Phase 1: Getting out

"Alright, phase 1 begins with the twins," Shaun started. "There's only two teachers in here, but I guarantee that their watching the door like a hawk. That's where the twins come in. Nick will hide in the closet. Chloe will go over to one of the teachers and tell them that Nick went out to use the bathroom and hasn't come back yet."

Everyone nods as he continues. "The teacher would get so nervous, that they would have to leave the other teacher in here by them selves to go look for him."

"How do we get out of the room," Lori asked.

"I'll tell you that once the teacher leaves," Shaun replied.

"How do we keep in contact with each other," Conner asked

"Here take these." He pulled walkie talkie's out of the box behind him. "I found these when I got in here." He tossed one to everybody. The twins only got one to share. "Everyone ready?"

"Wait a minute," Lori said. "Chloe, when you go up to the teacher you have to be crying.

"I don't know how to fake cry," Chloe said.

"What if I tell you that Santa Claus isn't real," EJ replied.

Chloe and Nick both looked at him wide eyed. "Your lying," Nick said.

"Think about it," EJ continued. "How can one fat man, fly to every house on this earth, squeeze down a little chimney, and leave presents under a tree without making any noise. In one night I might add. All that work could give him a heart attack."

Chloe's eyes started to water. Conner punched EJ in the arm. "It's okay guys. He's just saying that to make you upset," Conner assured. "Right EJ." The twins looked over at him.

"Whatever," EJ replied.

"Okay, let's get started," Shaun announced. Shaun, Conner, Lori, and Chloe left the closet carefully, trying not to be noticed. EJ stayed behind to keep an eye on Nick. Sitting against the wall, EJ pulled his ipod out of his pocket.

"You were lying right," Nick began. "Santa clause is real isn't he."

EJ stared at the blond kid through the dim light. Then he let out a sigh. "Yes Santa Claus is real. You have nothing to worry about." Nick smirked and sat down next to EJ.

"Why don't you believe in Santa Claus," Nick asked?

"I don't need to worship Santa Claus, I worship somebody else."

"Who do you believe in?"

"Blade," EJ replied.

"Who's Blade?"

EJ looked at the boy wide eyed. "You don't know who Blade is?" Nick shook his head. "I've got a lot of things to teach you my friend. You see, Blade was half human, half vampire ..."

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Outside of the closet, everybody took their places. Shaun stood in a corner, Lori stood by the door, and Conner sat on the window sill. Shaun eyed Chloe as she walked up to one of the teachers. She tugged on her jacket to get their attention.

The teacher looked down . "Could you help me find my brother," she asked with tears coming down her face. "He left a couple of minutes ago to use the bathroom by himself and he hasn't come back yet." The teacher got a worried expression on her face. She knelt down next to the child.

"Sweetheart it's going to be alright," the teacher assured I'm going to go find your brother and bring him back here safe and sound." Chloe nodded and watched the teacher walk off toward the direction of the other teacher. Shaun gave her a thumbs up. She returned the gesture with a smile on her face.

2 minutes later the teacher left out of the room. When the teacher was out of sight, Lori nodded to Conner. Conner nodded to Shaun who nodded back. He then radioed EJ and Nick.

"When it's safe to come out, I'll tap on the door. You guys push the door open slowly until you can see the entrance. I'll be standing there. When I nod, you guys run as fast as you can to the door. Got it."

Got it," they said into the walkie talkie.

Shaun looked over to the teacher. She was preoccupied with some other kids. Shaun nodded to Lori, giving her permission to leave. She slipped out of the door. Conner stood up and casually walked through the crowd of kids. He turned around walking backwards toward the door. Looking at the teacher and then at Shaun, he slipped through the door. Shaun tapped on the door and quickly made his way to the front door. He saw the door open slowly. EJ stuck his head out first. He looked over at Shaun who looked over at the teacher. Nodding for them to move, EJ and Nick ran as fast as they could towards the door. All three of them slipped through without being noticed.

Phase 1 is complete.