Danny stared out the car window as the kids sat in the back, the car's vibrations and the pitter-patter of rain having lulled both of them asleep. Danny was feeling a little drowsy himself. Rainy days did that to him. Thankfully, Sam was behind the wheel. "Danny, wake up." She admonished him as he started to snore.

"Sorry, Sam. You know what days like this do to me. Aren't they cute?" Danny whispered as he looked in the rearview mirror at the two children as they slept in their safety seats. They had a full day of running errands ahead of them. First, they took the kids to the doctor, Dr. Menzer (A/N: the name of my late childhood physician) for their annual checkup.

Rainy days made the kids a little temperamental so, in order to stop Jess' crying, Danny put in a CD of Disney songs. That CD not helping, Danny put in a mix CD he had made of the kids' favorite songs, skipping right to "My Girl", which calmed her down instantly. Finally, after getting some office supplies, new clothes and shoes for the kids, some feminine hygiene products, and some wedding presents for a friend of Sam's, they had one last stop: groceries, which had gotten a little more expensive ever since they had agreed that Jess was too old for breastfeeding.

"Gulliver's Travels! Is that Sam Manson and Danny Fenton? I haven't seen the two of you since graduation."

"Oh, hi, Lancer." Danny replied.

"We're all adults now, you can call me Ed."

"So, Ed, what have you been doing with yourself?"

"I'm still vice principal at Casper High. Yourselves?"

"Well, I'm an astronaut, as hard as it is to believe, Sam's a doctor, and we've been happily married for the past two years, three this April. These are our kids Danny and Jess. Danny, Jess, this is Mr. Lancer. He used to teach mommy and daddy when we went to school."

"Shiny!" Danny, Jr. yelled as he pointed at Mr. Lancer's head.

"Now, Danny, you know that's rude. I'm sorry, Ed." Sam said.

"I forgive him. So, I presume you still talk with Tucker?"

"Not as much as we used to. Actually, he and Valerie had a baby boy a few days ago and they asked us to be his godparents."

"Well, I'm glad everyone else's life is progressing. Oh, and belated congratulations on your marriage."

"Thanks. Oh Danny, did you hear that Valerie's coming home from the hospital today?" Sam asked as they walked away.

"No, I didn't. I just hope Tucker's knack for pickup lines isn't genetic."

By the time they got home, Jess was sound asleep. The same couldn't be said for little Danny. He was awake and he made sure people knew it from the way he was crying. By the time Sam brought in the last couple of bags from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (Don't worry, Danny brought in 75 percent of the bags), Danny had put on "Beautiful Boy". As she put the bags down on couch, she watched as Danny danced with their som, eyes closed, his baby boy held close against his shoulder in daddy's strong, loving arms. Danny opened his eyes, returning his wife's smile.