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Yuki's Past and Identity


"Hey Mitsuki?" Takuto interrupted.


"I was wondering, before the ceiling collapsed, what were you saying?" he questioned.

"Oh, that. Well that you com- Ow!"

Suddenly it was like Mitsuki was force back and fell into the sand. She looked up to find a mask staring at her.

"Mitsuki… I knew I couldn't trust you," he hissed…

The masked shinigami's words stung Mitsuki like a bee. Yuki kept a firm grip on her as he hissed. "I really thought I could trust you, thought you were different, guess I was wrong. You're just like everyone else…"

"Yuki… please," Mitsuki started, struggling to get up but Yuki kept her pinned down.

"Yuki?" Takuto's voice rang out. "Who's that?"

Takuto walked over to Mitsuki and held out a hand, but Mitsuki didn't take it.

"Takuto…" Mitsuki looked at him sadly.

"What's wrong?" Takuto bent down and grab both of her hands and began to pull her up. Though Yuki was still pulling Mitsuki down, making it into a game of tug-or-war. Takuto frowned, pulling harder. "Man, you weren't THIS heavy when I pulled you out of the water. What's going on?"

"Yuki, let go!" Mitsuki cried.


Mitsuki tried to lift herself off the ground as well but Yuki was a bit too strong. Shinigami powers, you just gotta love them. :)

Yuki… I'm sorry. Mitsuki sighed and put on a serious face. "Takuto, a shinigami is keeping me down!"

Both of them let go of Mitsuki at the same time in shock of what she said. By that time, Mitsuki was already half way up but fell instantly back down.

"Ow…" Mitsuki rubbed her head.

"Shinigami?" Takuto blinked in surprised. "Kouyama-san, shinigamis are just mythical creatures, they don't exist."

"Yes, they do! You were one before!" Mitsuki spoke but then, a certain shinigami grabbed her arm.

"You littlebitch," Yuki squeezed my arm to the point where it hurt… a lot.

"Ow! Yuki, please stop!" Mitsuki tried to pull her arm away but it was futile. "Yuki!"

"Kouyama-san, what's wrong?" Takuto rushed over to her. From Takuto's point of view, Mitsuki's hand is on her arm, pulling it. Her eyes held the look of pain. Just then, he saw it, what looks like a hand imprint of her arm, digging deeper into her flesh.

"Yuki! It hurts," Mitsuki was close to tears and Takuto frowned.

"You monster! Get away from her!" Takuto shouted charging into Yuki and knocking him over.

Both Yuki and Mitsuki looked shocked.

"He can see me?" Yuki gasped.

"Takuto, you can see Yuki?" Mitsuki gasped too.

But Takuto shook his head. "'I only saw an imprint on your arm and guessed whatever's hurting you is near, but it was strange, I felt as if I hit something."

"Bastrad," Yuki hissed as Mitsuki went over to embrace him. Yuki stood. "I won't let this off easy."

Yuki started running towards them with a fist really. Mitsuki's eyes widen in horror. "Takuto, look out! In front of you!"

Takuto reacted quickly and somehow, surprisingly, caught Yuki's fist. Takuto landed him own punch on the kid, sending him… and his mask flying.

"Whoa! Taktuo can see shinigamis?!" a voice called out.

Both humans turned to see a familiar bubbly shinigami flying over to them. "Ryuichi!"

"There's another one!?" Takuto stood in front of Mituski protectively.

"I thought you couldn't see them," Mitsuki said.

Takuto kept his eye on Ryuichi while he spoke. "I don't know how but when that guy with the mask tried to attack me, all of a sudden I could see him, faintly, but I saw him…"

"Wow…" awed Ryuichi in amazement. Then Takuto growled at him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not an enemy!"

"He's right! Don't hurt Ryuichi!" Mitsuki pleased and he lowered his guard and Ryuichi relaxed.

"So… what happened to that grump anyways?" Ryuichi asked, looking over at his partner who was lying a long ways away, and his mask was knocked further away. Ryuichi's mouth dropped. "Yu-Yu-Yuki without a mask!?!? Holy-"

"Ryuichi! Language!" Mitsuki scolded.

"I'm sorry! But I can't help it! Don't you see?" Ryuichi jumped up and down, pointing at his partner. "It's THEE Yuki, without a mask! He NEVER takes off his mask, not that I know of, now there he is! A helpless kid, without a mask for once! This is an opportunity of a life time!"

"Yuki… mask less…?" Mitsuki tried to picture him without a mask… with no success…

"Probably wears one 'cause he looks like a monster, damn bastrad," hissed Takuto.

The three looked over at the still figure that lay several meters away, helpless and for once… maskless.

A helpless kid, without a mask for once! This is an opportunity of a life time!"

"Yuki… mask less…?"

"Probably wears one 'cause he looks like a monster, damn bastrad."


Yuki laid there, absorbing all those words. His eyes were half closed, his mind, in his own little world… His eyes, the look of pure loneliness.

"…'cause he looks like a monster… monster… monster…"


"Hey you freak! What do you think you're doing!?" A boy yelled at a bruised little kid on the floor, weeping. His long golden blond hair covered his face as he cried under it. "Hurry up and put away the dishes before Mom and Dad gets back!"

"Y-yes," he replied, slowly standing up and picking up the dishes off the floor.

"I said, hurry up you freak!" He hissed at him, violently pushing him into a coffee table full of wine glass. The blond haired boy fell into the coffee table and the wine glass shattered and so did the dishes, cutting the poor boy.

"What's going on here?!" a feminine voice called out. A woman with dirty blonde hair and a man with a strong built and dark hair came in.

"Mom, Dad, look what Yuki did! Why do you bother having a klutz into the family?!" the older boy smirked.

"Yuki," his father gave him the nastiest glare.

But the little boy just shook his head nervously and pointed to his brother. "Onii-san did it-"

"You shouldn't be accusing others chibisuke," a girl older than the two boys walked into the room. "I saw the whole thing! I bet chibisuke did it on purpose to get Katashi in trouble!"

Yuki shook his head in fright. "Onee-san… please…"

Tears started to slide down Yuki's face, even when it stung him due to the blood, he continued to cry.

"You tried to get your brother in trouble, how selfish are you," his father grabbed the front of his shirt as Yuki's siblings smirked. "Learn some respect.

And everything went black.

End of flashback…

Yuki bit his lips of the anger he felt. Why? What did I ever do? Mother, father, Onee-san, Onii-san, what did I do?!


"Look, there's Sheepdog Matokai," a group of elementary students cornered a blond with very long hair.

"Please… I-I have to go home…" he mumbled softly.

"What was that? We can't hear you," one girl laughed. "I heard you're trying out for the singing contest Aya Studio is giving out to elementary students, how can you tryout if you can't talk?"

"I-I can talk…" he spoke quietly once again.

"What was that?" A guy asked, putting a cupped hand to his ear.

"I CAN TALK!" he shouted but then fell instantly to his knees and held onto his throat.

The whole group began laughing. Then one spoke up. "Oh I guess we forgot, you have throat cancer right? So you can't speak loudly, sorry."

Tears started filling up in his eyes.

"How can you sing of you can't talk loud enough?"

"I'm betting Sheepdog Matokai can't sing at all," the kids laughed as the poor kid ran home, crying all the way.

End of flashback…

I don't deserve this, any of this! Yuki shouted angrily in his head. He told his body to get up off the ground… but it wouldn't respond and before he knew what happened… Yuki started to cry…


"Wow, such a wonderful voice," a man smiled upon the blond boy.

He spun around and smile. "Nii-chan! Aren't you working today?"

The black haired guy who came in smiled at him and shook his head. "Canceled, but enough about that, why didn't you tell me you can sing so well? With that voice, you can go far!"

The boy's hair fell to cover his flushed face. "Mother, Father, Onee-san and Onii-san said I sound awful and they tell me to shut up every time I sang…"

The guy frowned. "You can do so much better with your life. I don't want to see you to get hurt."

"I'm fine Nii-chan," he smiled. "You worry too much. It's nothing!"

But he was not convinced.

End of flashback…

That was the only time I was truly happy… with him. Yuki closed his eyes for a second and breathed. He could hear footsteps drawing near. If I were still alive, would he still hate me? Would his heart change? I miss him… the only one whoever cared about me. If I weren't so selfish in the first place… maybe, just maybe, I could have saw his smile before I died… instead of his frown…


The three stopped just a few meters away from the masked shinimgai, well unmasked now. They saw that Yuki slowly tried to sit up but his arms were all wobbly.

"Yuki?" Mitsuki's voice rang out.

At that moment, Yuki's heat shot up at the sound of her voice and his hood slid down…

Mitsuki and Ryuichi gasped and their eyes widen in shock, Ryuichi especially as long glorious orange hair cascaded down his back like a waterfall as he turned and face them with tears in his eyes.

Wait, correction her eyes.

Sitting there was none other than a certain shinigami princess…


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