Chapter Two: A Meeting


How Red-X Forced Raven to Meet Him for Tea (Even Though She Was Very Reluctant to Do So) and She Found Herself Having Fun Anyway

Raven's Point of View

The thing about waking up with the sun is that it becomes a habit. So even when you really want to sleep in just to keep your mind away from certain cocky, arrogant, adorable criminals, you wake up anyway just as dawn spreads her rosy fingers across the sky. Ah, perfect.

Once I gave up battling the idea that I was, in fact, awake, I began to maul over X's little visit to me last night. The prominent question in my mind, not surprisingly, was why didn't I throw him out/beat him up/throw him in jail/call for my friends? It was quite an enigma; usually I handled myself very well. It just didn't seem possible that I could be manipulated.

I wondered if it was a dream, but quickly disposed of that theory – I'm not that creative. Besides, if I was dreaming about Red-X that said many things about the state of my mental health and none of them good – if that was the case it was probably time for me to check myself into the Jump City Mental Health Ward. Although, allowing him to stay didn't say good things either. . . neither did hallucinations.


I decided that it was a result of me being tired and not together. He had caught me off guard; that was the only reason I hadn't done anything. It would never happen again. I blamed my exhaustion, and decided to get out of bed and start the day, reluctant thought I was. I glanced out the window, and found myself disturbingly unsurprised to see Red-X there.

"You know, you're usually faster in the mornings," he observed. I felt myself blushing.

"You've been spying on me?" I shrieked in rage and horror. So he was just a pervert then. The only problem was that conclusion was the fact that it upset far more than I cared to admit.

"Ah, don't get mad! I wasn't watching you undress or anything! Please, Reá Marie, give me some credit!" he scoffed. I groaned. He was far more awake than I wanted him to be.

"Couldn't you just go away and leave me alone?" I begged, running my fingers uneasily through my hair. I bit my lower lip even as the little voice in my head chided me over that. Biting my lips was my worst bad habit. Robin started to notice a while back when he realized that my lips got bloody even when I wasn't hit during battle. He got the others to gang up on me on it, and since then they're tried to get me off it with the logic that I have villains who will happily spilt my lips for me. It has yet to take effect.

"If I left you alone, how would I get my kicks? And stop biting your lip," he said. Stunned that he noticed, I obeyed. "Good girl,"

"What am I, a dog? Do I get a treat now, o master?" I sneered sarcastically.

"Sure. Why the hell not? Just one condition," he said. Before I could yell at him, X continued, "Meet me at Café et Lait in an hour. I know you know it," he said. I crossed my arms.

"And if I don't?"

"You'll have one sad boyfriend on your hands. You wouldn't disappoint me, would you sunshine? I think not," he said with confidence. He gave a small wave and jumped out the window as I stared after him. Maybe I'm not the only one who needs a nice long stay in the Jump City Mental Health Ward. . .

Jason's Point of View

I teleported to my motorcycle and took off down the streets like a bolt of lightening. I love speed. This has become a legal matter over which Michael and I strongly disagree. Michael listens to speed limits. I prefer to categorize them more as suggestions that I can ignore as I please.

So, it was a mad rush down to the apartment to change into a light blue t-shirt and black jeans. Michael stared as I haphazardly pulled on a black jacket. You know something's up if you can get lawyer boy to leave his New York Times and coffee for more than five seconds.

"That's my jacket," he commented as I battled a sleeve.

"Not today! I have a date!" I protested right before gracefully falling flat on my face. Jacket one, Jason zip. I angrily jammed my arm into the sleeve as Michael looked on in amusement. "Don't you have someone to sue?"

"Ah, but I'd miss this show. And it's so much more entertaining," he said. I gave him a 'cute' look. He smiled innocently. "And your shoes are by the door," he commented as I looked under the furniture for them.

"Of course. I knew that. I totally knew that. I was just checking to make sure you knew that," I responded.

"Right. Have fun on your date," he said. I grinned madly and ran out the door.

I walked into the café and immediately spotted Raven. Her hair was up in a ponytail, just as I liked it. She was wearing a black peasant skirt that went to her knees and knee-high black boots. Her camisole was light blue and she had a large woven leather belt slung diagonally across her waist. She was deeply engaged in the book she was reading, some Latin thing by Cicero way beyond me. She had a mug of tea cooling on the table in front of her.

"Hiya!" I greeted her as I came and sat down. She looked up, startled. Her eyes widened as she stared at me.

"Oh, um, I'm waiting for someone. . . ." she said, looking unsure. I laughed.

"Yeah. Me," I said. Now she just looked annoyed.

"Nice pickup line, but I really am," she said, crossing her arms adorably. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. Me. Your favorite morning visitor," I said. Her lips in a small 'o' as she put the pieces together. She blushed, and it was beautiful.

"Oh. Well, here I am. What's your name?" she asked, leaning forward and closing her book.

"Jason Paul Dober. Jason like the Greek dude, Paul like the Saint, Dober like the dog but spelled with one b, not two," I told her. She mauled it over.

"How do you know my middle name?" she asked, voice betraying nothing but curiosity.

"Please, Reá Marie, don't insult my intelligence. If Beast Boy could hack into your computer system and find your birthday, then surely I can hack in and find out your full name is Raven Marie Roth," I challenged her.

"I should've seen that one coming. I really ought to remind Cyborg to update the security systems on those things," she mused.

"But then how would I get my kicks?"

Raven's Point of View

I felt a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. As much as I hated to admit it, I was enjoying this little get together with Re – I mean Jason. It felt so weird to give him a real face and real name. I convinced myself that I was doing this because I could possibly get vital information to later use against him. The little voice in my head reminded me that I was a liar for telling myself that. If I was going to be perfectly honest with myself (which I wasn't) I would admit that I liked the attention Jason was giving me.

So much for honesty.

"You could get your kicks hanging out with me," I suggested. I didn't so much state that as hear myself say it. As soon as I realized what I had said I blushed madly and grabbed my tea. If I was drinking tea, I wasn't saying stupid things like that. One of these days my big mouth was going to get me in huge trouble. . .

"I'd like that," he said, grinning. Something stirred inside me, one of those same feelings I was having last night before I embraced the anger. Now, however, I didn't have something to get angry about. So I shifted my weight uncomfortably, biting my lip. "You really need to stop biting your lips,"

"Oh, be quiet!" ah, there was anger right when I needed it most. He rolled his eyes, sparkling with delight and amusement. He then stuck out his tongue.

"That's my mature response," he said. I sighed.

"How do you know I won't turn you in right now?"

"What are you going to say? 'I found this random guy and I'm convinced he's a criminal'? Please. You have no evidence," he said. I frowned. He laughed at me. "Lighten up!"

"Lighten up?"

"Yes. Really. Come on, I'll give you a thrill ride on my motorcycle," he said. He held out his hand, and I hesitated.

Jason's Point of View

She decided in a minute. She took my hand and stood up, eyes showing that she trusted me, and she trusted me not to betray that trust. I smiled at her and left a ten for the waiter before taking her to the parking lot.

"Can I assume you flew here?" I asked her.


"Good. I'd hate to bother with getting something else back to the Tower," I grumbled. A small smile graced her features, and my heart swelled with love for her. She was such a goddess, even if she didn't realize it. "This is going to be so much fun," I promised her. She raised an eyebrow, but held back her tongue. I got on and she seated herself behind me, careful to make sure we didn't touch.

"Let's go," she said. I frowned.

"First, neither of us have helmets on. That's a problem. Second, your chances of staying on this vehicle without touching me at about as good as a snowball's at lasting more than half a second in hell,"

"Well, I love the heat and hate the cold so I always assumed the reports were wrong and that hell is actually a very cold place," she said.

"Cute. Hold put on the damn helmet and grab my waist. There is no way you're getting blood on this jacket; Michael would kill me,"

"Michael? Someone I should be jealous of?"

"My roommate," I said, turning around to gauge her reaction. She wanted to show nothing, but I knew her well enough by now to see the small smile she was trying to hide. There's a lot to be said for witty banter.

"Alright," she agreed, strapping on her helmet as I did mine. She put one hand on my shoulder to constitute 'holding on', and with a sigh I realized she would have to learn the Hard Way, or as I like to call it the Fun Way.

I revved the cycle and she loud out a loud shriek as we took off. She through both her arms around my waist and held on so tightly that, if I didn't know better, I'd think she was trying to strange me. "Jason! What about speed limits!!" she shouted. I could feel her eyes on the speedometer.

"Yeah, I tend to take them more as suggestions," I informed her. She shrieked again as I narrowly passed a large truck.

"You're going to get us both killed!" she cried in horror.

"Your point being?"


"It'll be fine! Watch this!" I said as we approached a large ramp. She began to protest but I ignored her. Instead I flew us off the ramp. She was silent as there was that one beautiful moment of soaring through the air, weightless. I heard her breath hitch as we approached the ground, finally slamming onto the pavement. I turned around to glance at her.

Her cheeks were flushed deliciously, her breathing heavy – I could feel her stomach pressing into my back. Her hair was silently mused, and she was holding me like that act could reveal the cure for AIDS.

"That was amazing," she panted. There was a pause, then "And you will never do that again!" she shouted practically in my ear. I winced and leaned forward, now decidedly watching the road. When we finally arrived at the Tower, she got off and stood there, swaying slightly. I turned off the cycle and got off. I walked over to her and steadied her.

"That was nice. We should do it again sometime," I said, smiling at her. She sighed. Despite this, I kissed her – well, it wasn't really even a kiss. More like a brush of the lips. Now, I'd have to ask Michael to be sure, but I was fairly certain that in court of law it wouldn't hold up. It still managed to stun her, however, and she gaped at me as I got back on the motorcycle.

"Have a nice day. I'll see you around," I promised her before I sped off.

Raven's Point of View

So help me Azar, he kissed me. As he drove off I stood there in shock, gaping like a fish after him. How on earth . . .? Questions produced more questions until my head was so full it hurt. Turned to autopilot, I mutely entered the building. I ignored my friends' greetings as I walked through the living room, still too surprised. Finally I came to my room where I collapsed on the bed, trying to decipher the events that had just taken place.

Oh, Azar.

What was happening to me?

He had kissed me, and I liked it. I liked it a lot. The ghost of his lips danced along mine, and I wanted so badly to have him back. What a strange morning. I'd gone from hating him for spying on me, to loving his witty banter, to hating him for nearly killing me, and then loving him again for kissing me. I groaned and sighed, burying my face in my hands.


Confusion One, Raven Zip.

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