Author's Note: Dean's POV post Devil's Trap


Life is kind of boring when you know how you're gonna die. When you don't know, everything is dangerous, exciting. I always knew how I would die. Killed by some creature or thing while trying to protect Sam.

There was that one time, though. When we killed the rawhead. Yeah, that was different. I just sat there thinking I've fought dangerous things all my life and now it's my heart that's gonna give out and kill me, I don't think so. Sure enough, I lived to fight another day, although I'm not entirely sure I wanted to.

Every hunt has become a routine. Do a little research, wonder if it's our kind of thing, take out the son of a bitch, drive off into the sunset. End of story.

Sam says I've become more reckless. I just shrug it off, but inside I know it's because I'm bored.

I think of a normal life. One that was taken from me when I was four. I'd be even more bored then. That makes me almost happy about our life. Almost.

I'm sitting here. Bleeding. Once again I'm wrong. It's a semi-truck that will be the end of me. Sure, the demon had a hand in it, but ultimately, it's that damn truck.

I see my dad, but I look away. Sam. Sam is what I want to focus on. What I'll see and my thoughts will be right before I die.

I'm coming Mom. Jess.

Sam. I think of Sam. Not of my dad. Possessed. Ripping out my heart. Figuratively and literally.

No. I look at Sam. He's unconscious.

I wasn't even protecting him.

This is a lame way to die. At least hunting still has some excitement.

I hear sirens in the distance. It's amazing what I'm aware of as I'm dying. I know there are sirens. I know Sam's breathing isn't at all would it should be like. I know the truck hit us on purpose.

The sirens are closer. Have I gotten another chance? Sam can't exactly save me this time. Here they are. I know they'll save Sam. I've protected him long enough.

I'm coming soon, Mom. Sam says hi Jess.

I know the end is coming. Everything fades to black, just like in the movies. End of story.

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