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Beginning of Crystal Tokyo

Chapter 10

The Couple walked in silence as they walked to the conference room where the conference was suppose to be healed. They reached the double doors that had a crescent and earth symbol on each door, and the servant open the door to the room and all three of them entered. In the room there was a long table that was in a shape of a crescent and many long flat screen Televisions that were going to be used as tools to discuss many different affairs. The room was large it had room to fit many people , the world leaders to be exact. The sailor Senshi were all sitting in their respective chairs and there was the leaders of the world ready to get direction.

Sailor Mars – "It is about time you, graced us with your presence."

Sailor Mercury- "Mars hold your tongue.

Neo King Endymion- "I suggest you listen to her, we apologize for the delay, for there a lot of things that we need to address at this first meeting."

The world leaders watch the monarch sit at the their thrones as the flat screens were set up so that everyone present knew what was going one. The Room had been laid out in shape as a crescent and there were cameras in hidden spaces to monitor what was happening in the room.

The seating was done by rank and by officials. The earth being the center was organized by the continents then subcontinents then countries and so forth, which was highly well suited and like by the officials. Then on the outer regions of the next few crescent tables were the planetary leaders all by rank. It was easier for them for they were less officials then the earth, since they have been use to being under one leadership their royalties which now preside on earth. They had officials to represent their planets, since the great freeze the planets have been awake patiently waiting for their queens to be awaken.

Neo Queen Serenity scanned the room and saw that everyone was ready to start the meeting so both her and King Endymion raised and bowed to signified respect towards her fellow men and woman. Neo Queen Serenity smiled at her husband as he took her hands and kissed it softly. Neo Queen Serenity stepped forward and looked at her agenda that the scout of Mercury had created for her so that she stay on point as was done for the King as well.

Neo Queen Serenity- "Welcome world and Universal leaders it is a great pleasure to be able to stand before you and see this planet and universe finally under one ruler and have obtain this peace we have fought so hard to obtain."

The crowd clapped as each ruler signaled that they were forever grateful in everything the queen as done.

Neo King Endymion- signaled everyone to stop "We have not told you how this peace have been achieve and how we are standing here today as we are. "

Neo Queen Serenity- with the flick of her wrist showed a hologram of the earth and what she was going to show them. " Peace is not obtained by pacifism as most people believe, and it its benefits as freedom and tranquility as we are experiencing now is not by any means free."

Images begin to transform in front of everyone and they were glued to their seats as they watch with open mouths as they saw the images of the past present and now today.

Neo King Endymion-"is there any concerns you may have before we start fully this meeting? Speaks so now for once serenity starts to speak no questions are allowed but to the very end then we shall answer any questions that may lay unanswered."

A young ruler from earth raised his hand and the king allowed him to stand up. He was a very handsome man of a stature of about 6 '3' and had a very well build. His hair was of long dirty blonde hair with white streaks coming from it.

King Endymion- "Arise prime Minster of Antarctica and bring forth your question"

Prime Minster Amadiais- stood up to show respect for everyone in the room and the cameras were focusing on him. "If I may ask not long ago before the great freeze the scouts and Sailor Moon use to fight for this planet and I see the scouts are here in this very room but what have happened of their leader Sailor Moon? For she could not have died so easily for she is by far the strongest of them all."

King Endymion- smiled "very good question and my lovely wife will answer that for you in further detail. I appreciate the great concern for the young heroine. Anyone else? Before my wife takes to explaining things."

Amadiais sat down silently patiently waiting for his question to be answered. Serenity smiled at the young man and the room full of important officials she wanted to become very acquainted with and form a tight group.

Neo Queen Serenity – " You see Prime Minster Amadiais you pose a excellent question as you see you see my guardians my senshi Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter they are my inner senshi my personal protectors. You wonder why their leader Sailor Moon is in their presence correct."

The young Prime Minster nodded as the queen smiled a sad smile but quickly covered it with the excitement of what everything is going on. The Prime Minster noticed and hoped not ill become of Sailor Moon.

Neo Queen Serenity-Serenity showed a picture of Sailor Moon and all her stages. "A very great friend of mine asked me that very question not to long ago and I will will tell you the same as I told her. Sailor Moon is a very special scout for she held the Siliver Crystal within her person at all times and use it when needed be. I have met her once for we share the same heritage and the same blood that course through my veins courses through hers as well. We are completely two different people but are the same as well.

You are probably wondering what I am blabbering about" serenity shows them more pictures of them both.

"Where is she? Why is she not here? You may ask. Sailor Moon has given her ability to become a senshi when I ascended the throne." Multiple gasp were heard through out the room.

"Sailor Moon will be no more in this present time for she is a legend, a reflection of a past that was hard and rather difficult, all the battles that were fought to achieve have come to this very peaceful state. We are now in the Neo Silver Millennium, Sailor moon will forever be a legend to the people but no longer a reality. Her legacy was a great one but not to boast had to end."

People looked at their queen unsure as to where this was going but they were silent to know of her fate.

"For ages sailor moon has fought for peace and for more important is to ride the world of its impurities and evil, and that is what happened today. Sailor Moon gave up her right as a sailor senshi the moment she was married and had to give up her powers as a Senshi for her powers were needed elsewhere. There Can only be one moon senshi at one time in that when the senshi were created long before all our time there was no such senshi of the moon. The senshi of the moon was only created when Endymion and I were sent to sent to earth to be reborn here. Sailor Moon was never to exist for the moon did not need a senshi but with my advisor not having her full memory Sailor Moon was created."

Neo King Endymion- " the story of how Sailor Moon is a very involving one which it all started three thousand years ago when a forbidden romance was formed between the Earth Prince and The moon princess embarked on neither not knowing the consequences of their union or the total destruction of Serenity home planet. No one knew of the affair but the queen and the inner Senshi it was kept from ever one for our relations with each other planets were worsening. Serenity and I got engaged and Queen Serenity threw a ball to celebrate and publicly announce the engagement but it was not taken likely for the people in my home planet have been brainwashed by an evil entity that had fallen for me and attacked the moon. Everything was destroyed and we were all sent a thousand years into the future. Queen Serenity sealed it within the Silver crystal and broke it up into 7 crystal and sent it along to the future where the scouts would be activated when needed it but until then they would live normal lives and their memories erased."

Neo Queen Serenity- " The next part you will see why Sailor Moon was created. Sailor Moon was never a scout in the past she was never to be in existence. My advisor Luna did not have her full memories back so when she stumbled on the young woman name Usagi at a mere age of 13 years of age, just a child. Cruel you may ask but she sensed a great power within her and made her a scout the scout of the moon. Her guardian planet protected her. Sailor Moon was not always the graceful scout and strong scout you have come to know her as but she went to a very tough time to get there. She was a crybaby, very clumsy and very scared, and she fought her destiny to the very end of finding out her past life. She evolved as each scout was introduced and aided her help as well as tuxedo Kamen-Sama. As the final scout was joined Sailor Moon discovered something very important that she held a very important role beyond finding the moon princess and the silver crystal. She was to lead the scout and use to crystal to save the planet from time and time again. Battles were tough and touched each and every scout personally especially Sailor Moon. Why? For how special she was and how she was the most sought out price in the universe always have been and always will be. Time and time again they fought battle after battle. As each battle progress the monsters got stronger and the stakes were higher so Sailor Moon went through her many transformation. There will be a time when Sailor Moon will take claim to henshin once more and will become her true form Sailor Cosmos the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the world and will leave this world and join Sailor Galaxia in the space cauldron where everything ends and starts there. We may be at peace as of now but there will be a time where this peace will be shattered and the sailor Wars will once again resume due to chaos the ultimate evil that Sailor Moon was able to trap in the cauldron,

Neo King Endymion- "Sailor Moon has taken a break from all these fighting and will be enjoying her life free from having to fulfill the life of a senshi for it has a very strict code that was made long before our time.

There was great talk as everyone had tried to absorb everything they have seen with their eyes. It was a lot of information all at once. The young man stood up as he was allowed to and voiced his opinion.

Prime Minster Amadiais- "What is of Sailor Moon?"

Neo king Endymion-" Are you all really that worried about her would you not trust the very people that have saved your home but for so many years?"

Prime Minster Amadiais- " Yes we do trust you but we are very concern that is all your grace."

Neo Queen Serenity- " Very well you shall have your answer." Serenity said this as she walked more to the center of the room looking at the young man in front of her not to much older then she was, she was say that she was older and wonder how he had become so high in position so young? The young man followed the queens' movements and studied her. "The reason why Sailor Moon is no longer available in that she is no longer needed to be representing moon. A lot of time our eyes are blinded for what is really is set in front of . Sailor Moon was a stage of great growth, self-discovery, pain sorrow and of great triumph. It was a path that was only meant to be temporary for it was never meant to be for destiny has a way to bend and flex to get to its final outcome, Sailor Moon has simply fulfilled her final role and has assumed higher power then she was before. Sailor Moon and I are entwined as we share the same blood, heritage, hence birthday, appearance, but we are very two different people for Sailor Moon was a training stage for the both of us. Sailor Moon was known to have to very different personalities but same at the somehow. She was Serenity but was a warrior but was destined to become the most powerful ruler of all time. Sailor Moon became Neo Queen Serenity as you see before you, for she knew her fate before she even left middle school."

The room went silent as realization kicked in and the glamour was lifted out of their eyes and saw the similarities. The room was waiting for a response.

Neo King Endymion- "I have come up with a security system that will be very effective and will be of little to no cost to the kingdom for we will be using what we have available. Sailor Venus will discuss this in further detail for I allowed her to do so for she is the leader of her guard.

Sailor Venus stepped out from where she was standing which was in her place as leader of the Sailor Senshi right on the right hand of Serenity throne and she stepped to the center of the room and started out her speech.

Sailor Venus- "As the King and I have been planning and discussing the safety of Crystal Tokyo and its citizens are very important as well as of the world. As you have entered the city you have seen the palace being the center of the city and jet out onto all the corners of the barriers of the city in a shape of a star. The palace base is of a star for there are 5 points, which have a planetary symbol on it. The reason for it is so that we can channel our power to set up a shield to protect the city from any outsiders attack. As well all for corners of the earth has them as well and each country has it. Where your offices are there are buttons that you can press which will set off a light on our control room to signify the need to activate these crystal points and we can lift the shield out ward. When there is a global attack the shield will start here firsts and outwards.

You are probably wondering why Crystal Tokyo. The reason for it if we were to do it last the enemy can get to us and if we are out or injured it was pointless to make this type of protection. As long as the senshi are protected inside the palace walls they will circle themselves around a main crystal which will channel to all the other crystals. Crystal Tokyo is a safe city and we endeavor to keep it safe as soon as possible. Sailor Jupiter is training the new soldiers that will be scattered over the whole entire planet so that there is protection from the inside before we can do it form here.

Neo Queen Serenity- "For the past couple days we have been meeting with each of you separately to talk about boundaries and sets of rules. What is best for this type of government and we have all come to a conclusion that we will all have monthly meetings to discuss how your country is running. As with the governments here in Crystal Tokyo and Japan there will be weekly meetings and we will discuss the happenings around the kingdom. For the planets the rules will stay the same as they were in the Silver Millennium we are going to fully enter the earth into the Silver Millennium so that the planets will be complete.

There are copies in detail in what we all went through today if there is are question you can request audience with me or my husband."

Everyone Got up from the room and went their own way to return to their homes. Neo King Endymion and Serenity went to their room .

Neo Queen Serenity-"Well that Went rather well don't you think

Neo King Endymion-" Yes it did a lot more smoother then I imagined.

Well that concludes the making of crystal Tokyo. There was a lot of talking mainly from Neo Queen Serenity and The King as well as from Venus. The reason I did not go into details about the whole set up was because when they had gathered everyone the scouts had met with everyone first and did their respected jobs.

The meeting was more about over viewing certain things that needed to be discussed or any concerns anyone had.

Sailor Moon legacy had to be handled very well carefully in that it could have since that Sailor Moon would have been kicked out but the queen handled it very well as did the king.

Sad to say this the ending of the story but a step to the next story which will lead to the queen pregnancy, small lady's birth, and her childhood all the way up to age 5.

I may write one where she grows up and becomes a teenager and gets married to Helios but I have not decided. That will be coming our Shortly. Watch out for it.

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