Summary: Meredith is a rebellious 17 year old, and Derek is a first year intern working under the famous Ellis Grey.

Rating: PG-13 (For now)


'So, how has your first week been? Must be pretty great working under Ellis Grey huh?' Preston asked his fellow intern.

'Oh man, its great. She never stops though, she like a machine' Derek replied, closing his locker. 'I'm so tired, I can't wait to go home and sleep.'

'I know what you mean. Be nice to go home to a hottie though.'

'Indeed it would.' Derek agreed, leaving Preston to head home.

On his way out Derek notices a young girl waiting out in chairs. She was beautiful. Slim and tall. She glanced up from the book she was reading, 'Can I help you with something?' She asked.

Derek did not realize that he had been staring so intently. 'I was just wondering what a young girl like you was doing out here alone.' He recovered quickly.

The girl seemed to take great offence to his statement. 'I'm not a young girl you know. I'm waiting for my mom to get off work. She makes me wait here after school so I don't get into anymore trouble.'

"A trouble maker huh?" He played.

"My mom thinks so." She mumbled.

Heels were then heard walking down the hall. Ellis Grey had her nose is paper work as she walked by, not even looking up she spoke, "Meredith, lets go!"

Meredith stood, grabbing her backpack and collecting her books. "It was nice meeting you Meredith," Derek said, helping her with one of her books.

"Yeah, you too," she took a look at his hospital ID, "Dr. Shepard." She said while walking out the doors.

"Its Derek" he called out. As he watched her walk away, he kept trying to remember a time when Ellis Grey had even mentioned having a daughter. A really hot daughter too. He was determined to find out more about the mystery surgeons daughter.


The next day after another gruelling shift Derek over heard a conversation, "I'm going to be here all night with this paper work", Dr. Grey said, walking into one of the offices.

'Was Meredith waiting for her mother down the hall? Was Dr. Grey even going to tell Meredith she was going to be late? Am I just looking for an excuse to talk to Meredith?' Derek asked himself as he walked towards chairs.

Sure enough, there she was, schoolbooks spread across one of the tabled. "Looks like you have a lot of homework there." Derek said.

Meredith looked up. She looked beautiful in the jean mini skirt, white long sleeve shirt, high black boots and perfectly straightened hair. "I finished my homework hours ago; I'm just doing some studying." She sighed, "Do you know if my mom is done yet?"

"She said that she had a lot of paperwork to do."

Meredith stood, grabbing her books and shoving them into her book bag, "screw this, I'm out of here." She said, walking out.

Derek followed, "hey! Where are you going?" He asked as he went outside, watching her watch the rain.

"One of my friends, Alex, is having a party. I'll just go there."

"Wont your mother be angry?" Derek had no idea what was drawing him to this girl.

"She won't even notice I wasn't here waiting for her." Meredith said, walking into the rain.

"It's pouring out; let me at least give you a ride?" 'What the hell am I doing?'

She turned to face him and smile, "ok."

Derek walked Meredith to his car, all the while mentally kicking himself for what he was doing. Pulling out of the Hospital driveway, Meredith started some small talk. "So, you're an intern?"

"Yeah, I'll be twenty-five next month. How'd you guess?"

"Well, one: you're fairly young looking, and two: you aren't as mean as regular doctors. My mother hasn't tainted you yet. Make a left up here."

"Your mother is a brilliant surgeon. She's the reason I wanted to work at Seattle Grace."

"She's not a brilliant mother," Meredith mumbled.

Derek tried to ignore her statement, "so, I noticed some of your textbooks, do you graduate this year?"

"I'm hoping too. I'm actually only in Grade 11 but I'm taking a lot of senior classes. I applied for early registration to Dartmouth."

"Dartmouth; wow. That's a great school. They have an excellent medical program."

"Make a right up here. Yeah, as much as I hate how my mom acts when she's working, I really want to be a surgeon."

"I graduated a year early, but I missed a lot of my friends, and I never got to go to my prom and stuff."

"Well, a lot of my friends are seniors, and my best friend Christina is trying to graduate this year too. Also, my boyfriend Finn is a senior, so he'll be taking me to prom at the end of the year. The house is just in this cul-de-sac."

Derek sighed, why was he so upset that Meredith Grey had a boyfriend? She was seventeen; she was jailbait. She was also beautiful, and smart.

Derek could tell right away whish house was the party house. There were a good handful of kids all hanging out on the covered patio. "Thanks for the ride Derek." She said, grabbing her bag and leaving the car.

He watched her run up to one of the guys and gave him a kiss. He guessed that was Finn. He watched as Finn handed her what looked like a beer and watched as Meredith took out a cigarette. He wondered if Dr. Grey knew anything about her daughter.