-Chapter 1-

Ronald Weasley

I woke up and stretched out in my bed. Stupid sun, I thought as I looked up at the blinding light coming from my window. I got out of my four-poster bed and opened the curtains up. It was probably the last Summer day we would be getting for quite a while. I looked in the mirror and saw a tired looking thirteen year old staring back at me, and for some reason I grinned at myself. Oh, how stupid I looked when I'd just woken up. I heard the door swing open and turned around to see a girl younger than myself with red hair like myself's and a cheeky smile.

"What do you want, Ginny?" I asked her sternly. She folded her arms and the cheeky grin disappeared.

"Ronald Billius Weasley! Do you know what time it is?" she said in a bored tone.

"Er..." I said looking around for a clock. I spotted one and replied,

"One o' clock."

"Exactly, Ron. ONE O' CLOCK! Mummy and Dad are raging! You better hurry up and get downstairs" she stopped just before she reached the door. "Oh and by the way, Harry and Hermione have been here for over an hour already! AN HOUR, RON!" and at that she left.

"'An hour Ron!'" I said, imitating my sister. I pulled my clothes on, combed my hair and went downstairs to meet Harry and Hermione.

Hermione Granger
Oh, hurry up Ron, does it always take you this long to get ready? Ginny said she told you to get a move on, but you're still taking ages!

"What's wrong, Hermione? You seem tense" said Harry gently.

"I'm not tense!" I reply fiercely, "I'm just nervous! Harry, I haven't seen him in four months!"

"Calm down, Mione, you're giving me a headache" said Harry rubbing his head slowly.

Ron walked down the stairs slowly, still yawning and obviously tired.

"RON!" I screamed. I ran up and hugged him as hard as I could, but I thought he was finding it difficult to breathe so I released my grip a bit.

"Hermione, for Gods' sake ... it's just me, remember?" said Ron trying to push me off.

"Yes, but oh Ron I haven't spoke to you in ages! Well of course we had the letters but it isn't the same as talking face to face is it? Why am I asking you, of course you know what I mean I -"

"All right, Harry, mate" said Ron, walking over to Harry with me still clinging on to him.

"Yes, I'm great. And you?" replied Harry grinning.

"Yeah, I'm brilliant ... just finding it difficult - to - breathe," he finished breathlessly. I got the hint and let go of him.

That was when I noticed Ginny talking to a boy with blond hair and grey eyes that I had never seen before ...

!Draconis Malfoy!

I stood up and looked at the floor I had just cleaned. It was covered in mud once again, thanks to that boy that had walked in, Harry or something. I kicked the bucket over and all the water went everywhere. They can clean the stupid floor themselves, I thought furiously. Then again, the royal dimwits probably don't even know what a scrubbing brush is.

I heard a lot of noise coming from the guest hall and peeked out from behind the door. There was that boy, Harry, standing there talking and laughing with a girl with long bushy brown hair and brown eyes. I couldn't help feeling jealous, the two of them standing there laughing and talking and doing what they please, and me stuck here washing floors. Life's not fair, I thought bitterly as a young redhead girl, Princess Ginevra came running down the stairs.

"He's just woke up!" I heard her say, "He's been in bed all this time! The lazy toad!"
Harry and the other girl laughed and I heard the girl standing next to Harry start talking excitedly. It had been months since they had last come to visit Prince Ronald, and the girl obviously liked him a lot.

"RON!" I heard her shriek.

"Hermione, for Gods' sake ... it's just me, remember?" said Ronald. So the girl's name was Hermione ...

I watched them talking and laughing for a while, as more of the Weasley's joined in on their conversation. I sighed. I turned around to go back to the kitchen when Princess Ginevra came up to me. What the heck did she want with me?

"Hello, what's your name?" she asked sweetly.

"Um ... Draco," I replied quietly.

"Oh, are you my brothers' friend?" she asked. She obviously didn't know who I was.

"No," I said shortly, not looking at her. She looked puzzled.

"I work in the kitchens," I continued. Her face fell.

"Oh ...," she said softly.

"Erm ... I best get back to work," I said, staring at the now flooding floor.

"Um, yes, I guess you should. How on earth did you manage that?" she asked. I felt my face go red.

"I kinda knocked the bucket over ..." I said sheepishly. She laughed. Well, at least it was amusing her. She wasn't the one that got punished if anyone found out about it.

Ginevra Weasley

I saw the look on his face and stopped laughing.

"What's so funny?" he asked me coldly.

"Nothing, I just ... I ... well I'm sorry," I said. And I was.

"Yeah, ok ... whatever ... your highness," he added. I noticed he was smirking.

"Why are you even talking to me anyway? Hasn't a royal got more important things to do? What would your mother and father say if they knew you were talking to me?" he sneered. How dare he talk to me like that! I could get him killed if I wished, and he knew it. But he also knew, to my disadvantage, that even though I could, I wouldn't.

"Ginny, what are you doing? And who's this?" came Hermione's voice from behind me.

"Mmm? Oh. He's my friend, Draco," I replied. Then, by the look on Hermione's face, I realised I shouldn't have replied to her.

"Your friend," Hermione repeated. "He's a servant boy, Ginny. Princess' and servant boy's don't mix."

"Nor do Prince's and commoner's, but look at you and Ronald, you seem to be fine," I spat.

"But that's different, Ginny. We've known each other since ... well since forever really - "

"And that make's it fine for you to be friends, does it?" I shot back at her.

I turned to look at Draco, only to see he had gone. I turned back to Hermione.

"Thanks a lot," I muttered and walked past her and over to my twin brother's, Fred and George. They were planning a trick on Charlie. I laughed and listened in on what they were saying, and soon enough I forgot all about Draco.

+Harry Potter+

"So what have you been doing all these months? I've been doing all sorts, Quidditch and ceremonies and everything, it's great when your finally old enough to go with the rest of the family. Poor little Ginny, eh? She's still too young to join in," said Ron whilst leading me to a different room.

"Yeah," I said, not really concentrating on what he was saying, "Poor Ginny"

"Harry, I was being sarcastic," said Ron shaking his head. "You're losing it, mate."

"I was being sarcastic too!" I insisted as we walked into the guest's room. Ron sat down on a chair, and I followed and sat next to him.

"Want a game of chess?" he asked me.

"You're only asking me that because you know you'll beat me. I'm rubbish at chess, and you know it," I replied, in other words saying 'no.'

"Yeah, I suppose I am," Ron grinned.

"Ginevra, darling, what do you mean!" came a loud voice from the guest hall.

"That's Dad," Ron muttered. "What's she done now ..." he continued, then standing up and walking into the guest hall. I stood up and followed him. What had she done?