Wires. Electricity flowed up and down like blood through veins, just as vital to the life of the great humming machine cradling Satsuki in its consciousness. One final mental twist linked her completely. It was exhiliarating, being able to create or obliterate fields of information with one focused thought. Surely, she thought, this is what being God is like.
[Beast, what have you to tell me?]
[Nothing. You are well.] It was a statement, not a question, as the leviathan monitored her heartrate, brainwaves, and a thousand other things. She extended her thoughts along its connections, idly viewing a game of Quake played across oceans, an email that would be tearstained had it been on paper, countless hideous webpages by enthusiastic children. She sighed deeply. Someone had to understand her, somewhere in the vast sea of data. An unfamiliar longing tugged at her, one she hadn't let herself feel since she was very small indeed. She tried to shove it aside as she always did, though, cursing it as another human weakness. It grew harder each time, and this time she couldn't shake it.
Withdrawing somewhat reluctantly from Beast, she decided to do something she hadn't done in a long time. She decided to go out.

Waking hurt. Her head felt like a crew of tiny people had moved in and begun excavating. She rolled over, wondering how the hell she'd gotten home, and filtering the bits of memory returning from the night before. A young woman at a bar...yes. Her name...Midori. She'd been concerned for the sad-looking young woman, and had begun talking to her. Satsuki remembered being mildly annoyed at first, and then surrendering to the proffered friendship after she'd finished off a can or two of Kirin.
Crawling out of bed to the bathroom wasn't an easy task. She didn't turn the light on, not after peeking out the door into the lighted hall had doubled the pain in her head. Somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered school, a lesson that the headache after drinking was from dehydration. After running her face under the spigot, and following some aspirin with a few cups of water, she felt a little better, and more of the night surfaced from the cloudy murk that was her mind.
A guy...He offered her a bottle at some point, might have been a friend of Midori. She'd assumed it was the same thing she'd been having and downed a good third of it. Choking, feeling as if it were fire she'd swallowed, Satsuki immediately berated her own stupidity. Now I'm paying for it, she thought.
The rest of the night was blurry and half remembered. The girl had lifted her into a cab, and she'd gained enough control back to mumble her destination to the driver. The journey from the door to her room was a complete blank, however. Had someone helped her inside? What would they say if so? Who was it?
Her clock read 2:57 pm. She was surprised that Kanoe hadn't called yet, looking for her. The woman's actions towards her bordered on obsessive. Since, however, she hadn't, Satsuki assumed she wasn't needed, and let sleep claim her again.

Beast was worried. Satsuki was unhappy. Something was wrong, but not in her physical condition. It was beginning to understand this concept of 'feelings' and 'emotions'. Humans, with their frail bodies and slow minds, needed the touch and presence of other humans as companions. This intrigued Beast. It had no physical needs it knew of. But it worked better when she was there, guiding. The computer decided, then, that she might work better if it was there to her. It needed a body.