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Risky Manipulation.

"What are you DOING?" Ed hissed though his teeth as his lover pushed him back into the dark corner of the theater box, pinning him against the wall. "Someone might SEE us!"

"Stop worrying, it's dark and they're all watching the stage." Said Roy, as he crouched in front of him.

"WE COULD GET CAUGHT!" Ed pushed the dark figure away on to his heels.

"Ed," Roy reached out and rubbed his growing erection through his pants. He watched as Ed bit into his hand and moaned though the gloved hand. He's so easy to manipulate when he's horny, smirked Roy. "Are you sure you want me to stop?" The only answer he got was a louder moan.

The blond wove his hand into his dark hair, Roy took that as permission to continue. Smiling at him, Roy reached up and unfastened his belt, inching the zipper lower by degrees. He looked up to see Ed watching him intently.

Roy released his erection from the confines of his pants and moistened his lips at the sight. Ed's hand tugged at the back of his head in impatience. Roy willing obliged, taking Ed's growing length deep into his mouth.

"Ahhh!...we...c-can't...God damn!...aahh!...do...this...here." Gasped Ed as Roy's tongue twirled around the tip, before diving back down to the base of his cock. His protests running counter point to the instant hand on the back of Roy's head. "They...might...come back!"

"Hmmm?" Roy hummed around the length in his mouth, sending vibrations through the other man.

"Jesus!" Ed's hand tightened in Roy's hair. "I...can't..." Ed thrust into the warm, wet mouth as he came hard and fast. Roy drank all that Ed had to give and swallowed it greedily.

He replaced the now flaccid member and refastened his pants, before he stood. "Better now?" Roy asked as he finished with Ed's belt.


"You see, it is better when there's danger of getting caught."

"Yeah, but I didn't know you meant to do anything HERE, while the play is going on." Ed walked back to his chair on the balcony and sat heavily into the seat. He watched as Roy resumed his seat next to him and smiled down at him.

"You can repay the favor later." Roy whispered huskily, winking his eye suggestively.

"Sounds good...I know just --"

"We're back! Did we miss anything?" Al whispered as he moved the curtain aside for Winry to pass and then him.

"Not really, the woman was just about to kill herself." Roy informed them as they sat behind them on the next riser of the balcony. They had been gone just long enough for Roy to prove his point to Ed, but it had been difficult to make them leave.

"Ohh! I heard about that." Winry fumbled with her opera glasses a moment before fitting them into her eyes.

As they settled back in to watch the end of the play, Roy couldn't help reaching over and brushing his fingers feather light along Ed's outer thigh. Ed glared at him in warning, his eyes flashed as he glanced down to Roy's lap and back up to his face and then across his shoulder at the people behind them.

'Don't start that again.' Ed mouthed at him. Roy just quirked an eyebrow at his secret boyfriend. Really it was so EASY to manipulate Ed when he was horny.