Author's Note: I know I should probably be working on my other stories, but the urge to write a one-shot was too strong, so I did. Ahem. Yes. It probably sucks 'cause I wrote this on a whim and stuff. Yeah. I'll get on with it. And, I know what happened at the end of the series, but I'm ignoring it. Deal.

Roy – 32

Edward – 21




Edward let out a small hiccup as he let his body slump against the wall. There was an annoying buzzing ringing in his ears and his thoughts felt fuzzy and sluggish. He blinked as the figures of the other military personnel began to blur into one large and out focus blue mass. The world spun slightly as well, making his stomach do a few uncomfortable flip-flops. What had happened? Whatever. He didn't care. Not like he could think properly anyways.

"Fullmetal, I should've known that you'd drink too much."

The blonde rubbed his eyes, trying to get his vision to focus again. Another hiccup escaped his lips, which were far less red than his flushed cheeks. There was definitely someone talking to him. He was sure of it even though he really couldn't make out what they were saying. But who? The fuzzy cloud hovering over his mind sure didn't help.

"You're the only person who'd get drunk within 5 minutes of turning twenty-one."

A frown graced the now twenty-one year old, Edward Elric's, lips. The voice was starting to give him a massive headache. He could already feel the dull pounding in the back of his head become stronger. He let out a small groan, scrunching his golden eyes shut and wishing the owner of the voice would just shut up and leave him in peace.

"What happened to 'drink responsibly'?"

Edward growled, ready to beat whoever was talking to him to a pulp. The voice was smooth, familiar, and carried waves of smugness with every word. Only one person could radiate such an incredible amount of smugness at one time. He even bet that there was that irritating yet oh-so-sexy smirk on that person's face: Roy Mustangs face.

"But I guess it was to be expected of you. After all, you have a habit of being the biggest nuisance the world has ever seen…"

Down fell the first rock. This was when the incessant 'Blah! Blah! Blah!' that Edward had been hearing faded away, turning into words.

The still quite short male felt his temper rise quickly. He gritted his teeth and clenched his teeth, restraining himself from doing anything drastic.

"… Not to mention useless in this state…"

Down tumbled the second rock, larger than the first. Edward opened his eyes to glare at the raven-haired Colonel, who did indeed have a smirk upon his face that was kneeling down in front of him. Pushing some of his honey-colored hair out of his face, Ed intensified his glare, staring right at Roy. This only made the older man's smirk grow.

"… You're so predictable, Edward Elric."

Predictable? Oh. So he was predictable? Now Edward in his drunken stupor was bent on proving Roy Mustang wrong and did what everyone believed would never happen, not even in the most crazy of dreams. Edward Elric grasped the folds of Roy's jacket and kissed him. The only thing the other male could do was sit there in shock, eyes wide. But when the blonde pull away, Roy couldn't help but think that it ended too soon.

Wiping his mouth on his sleeve, Edward glared defiantly up at the Colonel. Everyone else in the room, including Roy, was too shocked to speak, so they just sat in dumb silence until Edward broke it.

"I am not predictable."

Roy Mustang couldn't help but agree with the blonde. Edward Elric might be a nuisance and useless, but he was most certainly not predictable.


Author's Notes: So? How was it? Pretty short right? Yeah. I know, but drabbles aren't supposed to be long. Or well thought out. Ah well. Pretty cliché idea, no?