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Chapter 2- Naruto and Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha, the coldhearted, revenge seeking, self absorbed son of a... Yes, he always seemed to be that way. So uncaring and alone. Some people went out of their way to try to please him, like his multitude of fangirls. He found a secret pleasure in blowing them off and pushing them away.

He was like that with everyone, well, Almost everyone.

Some people just got under his skin like nothing else. Like that overly perverted Sensei and that Loudmouth. But that little Pink haired vice...he could do without. Sometimes though, he had to admit, seeing the look on her face when he pried her off, it gave him a bit of satisfaction. Yeah, he was sick in the head.

But that's how he liked it.

Sasuke's POV

After training, I glanced around the training area one last time. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why, but something had caught my attention. A rustle of cloth, a muffled thud, what was it? Ah, that was it. It was the sound of Sakura's fist hitting Naruto's head. Glancing their direction, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Naruto a bit. I mean, sheesh. You woulda thought Sakura would have accepted his invitation for a lunch date after the five millionth time. (A/N insert dripping sarcasm.)

I roll my eyes and begin to walk away.

I cringe when I hear her sickly sweet voice. "Oh, Sasuke-kun. What are you doing now? Maybe we can go get something to eat."
I can't take her for much longer, and poor Naruto looks so crestfallen over there. I come up with some quick thinking that could help us both. "Sorry Sakura, I promised Naruto that I would grab lunch with him today." I smirked inwardly at my genious.
"Oh!" She squealed. "I will join you guys then!" And she latched onto my arm.

Thats what you think.

"I'm sorry, but this is a guys only thing, I'm sure you understand..." I said with a blank face. I couldn't go around with a grin plastered on my face for pissing her off, now could I? It would ruin my image.
"Hmph, fine. I guess I will see you tomorow then." She glared daggers at Naruto as she left, and for some reason this pissed me off.

I was able to hold it in though.

Naruts's POV

Was that Anger I saw in Sasuke's eyes? Nah, it couldn't have been. But why did he lie to Sakura like that? We never agreed to lunch. Oh, I get in now, he just wanted to get out of lunch with her. But why didn't he say no like every other time? Does he really want to go to lunch with me, or will he split as soon as she is out of sight?

I don't really care.

Or do I? I mean, this is Sasuke Uchiha we are talking about here. Sure he can be a teme, but there are times when he can be, dare I say, cool? I sure would like to have lunch with him, maybe he will pay for it. Yeah, that's the only reason I want him to come to lunch with me. And maybe he can tell me some stuff about Sakura. She seems to tell him an awful lot about herself. Maybe he would be willing to share.

Sasuke's POV

Naruto sure looks like he is thinking hard. I better stop him before he gets hurt. Seeing him without his trademark smile is also somewhat disconcerting. I'm not sure why, but I don't like when he isn't smiling. Maybe it makes me think something is wrong.
"Hey, Dobe, we gonna go? Or are you just going to stand there killing brain cells?" I say as I walk over to him.
"Y-you serious? you weally want to go to lunch with me?" He stutters. How cute. WAIT! Where the HELL did that come from! Nevermind, I can just forget it about it for now. I can analize it later, after lunch.
"Did I stutter?" I stole a glance at his face and his face instantly transformed from thoughtful to megawatt smile. Now there's the face I like...

OMG...Oh, forget it.

"So, you aren't messing with me?" He asks doubtfully. I look at him again and I could swear I saw something like mild fear in his eyes, but maybe that wasn't quite the right word for it.
"Come on Dead Last, I'm hungry." I say, adding as an afterthought, "And I bet you are too."

Both of our stomachs rumbled. His louder than mine. We glanced at eachother, in a silent challenge, and we both took off running.

Chapter -FIN-

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