Chapter Twenty Two

Between Us, a Life

Chapter 23 of Captivated is here and it's the last one... I wanted, at some point, for this story to go beyond conception and into the birth and what not, but I feel like my Harry Potter days are coming to an end, eclipsed by other fandoms now that I can close the HP chapter of my life with the last book. And, really, once you've met Daniel Radcliff, you can't really go anywhere else as a fangirl... that's the end all, be all. But, really, I watch this show called Supernatural on the CW (I've been watching it since it came on in 2005/6) and I've just now really, really thrown myself head first into the deep waters of that fan community. So, I hope you at least find some closure in Draco and Harry's story in Captivated, please use your imaginations to continue the story... and know that I would have made it a happy ending no matter when it ended. If you, as an author, would like to continue it in a story of your own, just contact me, let me know, you have my blessing, I'll link you from my profile! I hope you all understand... at some point I may start posting my Supernatural stories here also... which are also slash. You guys have all been great for reading and reviewing!!


Draco's mind came to alertness before any of his other senses caught up. But he knew one thing, as his lungs took in his first breath of the night… it had been three days. Three very long and torture filled days of endless burning and no fulfillment; how had he managed so long without Harry in the first place? He had gone months without sex, a year almost, during the war. Why had it been so hard to keep his hands off his husband? Draco smiles as his body comes alive, new bonds were like that; they both needed each other with a fire that would cool, but never diminish, as the bond grew stronger and the years wore on.

Draco heard Harry's breath catch as he smiled. So, Harry was awake and very obviously waiting impatiently for Darco to rise.

Darco tightened his grip on the man beside him, "Good Evening. You woke before me?"

Harry ran his fingers through blond hair, "I couldn't sleep."

Draco blinked, "Why couldn't you sleep?"

Now it was Harry's turn to blink, "What d'you mean, why? Because I'm bloody well ready for you to shag me!"

Draco laughed, yawned, and shrugged, "Well, if you insist…"

Harry sat up, punching Draco in the stomach which elicited an annoyed humph from the vampire beside him, "You fucking know what day it is Malfoy! And don't even pretend that you haven't been counting down the seconds to this day just as impatiently as I have!"

Draco chuckled again, "Just teasing you love."

Harry fell back down onto the bed beside Draco who turned so he was lying on his side, propped up on one elbow.

Harry looked up into the face of his vampire lover, his green eyes practically glowing. This time when he spoke he used their more intimate mind connection, yes, well, I'd rather you fuck me into the mattress.

Draco's hips gave a little involuntary thrust as those dirty words emerged from the pristine mouth of his consort. When Harry really went for something, well… damn!

Draco leaned down, taking Harry's mouth in a rough kiss as he moved his hands up Harry's arms, pinning his hands above his head. Draco skin was still warm to the touch from the small amounts of blood he had been taking from Harry. They were trying to be very careful about how much and how often he drank so it didn't affect the conception, or the birth, of the baby.

Harry's tongue wrestled with Draco's both of them feeling an eagerness that had everything to do with their three day stint of celibacy. Draco growled as Harry's hands tangled in his hair and electricity seemed to jump from the brunette's skin to the blonde's own.

It was always like this when they made love; Draco's touch overwhelming Harry, making him sensitive to every light stroke. Draco's magic wrapping around his body almost like a second caress, whispering along his skin and sizzling his nerve endings until Harry didn't know whether to relax boneless into the bed or to arch his body off of it in passion.

Draco would have called this effect he had on Harry unfair if any of these things had made Harry demurely submissive, but it had not and never would. Harry was always giving Draco everything back that Draco gave to him, meeting him, challenging him, laying in stark supplication beneath Draco, but never submissive, never docile.

In a testament to Draco's latest thoughts, almost as if Harry had chosen that moment to delve into Draco's mind, Harry broke the kiss turning his head as if inviting Draco to bit his neck. Draco didn't think it was such a good idea for him to be taking blood from Harry again so soon, but he bowed his head and began to place long, slow kisses moving down the side of Harry's neck.

This brought Draco's own neck dangerously close to Harry's mouth, which had apparently been his intention all along, before Draco could pull away from Harry, his sexy consort had sunk his teeth into the side of the vampire's neck. Draco gave a surprised yell and then a strangled moan as his whole body went slack on top of Harry's.

Harry disengaged his teeth and soothed the rapidly forming bruise with his tongue. Not that the pain had not already subsided or that the mark would last longer than the hour it took Draco's vampire healing to repair the marred skin.

Draco regained control of his body, the intense pleasure he always felt when Harry got rough with him moving lower to coil in his abdomen. He moved to loom above Harry again, growling softly in the back of his throat.

Harry looked unapologetic and pleased with himself, "I never said that while you were being careful about biting me that I was going to extend the same courtesy to you."

He brought his hand up to smooth a finger over Draco's bottom lip, "plus, I like that little scream you give…"

Draco smiled, "yeah, it sounds a little like the one you give when I do this…"

In a flash Draco had his head bent to Harry's right nipple, flicking his tongue out and over the hardening nub. As predicted Harry gave a little scream of delight that faded into a moan as he arched off the bed into Draco's mouth, searching out this moist heat of his tongue again.

Draco smiled briefly and then started to use his mouth to do other things, moving down Harry's body, trailing slow kisses across his stomach. A stomach, Draco realized, that would soon be swollen with child. As he did every time his thoughts turned this direction Draco got a little light headed and the vision of Harry doubled in front of him. He shook himself trying to think about all the positive things that were going to come out of this pregnancy.

Swallowing heavily Draco looked up to see Harry staring at him exasperated, he felt his bonded presence in his mind, if you keep thinking like that you're going to faint again.

Draco narrowed his eyes, I didn't faint last time! I feel asleep!

Harry smiled, oh, ok, you fell asleep… standing up, reading the material Snape gave you about the birthing process, in the middle of the night, and you, a vampire, fell asleep?!

Draco growled low in his throat, I didn't faint… I panicked… there's a difference.

Harry's laughed was like a soothing breeze in Draco's mind, like warm water lapping at his skin, yeah, they also have a similarity in that you close your eyes and drop to the floor!

Draco grimaced, can we not talk about this?

Harry reached down to run his fingers through Draco's hair again, I'm just saying that you need to relax, ok, just think about this moment, with me, ok…

Draco nodded. Breathing deep, pulling in Harry's strength, his determination and his unwavering faith that it would all work out in the end, Draco steadied his nerve, thinking about what was right about this, instead of what was wrong.

Moving to the bedside table he drew out the bottle of lube they kept there, lavender for relaxation. Dipping in two fingers he rubbed it between his fingers and thumb to warm it up a little before moving between Harry's legs and inserting his fingers to prepare his lover. Harry moaned, thrusting down into Draco's hand and gripped the sheets in his fists.

"Draco, I'm ready now…" Harry's voice was just this side of breathy which made Draco laugh because Harry hated it when his voice got breathy.

Draco crooked a finger and caught Harry's prostate, making the other man arch off the bed and practically shred the sheets, "I just got started Harry, give me a few more minutes. I want this to be special."

Harry growled, "It'll be special no matter what… now, please, now… I need you now!"

Draco lifted Harry who locked his legs around the blond as the vampire pushed into him. Harry was gritting his teeth but relaxing the lower half of his body and Draco was fully sheathed inside him in a few seconds. Giving Harry a minute to recover Draco slowly drew out and thrust back in slowly, drawing out moans from both of them.

Harry reached up to pull Draco down into a kiss, teeth clashing and tongues battling as Draco thrust into Harry again and again, angling to hit the brunette's sweet spot. Draco knew he had struck the target when Harry gasped and dug his nails into Draco's shoulders.

Draco's eyes nearly crossed when Harry squeezed his muscles around him and Draco knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He reached between them and wrapped his hand around Harry, stroking him to completion. Draco thought that it was ironic that they could have made this last much longer and taken more time if they had been able to have sex the past three days. As it was they were both acting like hyper-sensitive teenagers who couldn't last.

Harry came first, sobbing into Draco's neck, and Draco soon followed thrusting deep into Harry as he rode the storm. They collapsed in a heap, breathing like winded runners, sweaty, but not nearly sated. Draco rolled off of Harry who rolled over onto his stomach.

Draco immediately starts kissing a path down Harry's spine, "Are you ready to go again?"

Harry hummed and laughed a little, "I guess we want to make sure it takes, right?"

Draco licked a bead of sweat from the dip in his lover's back, "Exactly."

Harry groaned as Draco slid back into him, already hard again, and began making shallow thrusts into the welcoming body beneath his. Draco glanced down to watch the muscles move in Harry's back as he arched up into Draco and then thrust against the bed sheets on the down stroke. As he watched he got hungry and, leaning over, he skimmed his fangs over the skin. Harry twitched and hissed as the skin slid open to allow a small amount of blood to the surface.

As Draco began to lick at the wound Harry moaned and thrust up. Draco felt his orgasm nearing again and he knew Harry was close also; he started thrusting deeper and harder until he felt Harry shudder and his muscles clinched around Draco who moaned Harry's name as he succumbed to his second orgasm of the evening.

The night seemed to go on and on as they made love again and again. By the time they both collapsed, boneless against one another it was a few hours away from sunrise. Draco and Harry faced each other, twisted together under the covers.

Harry was the first to speak, "It's going to be ok Draco, I know it is. This baby, and you, and me are going to be a family."

Draco ran a hand through Harry's hair, "I hope so. I hope you're right."

Harry yawned, worn out by their sexual escapades, "you'll see."

Draco watched Harry drift into sleep, whispering to him, "I love you, you're so strong and sure of everything. You captivated me."

Harry didn't say anything, just snuggled closer, and Draco glanced down to look at his consort's stomach. Maybe, in there, right now, was the beginning of a child. His and Harry's child, a baby girl if Harry's visions were anything to go by… he was going to spoil her like he spoiled her Daddy.

With this thought Draco closed his eyes to prepare for sleep, secure in the love he felt from Harry, sending his love back over the bond… and between them, safe and cherished, a life found existence.