finally typed this up,its been in my head for weeks now

this takes place in the middle of the night in sasuke's room. they're already together


Sasuke breathed deeply, enjoying each inhale and exhale as he slowly began to drift off to sleep.








His exhale was interrupted by some thing heavy plopping down on top of him.

"Hey Sasuke!"

Sasuke woke and stared at Naruto through tired half lidded eyes "what?" he grumbled

"Well" Naruto began "I was sitting here thinking,"

"Oh God." Sasuke said as he rolled his eyes.

Naruto huffed out a breath "I was thinking, and I wanted to ask you something."

"So, instead of waiting until I wasn't sleeping you decided to wake me up now?"

"Yah." Naruto responded as though he had done nothing wrong.

"…Well?" Sasuke asked

"Well what?"

"You said you had something to ask me right?"

"Oh yeah," a light blush grazed Naruto's cheeks "how long is forever?"

A quizzical look came over the Uchiha's face but was then replaced by a thoughtful one. After a moment of thinking Sasuke replied "I suppose forever is this moment and every one after it."


"No until."

"And every single moment?"

"Yes." Sasuke began to stroke Naruto's bare back lovingly "why?"

"Because," Naruto said as he closed his eyes and nuzzled his head into Sasuke's pale chest "you told me that you'd love me forever" a yawn escaped his soft lips

A small smile graced Sasuke's pale lips. He then yawned out a "dobe"

"Teme…" Naruto trailed off as he fell asleep in Sasuke's arms.


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