Lloyd was about to leave on his quest, but suddenly Kratos reappeared!

"Dad, you're back from Europe!" He cried happily.

"Yes, son. I am." Kratos announced, then dutifully clicked on a link.

* * *


* * *

"Wait, dad, no. You didn't just click on that." Lloyd blanched.

"Yes, I'm afraid he did," Raine sighed.

* * *

Kratos was out of cash and needed to pay for his baby and for his wife so he decided one day to be a night hooker. "Anna, I must be a night hooker." He said.

Anna was happy because she knew Kratos would like it and then they would have money.

So Kratos walks around one night hooking and this guy drives up and it's…


Kratos is so happy and gets in the car and…

* * *

Suddenly, Zelos ambushed Kratos, tying a blindfold around his eyes!

"Graaah! Must… read… badfiction….!!!" Kratos cried, struggling against the blindfold.

The blindfold won.

"Lloyd, you have to go on a quest and quickly! Kratos isn't going to last much longer if he keeps reading this," Zelos explained. "His badfiction habit is warping the world around us, creating all of these strange anomalies…"

Suddenly a glasses-wearing red-haired man ran through the room, a panicked look in his eyes, then dashed down the hallway. "Make him go away!" he pleaded.

"RICHTER!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" Aster ran into the room after him.

"… like that." Zelos finished. "And we don't want that to keep happening."

"AAAUUUGHHHH!!!!" A loud, tortured, cry resounded from the other room.

Zelos shuddered. "We really don't."

"Wow, thanks for the plot, Zelos," Genis said. "We really needed some around here."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Yuan agreed. "I mean, centurions? Come on!"

"And I really, who wouldn't have figured out that we named the tree "Yggdrasill?"" Lloyd added nonchalantly.

Emil paused in the doorway, gaping. "AAAHHH!!! SPOILERS!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!" He ran from the room crying.

"Huh, funny, that sounds oddly familiar…" Lloyd commented.

* * *


* * *

"…what was that?" Lloyd blinked.

"Oh no! The blindfold!" Regal cried. "Kratos figured out how to take it off!"

Presea ran forward, "Quick, we've got to stop him….!"

But it was too late.

* * *

So Kratos was happy with Yuan but he didn't have any money so he wasn't really happy. He has to go out hooking again and he's like "man, all this hooking, when will I see mah baby again?"

Kratos the night hooker is sad.

But then, Mithos drives by! Mithos is like "I have lots of money" and Kratos agrees so he gets in the car…

* * *


Kratos cried out in agony. "Nooooo! Curse you blindfold!"

"Lloyd, hurry and go on your quest!" Zelos pleaded. "For the sake of our world!"

"I will follow in my father's footsteps." Lloyd nodded with determination. "I'm joining the circus."


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