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Disclaimer: Harry Potter isn't mine, wish it was but...tears, it belings to the magnificent J.K. Rowling...the poem however is mine thank you very much!


Hermione sits in a corner of the Commons Room, away from everyone, furiously scribbling in her notebook. She feels out in the open and exposed, even though no one is looking her way. They all assume she's doing homework, but tonight that's not the case. Her frantic writing suddenly stops, and, close to tears, she reads what she has written. Scrawled across the page, in a writing that doesn't look likes hers, is written a poem. It reads:

I hate today, I hate my life,

I hate my love, I hate my strife,

My tears of grief, And pain aloud,

My fear and pain, Makes my judgment cloud,

I want to go, I want to run,

From everything, And everyone,

Escape the judgment, Escape the shame,

I flee from him, I flee from pain,

Whenever I see him, Walking with the girl,

They seem to mock me, They bruise my soul,

So I hate today, I hate my life,

I hate my love,

And I hate my strife.

She spares a quick glance around the Commons Room to see if anyone is watching her. When it comes apparent no one is, she gazes into another corner, into a chair where two bodies are intertwined. In the dim firelight she can just make out the head of a dark haired girl, and the red head of…no I mustn't think about him. God knows he doesn't think about me. She wishes desperately now that she was up in her bed, not having to watch this. He probably doesn't even realized that every day he's with that girl he's killing a part of me, every day a part of me dies. Suddenly she's had enough, she slams the cover to her notebook closed and furiously storms up to her room.

What she doesn't understand is that Ron, in the chair with Lavender, has seen Hermione the whole time. With a sinking feeling he realizes that if he doesn't do something soon, he'll be too late. She probably hates me, God knows I hate myself. He tries to defend his actions thinking that she's had Krum, it's time for him to have someone. But dear Lord, has it really come down to making out with Lavender in a chair in the Commons Room? He berates himself silently. He suddenly stands up, causing Lavender to slide off his lap and fall to the ground. He overhears himself telling Lavender that it's over, he can't be with her anymore. And he dimly registers that he's walking up the staircase to the girl's dorms.

When he enters the room he sees Hermione crying on her bed. He comes over to her and gently sits on her bed. He sees the notebook lying open on her lap. He reaches for it but hesitates, but when he sees her nod he takes it and reads the poem written there. And without even meaning to he slides closer to her and puts an arm around her shoulders. She buries her head in his chest and starts to sob uncontrollably. He rocks her back and forth trying to stop her from crying, murmuring all the while, "It's all ok, its fine, I love you, don't cry, its fine, I love you."


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