Forever Entranced

Harry Potter sat on the floor beside a huge silver guilded throne and smiled proudly at his fourteen year old twin sons, his eleven year old daughter and his youngest two year old son who was currently sitting on the knee of a nanny.

Harry placed his hand on his pregnant stomach and began to stroke it.

His ankles were horribly swollen, making his shackles tighter.

A dark haired man stepped before the throne to taste the dark Lord's food before he ate it.

That used to be Harry's job before he became Voldemort's official 'breeder'.

The dark Lord had defeated them and Hogwarts was a pile of ruins.

Harry felt his chains being pulled on and he stood before being dragged into Voldemort's lap.

He didn't care for harry, only the child that resided within him. Voldemort would stroke his gravid stomach, as he did with all his children when Harry carried them.

But Harry knew he would never be hurt when he was pregnant with one of Voldemort's heirs.

Harry even thought he was receiving praise with the affectionate way Voldemort handled him when he was with child.

When Harry was first captured he had fought with all his might, even when Voldemort first raped him, even when he was pregnant with the twins and during his first labor.

But with the birth of his sons Harry decided he could only fight for them.

As the children got older Voldemort would beat the them for any of Harry's misdemeanors, so Harry became the perfect little concubine, mother to the Dark Lords children, the one who pleasured him at night and shared his bed.

Harry was allowed to see his children unaccompanied for only two hours daily.

Harry had requested this with threats of suicide.

Tonight Voldemort was throwing a party, Riddle House would be filled with Death Eaters and their families, not to mention what was left of the Order of the Phoenix whom had pledged allegiance to Voldemort in order to protect their children from a terrible life under his rule.

"Introducing Our Lord Voldemort and his Heirs Azeal, Cain, Belladonna and Jakob!" Shouted a guard as they entered the great dining room .

Harry had been put in a Green dress-robe that was tight and accentuated his eight-month belly.

He followed his master, who pulled him by the chains and manacles attached to his neck, wrists and ankles.

Voldemort addressed the crowd in his usual cold, cruel manner.

" You're forgetting my concubine, slave and the mother of my children HARRY POTTER!" Beamed Voldemort.

A few gasps rang out when Harry was pulled into view and he lowered his head in shame.

Harry could see faces he recognized, Molly and Arthur, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George, Percy, Bill, Charlie, Remus, Tonks and all their children.

Only pureblood Families were spared.

All the Muggle-borns like Hermione had been slaughtered slowly and buried in huge mass graves under the crumbling stones of Hogwarts.

But Harry knew why the order were still alive, so that Voldemort could let them all see that he was now a god among men. He would let them see what their savior Harry Potter had become:

A whore to the Dark Lord himself.

The End

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