Just Have To Wait


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Stupid paperwork!

Every time I get promoted, the workload increases!

My hand is soar from writing, so I let the pen drop on the desk.

Suddenly, Hawkeye hears and she lifts her head.

"Are you done sir?" She asks nonchalantly.

"Almost Hawkeye. Don't worry," I reply coolly.

She looks back down to her book and continues to read.

I should get back to my paperwork, but my eyes don't escape her. I look over her carefully. Soaking in each detail.

Her hair is up in its usual bun with only a few stray hairs brushing against her soft skin. What would I give to stroke her skin!

Her eyes are downcast, reading her book. Her expression is hard and concentrating. This look makes me want to laugh and possibly make her smile.

My eyes continue down to her lips. They look pouty and soft. Almost like they are taunting me. It makes me wonder what they would feel like, pressured against mine. It makes me wonder if Hawkeye is a good kisser…

She looks up again and I immediately turn my attention back to the paperwork.

I guess that will be up to my imagination…or I'll just have to wait to find out…

The End

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