When Worlds Collide 2: Dan Phantom's Return



DISCLAIMER: I own neither Danny Phantom and associated characters, nor Darkwing Duck and associated characters.

Gosalyn Mallard sat at her desk. Her new powers were becoming a pain. Almost every day, she'd phase through the floor, her desk, or something else. She also was discovering other powers. The one thing she most enjoyed about her powers was flight. That, and overshadowing people. She thought about her recent trip through death and back, and whether she should try to sell it to the tabloids. She heard a rustling noise behind her. "Huh?" she said, "Who's there?" "Oh, nobody," responded a deep voice. She didn't recognize it. "Come out!" she demanded. A muscular ghost with flaming hair and Danny's emblem appeared from nowhere, followed by another ghost, this one a bit more familiar looking. "Danny?" she said, "why'd you change your emblem? And who's the musclehead?" The other ghost looked like Danny, but his costume was inverted, and his emblem was appropriately inverse, a P with a D inside. "We're not Danny," they responded simultaneously, "or at least, not the one you know." She went ghost. "If you won't tell me who you are, I guess I'll have to fight it out of you!" "You'll do no such thing," the tall one said, and zapped her. This knocked her out.

Mirror Clockwork watched, grinning. "Excellent," he thought, "Now I can corrupt her future."