The Daily Prophet

October 15th

A Win and a Loss

Yesterday in a turning point during the war against the Dark Lord, the light side received pertinent information on the location of the Dark Lord himself. Officials of the ministry will not comment, but apparently, the informant was a spy who was actually a member of an order of people dedicated to the defeat of the Dark Lord. The group known officially as The Order of the Phoenix has rumored to be the strength for the light side.

The Dark Lord, who was hiding and had not made an appearance at the battle, had been holed up close by in an abandoned house. The Order and Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived left the battle sight and stormed the house, catching the Dark Lord, known also as Lord Voldemort, unawares.

While it has been confirmed that the Dark Lord was killed for good in the final battle between himself and Mr. Potter, there is still much debate surrounding Mr. Potter's disappearance. The Ministry will let no one speak on the matter and while straight answers are few and far between, the Prophet has heard from one source that during the final moments of the battle a white light seemed to surround the Dark Lord and his Defeater. Once the blinding light had dissipated, the witness said, the Dark Lord was dead, but the Boy Who Lived was no where to be found.

Has Harry Potter disappeared? Is he dead? Where is the Savior of the Wizarding World? Is the Ministry looking for him? It is regrettable that this happy time has been ruined by such misfortune. If you are out there Mr. Potter; we are all grateful to you and hope that you are happy and healthy.

For a complete story on the rise and fall of Lord Voldemort see page 4.


Authors Note: What do you guys think about the new story I have brewing. It will be Dominate Draco because the last story was Dominate Harry. I know I'm completely stuck on vampires, but hopefully after this it will be out of my system.