umm.. if it is not too much trouble

Mamoru- Only for my Usako ...(he smiled at her and motion her to get into the car) by the way why are you so late? You have never been this late before.

Usagi- Umm... It was Luna fault.. I was already late and had twenty minutes to get to school but Luna had one of her rants on how I need to be better and that You would be a better charge then me. I looked at the time and I realized I was so late so I rushed out and that is where I bumped into you.

She got into the car and put her bags in the back seat. She could never completely not be in awe with the car, how would not be. I was a red farrai and it was a new model and extremely clean. Mamoru was always a tidy person, especially when it came to his car. He loved his car very much, just as much as he love his Usako. Mamoru decided to bring Usagi out of her dazed that she seemed to be in.

Mamoru- I would like for you to stop at my place after school. You already have the key to my place so you can make yourself comfy until I come back from my classes. Today I have a Late class so You will be there before me.

Usagi- Oh really any special occasion that you want me to come over.?

Mamoru- no none I just want to spend time with my Girlfriend, no girls, Chibi-Usa or youma just us. So what do you say?

Usagi- Something to look for that is for sure. I am bonded to detention today I can tell unless something comes up with Ms. Haruna but I will be waiting for you.

Mamoru-Perfect lol (he chuckled and ran his hand along Usagi face) you will enjoy tonight I can reassure you that.

Usagi-What are you up to mamo-chan?

Mamoru- you will see( smirking away)

Usagi could tell her Mamo-chan had something up his sleeve but decided against saying anything. They had arrived at her destination: her school. Ms, Haruna is going to be so mad at me for to be later then usual. She got out of the Car and walked over to the drivers seat as Mamoru watched her never leaving his gazed from her. He smiled as he saw that she came closer to his side and was moving closer to his face.

Usagi- I may not know what you are planning but I do know that I love you very much and Thank you for the ride to school.

Mamoru- You welcome I love you very much too and it was a pleasure to spend some time with you. Hey do I get a payment for the ride.(His gazed moving toward her lips giving her a chill)

Usagi- Mamo-chan please, I can't believe you, but very well you shall receive your payment.

Usagi moved a lot close to the driver seat and Mamoru opened the car door so that Usagi could sit on his lap. He Patted his thigh and she sat down with her arms around her neck. And leaned into give her a kiss. Usagi enjoyed the kiss as it slowly became passionate as Mamoru asked accuses to her mouth and she parted her mouth to let his tongue dance around with hers. They were lost in their own world as Mamoru hands moving along her back.

Naru had been late as well for her mother had made her go to Osa P store with her today. She could not believe her eyes when wide with the scene in font of her. Her best friend since like kindergarten was making out with the hottest most dreamy guy on earth. Naru had heard that Usagi was dating Mamoru but never really took it seriously, but right in front of her she was witnessing a very intintament moment that she could not believe that Usagi Chan was ready for. She still saw her friend as to naive to be thinking about that. She was shocked that Usagi let him do that to her. She would defiantly as Usagi about this later. She moved unnoticed by the couple into the building.

Mamoru ended the kisses which left them breathless. He love his Usako every much but lately he could not control how far things were going. It was very odd for he had always used his self control many times in the times they have been alone. They have been together since she was in eighth grade she already was in college and soon they would marry.

Usagi- I must go before I am any later, I am always amazed how I always get Haruna it amazes me.

Mamoru- I could understand with what you understand. See you later my love for it was a pleasure to be in your presence my princess.

Usagi- and I you my prince (they kissed and she said good bye.) Good day my love

Mamoru- love you see you later.

Mamoru got into his car and left a very flushed Usagi waving good bye. Usagi braced herself for the mother of all screaming from her sensei but it never happened. She walked into class and sat herself next to her best friend Naru. Makoto Chan was seated next to Ami Chan and Minako Chan. She smiled at them as she sat down.

Minako Chan -Why so late?

Makoto Chan- Yeah girl and did any one noticed that Ms. Haruna did not say anything but just kept on teaching.

Ami Chan- yeah no detention or anything. Maybe she has finally cracked from Usagi Chan's tardiness.

Usagi- Very funny guys. We need to talk lunch you know what.

Minako- sure no problem

Makoto- not like I do anything important or anything anyways

Usagi- what about you Ami Chan? You coming too?

Ami Chan- sure

Naru- Usagi I need to talk to you before we break for lunch.

Usagi-Sure Naru Chan

The day went on with the usual Usagi never really paying attention. Her mind had other plans like daydream of Tuxedo kamen like always. It has been years since the need to Henshin into their alter ego. Every so often Mamoru becomes Tuxedo Mask and comes through her window to talk or go out for a walk. Lunch came pretty quickly and she gathered her stuff before she left and Naru walked up to her as well as her friends.

Usagi- Guys I will meet you guys by the big oak outside in a few minutes. I have to talk to Naru Chan first. Go on ahead with out me.

Girls- sure Usagi

There girls left and so did everyone else in the room, so Naru and Usagi were left alone in the room. Naru sat her self and mentioned Usagi to do the same. She remembered all the times Usagi would be gone missing, and come back hurt or would not come back at all, the time when she had looked tired or worn out. A lot of time Usagi eyes looked like if she was carrying the whole world on her shoulder. She still remember telling her friend that to be careful because she had the feeling that she was involved in something dangerous. many times she saw her with Mamoru with her so she wondered if it was connected. She was very worried for her friend.

Usagi-Whats up Naru Chan? (she sat herself down)

Naru- Usagi Chan you know that you are my friend right?

Usagi- I know that you are mine too but what is it ?your face tells me you are upset at something.

Naru- I donno Usagi lately I have been feeling like I need you to be more honest with me. This morning I came to school late because mother need help at the store so I stopped there first then came rushing to school. I got there just as a car had parked in front of the gate, It was a red farrai and I was shocked to see you coming out of the passenger seat and go to the drivers seat and sit in Mamoru lap.

Usagi- Well he is my boyfriend what are you trying to get at?

Naru- So I was surprised that you did that then I almost died when a simple kissed turned into a very passionate one.

Usagi- It was not that passionate

Naru- Yes it was, he had his hand all over your back Usagi Chan, I was even more shocked you let him.

Usagi- I am honored that you are worried about me but he is my boyfriend and he as been a perfect gentlemen thought the whole relationship. We have not gone beyond what you saw.

Naru- I am worried about you I do not want you heart, Please say that you will be careful.

Usagi- I will, look Naru Chan I have to go I will call you tonight. I sense that there is more then that involved. Am I correct?

Naru- Yes you are correct I'll wait to hear from you.

Usagi left Naru in the class room and began to make her self out of the room until she reached outside. Today was a beautiful fall day. There had been a warm breeze coming through so she inhaled it. She spotted her friends underneath the great big oak tree. She sat next to them and smiled.

Usagi- I have something to tell you

Minako- What is it Usagi Chan is something bothering you?

Usagi-yes there has been something bothering me

Rei- well I have class on the other side of the school so we need to be quick if I am going to make it.

Ami-its Senshi business isn't it Usagi?

Usagi- I am afraid so

Makoto- is it really bad, I have not heard anything from Luna or Artemis

Usagi- I know me neither but I feel something big is about to happen beside my wedding to Mamo- Chan in two months.

Rei- Now that you bring that up I can agree with you on that. I feel something big is happening to. Something that is going to impact us directly.

Usagi- The winter has become longer and I fear that The great freeze is upon us and I have no Idea how to stop it from happening.

Makoto- Well we know we all live to make it to the future.

Minako- Serenity-hime is correct the great freeze is coming at alarming speed the planet is preparing itself and I could tell so are our bodies.

The bell ran signifying that lunch was over and the girl quickly gathered their belongings and begun to walk to class together and Usagi though everything over. She knew what was going to happen but now that is it is so close she was actually scared. Naru caught a glimpse of Usagi face and almost went running to her friend but Minako Chan dragged her into the building.

The rest of the day went by very slowly and it was torture that when the bell rang to tell the students that the last period of the day was over students dashed out. Usagi had been very preoccupied with her new problem that she did not pay attention to her class at all. She knew she had to get to Mamoru apartment to just recollect her thoughts and wait for her Mamo-Chan.

Usagi- I will call you later. I have to go over to Mamo- Chan apartment today he has something for me so I will talk to you later.

Naru-Please be careful


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Chapter one is about Usagi getting back into school after the Sailor Moon Starlight Season. She is 21 years old and is about to get married to Mamoru. The great freeze is coming rapidly and there is now way to stop it.

Mamoru restrains on not going any further in the relationship has been beginning to brake down. will he be ale to keep himself in check till the wedding or will he give in to his emotions?

The next chapter will deal with what Mamoru has planned for his Usako as well on how well his day went leading up to the night.

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