Title: To Have and To Hold

Summary:Mustang is getting married to a seemingly perfect woman. But she has some conflict involving Edward. If Roy hates her so much, why is he marrying her?

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. Don't rub it in.

Warnings: I may not be allowed to curse, but Ed sure as hell is. Yaoi. RoyxEd. Rated T.

This story is dedicated to my friend anime-raven who helped nuture my love of FMA and helped with this story. Thanks, Holly :)


To Have and To Hold Prologue


Whenever Edward dreamt he had nightmares. During the year he had spent recovering from his automail surgery at Aunt Pinako's and Winry's he had nightmares whenever he was able to sleep. Usually he stayed awake, vomiting from the intense pain and more than once crying himself into fitful bouts of sleep. Most of the time he dreamt of the day he and Alphonse had attempted the transmutation. He saw, over and over again, Al's worried face as he hesitantly asked his brother if what they were going to do was right. And, every other time, he heard his confident voice telling Al that there was nothing to worry about and that soon Mom would be with them once again and that they'd live happily together.

The perfect storybook ending that any child would wish for. Happily ever after.

How wrong he was.

He put his hands to the circle, watching in wonder as the room filled with white gold-tinted light. The light changed, turning to purple tinted with black.

"Brother, what's happening?"

Al's terrified, pained screams filled the air and as Edward turned to his rapidly disintegrating brother he felt his leg disappearing. He reached toward Al but was too late. His fingers closed on air as he toppled forward, his stump of a leg gushed dark spurts of blood. In a split second of thought, he crawled toward the suit of armor in the corner of the room. Using his own blood he drew a circle similar to one he'd seen in a book somewhere.

Screaming at whatever force had taken his brother, whether The Truth or the non-existent God Ed never believed in, he clapped his hands together, lightly touching the blood rune and screamed as he felt his other arm disappear completely…

He usually woke up screaming and holding back tears. He refused to cry because he knew he deserved his pain for what he had done to his brother. And Edward never had a "good" dream after that night.

Until he met the sadistic bastard that was Roy Mustang.

He could still remember even three years later the exact moment they met....

"You can call me Roy Mustang, or just Lieutenant Colonel. Hell, you can call me the Flame Alchemist. Whatever you do, remember the pain."

Edward gazed in awe of the man who'd just torched Bald with a snap of his fingers.

" So he's Mustang," Edward said aloud. That bastard had known.

Ed ran forward, placing himself in front of Mustang, ignoring his brother's cry.

"Hey," he yelled, hoping to get the man's attention. It worked; Roy looked from Bald to Ed and Ed tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach as he did so.

"You knew. That's why you made us take this train. You put us at risk on purpose," he spat hatefully, daring him to deny it.

He heard Mustang give a short laugh, which only pissed him off further before replying. "Come on, Ed," Ed shivered slightly when he heard his name. "You think I have I've got the whole world on strings? Anyway, you should focus on the good news here. The General heard about your exploits saving the train, and agreed to make a special exception. He's letting you take the State Alchemy exam. You're going to be the talk of the military, kid."

"Exception?" Edward asked, confused. "But you always said we could take it! That's the reason we came!" he yelled in disbelief, his finger still pointing at the man, his eyes widened slightly in horror.

"Be realistic, Ed," Mustang's tone sounded as he was explaining something really simple to someone really stupid, but there was laughter there as well. "The State's never let a kid take the military exam before. But I guess luck's on your side. Good thing you took that earlier train, don't you think?"

Edward put hand to his forehead, hiding his eyes and asking whatever God was up there for patience.

He could hear Mustang's footsteps approaching him and suddenly felt a warm hand rest on his shoulder. "Whether or not you take the test is still up to you. I'm not trying to run your life," he said, taking his hand back and leaving a tingling sensation behind as he walked away.

Ed turned around, furious. "Of course I'll take it! And pass! I would've done it anyway!"

Part of Ed was hoping that if he yelled hard enough he could forget just how handsome the Lieutenant Colonel was and why his heart was suddenly racing.

Now whenever Edward closed his eyes, that same scene was all he saw as though it was a piece of film waiting to start.