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Iruka was mortified! Genma had seen him naked! With cum all over himself! He would never be able to look the man in the face again.
And what if he told people? Oh Kami, what if his students, or their parents, found out?
He was distracted from his depressing thoughts by a firm hand on his shoulder.
"Are you alright, Iruka?" Kakashi smiled at the younger man.
"I… We just… Genma…" Iruka spluttered.
"Genma?" Kakashi questioned.
"He saw us!" Iruka blurted out.
"Oh. That? Don't worry about Genma, he won't care."
"But I care! What if he tells someone?" Iruka wrapped the blanket tightly around himself and went in search of his clothes.
"Genma won't tell a soul. Save perhaps Raidou. Beside, the amount of time I've walked in on those two having sex… I don't think I have enough fingers to count them."
Iruka paused mid step, "Really?"
"I don't always stay to watch though…" Kakashi grinned at a private memory.
"You watch them….. having… sex?" Iruka gawked at the older, naked nin.
"Like I said, not always…"Kakashi grinned wider as Iruka went bright red at the thought of Genma and Raidou ing while Kakashi watched. He was surprised to find it slightly turned him on.
"Why…" Kakashi continued, "Are you curious?"
"No! I just…" Iruka tried to think of something to say, "Wait a minute, didn't Genma say they found Gai out cold? What did you do to him?"
Me? Nothing! I was using all of my energies trying to keep up with you. You know, you're pretty quick for a Chuunin…"
"Hrrm, I wonder what happened to him. I will have to ask him next time I see him." Iruka thought allowed.
Kakashi had a good idea why Gai had passed out, but decided that it would be amusing to hear the green monster's excuse anyway.
"Let's go to dinner." Kakashi said out of the blue, changing the subject.
The silver haired nin walked naked to his dresser, grabbed two pairs of jeans and two shirts, tossing a set to Iruka.
As Iruka dressed he asked "Do you have a comb?"
Kakashi grinned and pointed to his hair which, as it usually was, was all over the place.
"Right… Stupid question, I suppose."
Running his fingers though his hair, Iruka tied it in a messy ponytail.
Turning to face Kakashi, he noticed the older man had put on his Hitai-ate and mask.
"Why do you wear the mask? You have nothing to hide." Iruka walked over to the older man and placed a hand on his masked cheek.
Kakashi paused for a second to think.
"You know… I don't know anymore. I guess it's just habit now." He smiled.
Not entirely sure he believed what Kakashi was telling him, Iruka decided to let the man have his secrets. It wasn't his place to pry. Not yet.
Iruka smiled warmly back.
"Ready to go then?" He asked and Kakashi nodded in response.
"Any place in particular?" Kakashi asked as they walked side by side down the streets of Konoha.
"Sushi would be good."
"There's a kaiten sushi place around the corner." (conveyer belt sushi)
"Un. Iiyo." (yeah. ok)
The meal was good and Kakashi and Iruka made idol conversation the whole time; never an uncomfortable moment.
By the time they left the restaurant it was late evening and as they made their way down the street Iruka couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched.
Glancing to the side, he nudged Kakashi. "Ne… Kakashi…"
"I know…" was the whispered reply.
Then, fast as lightning, Kakashi bent down, snatched a small rock from the ground, spun around and threw it at a pile of wooden boxes sitting in front of a store.
It shattered against the boxes, followed by a surprised yelp as Gai jumped up.
"Gai-sensei?" Iruka looked at Konoha's Great Green Beast with surprise.
"Ah! It's my eternal rival and his beau. What are you doing out on this gorgeous summer evening? Enjoying your youthfulness I hope!"
"Don't give us that crap again, Gai. Spill it. Why were you following us?" Kakashi questioned
"Following you? I have no idea what you're talking about." Gai lied. Kakashi just rolled his eyes.
"Come one, Iruka.." He turned to leave but noticed Iruka didn't move.
"Ne, Gai-sensei, Genma said they found you passed out in the forest. What happened?"
"Ah… Yes… That…" Gai blushed a youthful blush and scratched the back of his head.
"Yes, Gai. What did happen?" Kakashi smirked at his rival.
"I, uh, tripped. Tripped spectacularly! And, um, knocked my nose on a rock… Knocked me out. Blood everywhere… pouring from my poor nose… "
Kakashi could easily see thought Gai's lie. But poor, innocent Iruka was being fooled.
"Oh. Well I hope you were not too badly injured, Gai-sensei."
"Only my youthful pride… It was terribly embarrassing…"
"Ahh Yes. Well, odaiji ni, ne. (Get well soon.)"
"Maybe you should think twice before chasing off after people that don't need to be followed…" Kakashi smiled but Gai could hear the threat behind Kakashi's words.
"Ah, point taken, my esteemed colleague." Gai winked at Kakashi who just rolled his eyes.
"Well I had better let you two continue on your romantic summer walk of love.. Ja na! (See ya)" Gai made a quick retreat before either man had a chance to stop him.
"Romantic summer walk of love? That man is truly strange, but don't you think he was being a bit stranger than usual?" Iruka asked as the two continued walking.
"Iruka, for a teacher, you're a really bad judge as to whether someone is lying… Ibiki would have a field day with you…"
"He was lying?" Iruka asked incredulously. "But then why did he pass out?"
"My guess is…" Kakashi threw his arm around Iruka's shoulders, "He saw something in the forest he wasn't expecting to see." He turned to Iruka and beamed a smile at him.
"Saw something he wasn't expecting…. But what could he have... Oh Kami…." Iruka facepalmed as the realization hit him. Gai had seen them having sex! "And he watched?"
"Saa Na…(Who knows)…" Kakashi replied. "But there does seem to be a bit of that going around these days…" Kakashi laughed.
"Kakashi! This is not funny!" Iruka became serious. "I am not sure I'm ready for the whole of Konoha to know we ed in the forest!" He exclaimed a little too loudly.
"Would you be ashamed to be my boyfriend?" Kakashi asked without looking at the man beside him.
"No! Of course not!" Iruka replied without hesitation.
"Then what's the problem?" Kakashi stopped this time and, taking Iruka by the waist, pulled him close.
"I just… Are we..?" Iruka took a moment to think about what it was he really wanted to say.
"Is that was we are? Is that what I am? Truly? Your boyfriend?" He asked the older man, head downcast, not able to look him in the eye.
Kakashi took Iruka's chin in his fingers and pulled his face up for a gentle kiss.
"If it's OK with you, I would love you to be my boyfriend." Kakashi forced Iruka to make eye contact.
"Yes. Yes I think I would like that, too." Iruka replied, blushing.
"You think you'd like that?"
"No…" Iruka answered and looked away. Kakashi's heart seemed to stop beating.
Then Iruka wrapped his arms around Kakashi's neck and kissed him passionately.
"No... I know I would love to be your boyfriend."
Kakashi felt like an Academy boy again. It was as if a thousand tiny hanabi (fireworks) were exploding in his chest.
How was it that this Chuunin teacher was able to reduce him to a weak-kneed love-sick mess? Whatever it was, he didn't care. All he cared about was the beautiful man he had in his arms.
"So… We're OK?" Kakashi asked.
"More than OK."
"What about Gai?" The silver-haired man looked at Iruka with trepidation.
"If we are together, I don't care who knows. I just didn't want my students or their parents finding out I was sleeping around."
"You're hardly 'sleeping around', Iruka." Kakashi defended.
"I know that, and you know that… And possibly Genma knows that…" He blushed, "But you of all people should know how fast rumors spread in this town."
"True…" Kakashi nodded.
Iruka gave him a soft laugh and leant to whisper into Kakashi's ear.
"So, boyfriend…Your place or mine?"
Kakashi growled and pulled Iruka against him, pushing his now semi-erect cock against the Chuunin.
"How about right here?" He rasped into Iruka's ear. Iruka shuddered as the copy nin's breath sent tingles through his skin.
"Unlike you, Kakashi, I am not so keen on people watching me have sex."
"Aww... Genma and Raidou will be so disappointed…."
"Wait… wha…?" but Iruka was interrupted by Kakashi's lips on his. After a few seconds, the pale skinned nin broke the kiss and grabbed Iruka's hand.
"My place it is then." He said as he took off down the road, dragging a confused Chuunin behind him.

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