Where Have You Been?

"I've never seen anyone like you...not while I was awake anyway."

Where has he been all my life?

This special man, this wizard. Where was he in my lonely years, when I was whore to Captain Cully and slave to his honourable gentlemen? Ha! Some gentlemen! Nothing but a band of stinking, lazy outlaws, living in the shadow of the legendary Robin Hood. Where was he, on those nights when I wept and prayed for a hero to rescue me from the darkness lurking behind the glamour of folklore and myth?

As we walk together, laughing and talking, these thoughts eat away at my insides...how could he ever love me? My face is lined, my hands and knees red raw and my dress worn and patched. He has never given any indication that he feels for me as I feel for him. I am acting like a love sick teenager, watching him as he sleeps. He is not the hero of my dreams, he is not Prince Lir or Romeo or Sir Lancelot. He is too tall, too skinny, his nose is too large, his laughter too loud...and yet I love him!

I love him!

Yet still I am afraid...if I tell him what is in my heart he will reject me and I will lose his friendship...but I cannot go on like this.

We sit by the campfire, another long day on the road at an end. The night is dark but his blue eyes are bright in the light of the moon and the flames...maybe it is just me being fanciful - or hopeful - but I sense something, something magical in the air.

In his eyes.

He has been unusually quiet tonight. It is late and I rise - we have an early start in the morning and I am already tired - when suddenly something pull me back. I look down into his face as he catches me by the wrist and pulls me to him. "Molly, I have something to tell you," he says. I cannot breathe, cannot speak. He senses this and continues, stumbling over his words. I smile - it is so like him. He is clumsy, even in speech...and yet, when he performs his tricks, he is so graceful. I knew I loved him when I first saw him juggling for Haggard...but that seems an eternity ago...

"Molly I love you. I've always loved you but I've never been able to tell you...Oh God, we've lost so much time already, all because I'm a coward and a fool...I want to spend forever with you."

I still cannot speak, my heart is in my throat. He is shaking. "Oh God, what am saying...Molly forget it, forgive me I'm - " I kiss him. Then his arms are around me and for one glorious moment there is nothing but us and our love, his hands, his lips and his hair beneath my fingers. Then it is over, our first kiss...but not our last.

"Where have you been Schmendrick?" I whisper.

"I'm here now...now and forever." He smiles and takes my hand.

I am home.

a/n Based on film, set three years on...Molly/Schemendrick centric. This is my first TLU fic so try not to judge too harshly. I don't own 'The Last Unicorn' and I am not making any profit from this story.